Minecraft Minez Servers

MineZ is a multiplayer zombie survival server in Minecraft that is inspired by Arma II’s DayZ. This game allows you to defeat zombie hordes while exploring a post-apocalyptic world and collecting resources. You can begin your journey of survival without having anything, except for a wooden sword.

In order to join Minecraft MineZ server, you must have a legal copy of Minecraft. You also need to experience the thrill of the zombie apocalypse without any change to the Minecraft client. There are hundreds of MineZ servers you can use, but not all of them are the best for you. So, you need to choose the best one based on our recommendation below!

Minecraft Minez Servers

Top 4 Minecraft MineZ Servers

Minecraft MineZ servers seem to offer a unique multiplayer zombie survival experience for seasoned Minecraft players. Moreover, the MineZ servers allow the players to experience something different.

When joining Minecraft MineZ server, what you should do is to defeat the designated territory against hordes of zombies and collect as many resources as possible. In other words, you will be encouraged to explore the post-apocalyptic world and show off your fighting skills on those servers.

Since its goal is to protect your people and territory, you may want to play on a server with a lot of players, right? Thankfully, we’ll show you top 4 Minecraft MineZ servers that you can choose, as follow:

    1. The Mining Dead

IP Address: hub.miningdead.com

The Mining Dead is a perfect choice for you who are a fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Why? However, you definitely can fight off groups of walkers or loners with melees, guns and even team up with a boatload of other players on the server.

What makes this server so great is that the Mining Dead is one of the few MineZ servers in which you can find dozens of players at any given time with a pretty active community. Aside from that, you can also select from 30 unique kits and get into your new 5000 maps. Well, you can also test your metal against hordes of zombies on this server.

    1. PurpleKingdoms.com

IP Address:

This server is a new faction with a creative plot server where it really offers numerous rooms for everyone who wants to build and explore. So far, Purplekingdoms.com is a server which has obtained a great deal of popularity over the past few weeks for its raids, builds, sieges and many more. Even though there was a lack of factions for players, things may soon change.

    1. YN – MC DAYZ

IP Address: play.yomnetwork.ca

Since it is a mode based on the famous Rust, Escape from Tarkov and DayZ series of the game, many players really love to play MineZ on MC DAYZ. This MineZ server aims to survive this otherwise dangerous world with all the loot you can carry, while attempting to make it to evac within getting killed.

When joining this server, you will be encountered by a wild open-world, PvP, PvE and many bosses. With actively playing games at any given time in people’s experience, the server really has more than 80 players online. So far, it is such an easier way to find people to play with and enjoy MineZ the way it was meant.

    1. Shotbow

IP Address: play.shotbow.net

So far, Shotbow is home to a list of custom-coded game modes such as Mine Theft auto, MineZ, SMASH and many others. When joining this server, you do not need mods and you can also connect with version 1.12.2 – 1.16.4.

With the popularity of its servers growing exponentially, Shotbow has more than a million players. So, that’s why Shotbow is one of the most fun MineZ servers that you can log into.

Okay, those are the top 4 Minecraft MineZ servers that you can choose to play MineZ. Make sure to choose the best one in order to play Minecraft MineZ funnier and more challenging.

Other Options for Minecraft MineZ Server

In addition to the top 4 Minecraft MineZ servers, we also show you other servers that can be your alternative option. We found the following list server from Minecraft-mp.com, unfortunately we don’t guarantee that the performance of these servers is great. Here they are.

    1. ProLatin Network- Nuevo, Único y entretenido

IP Address: proyectolatino.online

ProLatin Network was registered on January 17, 2020 at 01:08 PM EST with the last update on December 8, 2021 at 01:44 PM EST. According to statistics, this server ranks 2/ 3/ 4 position with 100% uptime and 391 votes.

This server allows the players to start their second life and complete the unique stories, missions, as well as having cars, houses, companies and many more. You do not have to use mods to play in this server. You can also search for the exit of a prison to try to earn money to go up in rank and be closer to the PvP, PvE mines and enemies.

    1. MineTree

IP Address: mmp.minetr.ee:25565

MiniTree server was registered on March 17, 2022 at 04:32 PM EST with the last update on March 28, 2022 at 02:01 PM EST. According to statistics, this server ranks 394 with 100% uptime, 239 votes and 359 scores. However, this server aims to inspire empathy and friendship through the content of unique Minecraft game servers.

    1. Astral MC

IP Address: astralmc.minecraft.best:25565

Astral MC server was registered on September 18, 2021  at 05:32 PM EST with the last update on February 11, 2022 at 11: 39 AM EST. According to statistics, this server ranks 534 with 100% uptime, 150 votes and 246 scores.

This server offers the following features:

    • Events
    • Custom Worlds
    • Jobs
    • Economy
    • Land Claim
    • /rankup Ranks
    • mcMMO
    • /tpa, /home
    • Etc.
    1. DeadMC – Survive & Thrive – Towns

IP Address: play.DeadMC.com

Dead MC server was registered on September 28, 2019  at 07:27 AM EST with the last update on March 5, 2022 at 08: 47 PM EST. According to statistics, this server ranks 544 with 100% uptime, 142 votes and 239 scores.

    1. Brawl

IP Address: mcmp.brawl.com:25565

Brawl server was registered on October 13, 2014 at 01:50 AM EST with the last update on April 27, 2020 at 04:32 AM EST. According to statistics, this server ranks 972 with 100% uptime, 43 votes and 76 scores.

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