Minecraft Blaze Powder Recipe

Minecraft allows you to create any items in the game based on recipes. In fact, there are a number of items that you can use for certain purposes. Certainly, each item in Minecraft will have their respective uses, so it may be important for you to learn a variety of items that you can create in the game.

One of the items you can create in Minecraft is Blaze Powder. There are a few primary uses of the Blaze Powder that may help you to get any other items. Crafting the Blaze Powder is straightforward, but obtaining the main ingredient to create it may be a little bit hard. So, let’s find the way to craft the Blaze Powder through our post below!

Crafting the Blaze Powder in Minecraft, Here’s How!

In order to craft Blaze Powder, the only one ingredient you will need is Blaze Rod. According to Minecraft Wiki, the Blaze Rod is an exclusive item that can be obtained from Blaze, a flowing hostile mob.

In other words, you need to kill this mob first. The way to kill Blaze will be explained in the following section. Here, we’ll focus on giving you a guide to craft the Blaze Powder. There are at least three ways to get Blaze Powder, including:

Way 1: Breaking down the Blaze Rod

Breaking down the Blaze Rod is known as the easiest and fastest way to get the Blaze Powder. After getting the Blaze Rod from Blaze, you can then hit the Blaze Rod using your gear or weapon. Then, the Blaze Rod will turn into powder and you can easily pick the Blaze Powder.

Way 2: Through Crafting

In addition to breaking down the Blaze Rod, you can also craft Blaze Powder through crafting. This way will run in Minecraft Survival Mode. After you’ve obtained the Blaze Rod by killing Blaze, you can then use it as the only ingredient to craft Blaze Powder.

So, here’s how to craft the Blaze Powder in Minecraft Survival Mode!

    • First, you have to open the Crafting Menu.
      open the Crafting Menu
    • After the crafting menu is open, it will show the 3×3 crafting grid.
    • Here, you just simply place 1 Blaze Rod in the first box to start creating the Blaze Powder.
    • The 2 Blaze Powder will appear in the box to the right if you put the Blaze Rod in the correct pattern.
      place 1 Blaze Rod in the first box to start creating the Blaze Powder
    • Once you have crafted the Blaze Powder, you can move it to your inventory.
       Move The Blaze Powder To Your Inventory

That’s how to craft the Blaze Powder! Now, you already have the Blaze Powder that you can use for any purposes in the game. Well, crafting the Blaze Powder is pretty easy, isn’t it?

How to Use the Blaze Powder in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, there are a bunch of ways to use the Blaze Powder. You can use the Blaze Powder to create Eyes of Ender, along with Ender Pearls. Along with charcoal and gunpowder, you can use the Blaze Powder to create Fire Changes.

How to Use the Blaze Powder in Minecraft

Then, you can also use the Blaze Powder along with slime balls to create a Magma Cream. Last, the Blaze Powder can be used as the main ingredient to fuel a brewing stand. Since so many primary uses of the Blaze Powder, it’s a great time for you to start getting the Blaze Powder by killing Blaze first.

How to Get the Blaze Rod as the Main Ingredient to Create the Blaze Powder?

As mentioned, the only one way to get the Blaze Rod is by killing Blaze. Hitting them with a sword, using fire resistance and snowballs can be a smart way to kill Blaze. You definitely can shoot them with a bow with complete impunity with fire resistance. A Blaze will give you a 50% chance to drop Blaze Rod if you kill it. After a Blaze is killed, it will drop the Blaze Rod, so you can pick it that you use as the ingredient to craft the Blaze Powder.

How to Get the Blaze Rod as the Main Ingredient to Create the Blaze Powder

So, what is Blaze? According to Minecraft Wiki, Blaze is a floating hostile mob that you can find in Nether Fortresses. A Blaze will naturally spawn at a light level of 11 or less.

Blazes definitely spawn in Nether Fortresses from Spawners, a cage-like block where they will be located on a three-block staircase with a small platform. Talking about their behaviour, Blazes will stay on the ground or sink down through the air, though when not attacking.

They will also try to swim upward in water or lava. When they idle, they will fall through water and lava. Even though they take damage from water, they do not try to protect themselves if dropped or pushed into water. However, they take damage from powder snow immediately.

When attacking, Blazes really target the players within 48 blocks. They will alert other blazes within 48 blocks to target the players who attack them if they are damaged by a player or other mobs. They will fly when they get a target and slowly approach while trying to remain 0.5 – 3.5 blocks above the target.

A trio of small fireballs is a Blaze’s normal attack that is shot from up to 48 blocks or 16 blocks. When a blaze has line of sight to its target, a blaze will shoot. However, the blaze will suspend the remainder of its volley until the line of sight returns when line of sight is broken in the middle of its volley.

If using this attack, the blazes will burn with fire for 3 seconds and shoot three small fireballs over the course of 0.9 seconds. After that, they will extinguish its flames and wait for 5 seconds before they are attacking again.

Blazes will shoot their small fireballs with approximately the same lack of accuracy as a dispenser. Unlike the dispenser’s that start slow and accelerate, their shots actually maintain the same speed all the way to the target.

Furthermore, Blazes that touch their target will perform a melee attack which deals damage on normal difficulty, once per second. However, this attack will not be considered fire damage and does not ignite the target. Well, it cannot be prevented by fire resistance potions and it will not try to approach the players to perform this attack.

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