Minecraft Brown Bricks Copypasta

Have you ever heard about Brown Bricks in Minecraft? You may just hear it now so you try to find out what the meaning of it is. Well, you come to the right site because here we will inform you about Brown Bricks copypasta Minecraft.

About Minecraft Brown Bricks Copypasta

The word of Brown Bricks is actually a catchphrase which is made by Cinemassacre co-creator and host Mike Matei in a video entitled Minecraft with Gadget.  In the video, you are able to see that Mike and an animated incarnation of the character Inspector Gadget review the IOS port of Minecraft which is a popular sandbox game.

In the video, it shows Mike who performs double roles where he portrays himself and also provides the voice of Inspector Gadget. This video was uploaded by Matei on May 11th, 2012 and the title of the video is ‘Minecraft with Gadget’.

In the video, Inspector Gadget has a problem in pronouncing the name of the game which then he call it ‘Minecrap’ not Minecraft. During the video, he repeated the name several times and then he repeated the words ‘I love to build brown bricks with mine crap’.

Minecraft Brown Bricks Copypasta

In the video, Mike uses bricks in Minecraft and then Inspector Gadget says the sentence above. Inspector Gadget also says that building bricks with Minecraft is the best thing and the most amount of fun you can have while playing an app.

Even then, he also says that he loves building sandcastles. But then, Mike says that it is not the point since it is a sandbox game. In Minecraft, Mike describes that you are able to do anything that you want such as building stuff, exploring, and messing around. He also says that it is about expressing your creativity.

Mike’s performance got negative receptions from fans of the website. In May 2017, it was a popular reference for remix channel SiivaGunner. After this video which entitled Minecraft with Gadget was released, it was mocked and parodied online.

On June 5th, 2012, there is a Youtuber user named getreadyforthecircuis uploaded an edited version of the video and the title of the video is “The Reaction Mike Matei Expected From ‘Minecraft with Gadget’ “. In the video, there is an asinine laugh track which is played after every one of Matei’s failed jokes. Until May 17th, 2017, the edit had more than 44,000 views on Youtube.

Then, in late 2016 and early 2017, there were multiple renditions of the infamous video which appeared on Youtube. In May 2017, Siibagunner started referencing the clip in their videos. On May 14th, they uploaded a video entitled Main Theme – Inspector Gadget: Mad Robots Invasion which can obtain more than 19k views. On May 17th, they uploaded a parody of the Angry Video Game Nerd intro using the clip.

Because the video got the negative response, then the video Of Mike entitled Minecraft with Gadget was taken down. However, if you access Youtube now, there is another channel who still has this video. You can find the video in Xiao Piao Youtube channel. The video was uploaded on this channel on May 18th, 2017 and now it has been watched more than 224k times.

Who Is Inspector Gadget?

Who Is Inspector Gadget

Some of you may not be familiar with Inspector Gadget. Who is actually he? Well, Inspector Gadget is a character from a French-Canadian-American cartoon in 1983 and the title of the cartoon is Inspector Gadget. Also, he is a character in the SilvaGunner lore where he appeared as a channel host during The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis.

For your information, Inspector Gadget first appeared in the comedy cartoon of the same name. It originally aired from 1983 to 1986. In the show, Inspector Gadget is a detective who is a cyborg. He has a will to destroy MAD, a criminal syndicate which is run by Dr. Claw.

Even though there are a lot of machines, Gadget is clueless. Usually, his niece Penny and dog Brain do his work. There are two main catchphrases of Inspector Gadget. Those are ‘Go Go Gadget!’ and ‘Wowzers’. Both catchphrases are used on the channel and Twitter.

Who is Mike Matei?

Who is Mike Matei

Mike Matei is a writer, video editor, game reviewer, commentator and former executive producer for Cinemassacre Productions. He is from America and he worked alongside James Rolfe writing, editing and starring in various productions by the company.

Mike Matei is famous for being the co-writer, illustrator and executive producer for The Angry Video Game Nerd series. On the show, he has played a lot of guest characters. Also, he has illustrated the title cards that appear in the intro of the show.

In 2006, he created the Youtube channel of Cinemassacre. The channel was named JamedNintendoNerd. He used this name because they had not decided the official title of the show yet. On the main Cinemassacre Youtube channel, sometimes he does his own game reviews.

Then, in June 2013, he launched his own channel which is named after him. This channel is used for stream archives. On December 18th, 2020, there was an announcement which was made by James that Mike Matei will leave Cinemassacre because he wants to focus on his full-time livestreaming on Twitch.

About Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox video game which is created originally by Markus ‘Notch’ Persson. Mojang Studios, a part of Xbox Game Studios, which in turn is part of Microsoft, maintains this game. In Minecraft, the players are permitted to explore, interact with, and modify a dynamically-generated map. Besides, the environment of the game also features mobs, plants and items.

In Minecraft, as a player, you are able to do some activities such as fighting hostile mobs, mining for ore, and crafting new blocks and tools. If you want to craft new blocks or tools, you need to collect various resources which can be found in the game. The players are also permitted to create artwork, structures and creations on various multiplayer servers or their single-player maps.

There is an optional goal of the game namely to travel to a dimension named the End and defeat the Ender Dragon.

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