Dungeon Finder for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Do you want to have more chests in your Minecraft game? If so, you need to find a dungeon in Minecraft. To know the way in finding a dungeon in Minecraft, including Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you have to keep reading our whole article.


Dungeons are underground Generated Structures that were added in Update 0.9.0. Usually, Dungeons can be discovered in connection to Caves Abandoned Mineshaft, or Strongholds, partially intersecting with the first one. Finding a dungeon in Minecraft is quite difficult, however, in spite of these difficulties, the players are willing to get this because it will give the players loot which contains a chest. A dungeon will have two or one chests. Also, a dungeon contains a spawner which will give infinite EXP and drops. To avail of these chances, you have to find this dungeon. By the way, how to find Dungeon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition? To get that information, continue reading the following text.

Dungeon Finder for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Dungeon Finder for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Apparently, there are some methods you can use to find Dungeon in Minecraft. One of the methods is using a dungeon finder. This dungeon finder is a method for which you are able to use an external site which is Dungeon Finder by Chunkbase. Even though this process is not 100% accurate, you are still able to use this method because most of the players find it really useful. In this method, you only need to put a seed on both Java and Bedrock that tells you the location of every dungeon in your world.

We get information that there are a lot of Minecraft players who really want to discover Dungeon. As we said before, finding Dungeons in Minecraft is quite difficult. Thus, it will ease you to use a tool named Dungeon Finder. For this case, to make finding Dungeon easy, you are able to use Chunk Base Dungeon Finder. You will be able to access Chunk Base Dungeon Finder at http://chunkbase.com/.

When you are at the site of Chunk Base, you are going to find that there are several menus including Home, Apps, Mods and Tuts. To use Dungeon Finder, you only need to click on the Apps menu. Then, you are going to be directed to the Apps Page. You are able to find a number of finders on the Apps page, they are Dungeon Finder, Village Finder, Biome Finder, Slime Chunk Finder, Stronghold Finder, Mansion Finder, and many more.

How to Use a Dungeon Finder?

There are several rules required to use this dungeon finder:

    • At the first step, you have to go to the website chunkbase.com.
    • After that, you are going to find yourself on the dungeon finder page.
    • On this dungeon page, you are able to see a seed and version box.
    • The next step, you have to put the seed on the top of the text box for a quick start and press on Find Dungeon.

Finally, you will be able to use the map below that contains dungeons:

    • Orange color
      This map has multiple spawners in chunks.
    • Green color
      This map has a zombie spawner.
    • Gray color
      This map has a skeleton spawner
    • Red color
      This map has spider spawners.

Structure of a Dungeon

Need to know, each dungeon has a monster spawner in the center of the structure that will help to spawn mobs until the spawner destroys itself. Also, these monsters will split into skeletons, zombies, or spiders. However, it will just occur when you enter the radius of 16 blocks.

You are able to see what kinds of mobs it will spawn by getting close to the dungeon. Also, those dungeons are able to control the spawns of monsters that is very helpful for your experience bar. For this reason, those dungeons are mostly wished for by the players. Every 25 seconds on average, a new monster is going to spawn.

Spawn Rate of the Dungeon in Minecraft

We all know that the monster of the dungeon will split into skeletons, zombies, or spiders. Therefore, there is also the rate of spawning of them which are stated below:

    • Skeleton spawner
      The opportunity of spawning a skeleton and generating dungeons is approximately 25%.
    • Cave spawner
      The opportunity of spawning a Cave and generating dungeons is approximately 25%.
    • Zombie spawner
      The opportunity of spawning a Zombie and generating dungeons is approximately 50%.
    • Spider spawner
      The opportunity of spawning a Spider and generating dungeons is approximately 25%.

What Condition Does Spawner Follow to Generate Dungeon:

Here are some conditions that spawners follow while spawning:

    • The floors have to be solid. Also, the ceilings have to be solid.
    • The floors and ceiling have to work with the sand and gravel.
    • A dungeon must have one or more openings.

These steps are going to be helpful for giving the green light to generate a dungeon within the chunk.


What makes the players very interested to find Dungeons is because it contains many loot.

It is possible for you to find the following loot in a Dungeon:

Item Weight Chance Count
Saddle 20/127 15.7% 1
Golden Apple 15/127 11.8% 1
Enchanted Golden Apple 2/127 1.6% 1
Music Disc 13 15/127 11.8% 1
Music Disc 15/127 11.8% 1
Name Tag 20/127 15.7% 1
Gold Horse Armor 10/127 7.9% 1
Iron Horse Armor 15/127 11.8% 1
Diamond Horse Armor 5/127 3.9% 1
Enchanted Books 10/127 7.9% 1
Group 2 count: 1-4
Iron Ingot 10/125 8.0% 1-4
Gold Ingot 5/125 4.0% 1-4
Bread 20/125 16.0% 1
Wheat 20/125 16.0% 1-4
Bucket 10/125 8.0% 1
Redstone 15/125 12.0% 1-4
Coal 15/125 12.0% 1-4
Melon Seeds 10/125 8.0% 2-4
Pumpkin Seeds 10/125 8.0% 2-4
Beetroot Seeds 10/125 8.0% 2-4
Group 3 count: 3
Bone 10/40 25.0% 1-8
Gunpowder 10/40 25.0% 1-8
Rotten Flesh 10/40 25.0% 1-8
String 10/40 25.0% 1-8
Based upon 1.7.0 behavior pack

It is possible to access the loot in the Chests via holes from the sides of the Dungeon. If a hole is placed at floor level, neither of the Mobs will be able to attack the Player with the exception of stray Arrows from Skeletons.

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