Best Minecraft Faction Servers

Since its inception over 10 years ago, Minecraft Factions Server has become one of the most popular multiplayer game modes in Minecraft. In addition to surviving by yourself and with your friends, you can also fight against other factions and take over their land.

With their own unique rules and goals, there are so many types of Factions servers that you can use. In order to get the unique one, you may need to join several servers, so you will find it. However, you shouldn’t do this anymore, as this post will give you 5 Best Minecraft Faction Servers you can choose. Let’s see our post below!

    1. Mox MC

IP Address:

Best Minecraft Faction Servers Mox MC

Mox MC comes to Minecraft as the best faction server that can be found in the popular server list. Designed in a fierce and unforgiving PvP culture, you will easily jump into the action themselves after joining by typing ‘/kit pvp’.

By typing the command, it will give you access to gain a free powerful PvP kit fill or potions, gears and many more. Another gorgeous feature that can be found on Mox MC is the custom auction house system where you can auction your precious items to the entire server and bid on items that are listed by other players.

    1. Purple Ore Factions

IP Address:

Purple Ore Factions

Purple Ore has been proven as one of the best Minecraft faction servers. As a proof, this server offers a great experience with many unique features and options to choose from. On this server, you can choose to team up with your friends to make a team faction with a lot of members, instead of going solo and making your own independent faction.

On this server, you will find a variety of features that let this server stand out from the others like custom ranks, events and custom kits. This server also boasts an uptime of more than eight years and an active, friendly staff team. There’s no doubt if the Purple Ore server is a perfect option for those who are looking for the excellent factions server to play.

    1. MassiveCraft Factions

IP Address:

MassiveCraft Factions

First coming online almost 10 years ago, MassiveCraft is known as the original Minecraft Factions server. Created and still administered by the team which pioneered and developed the first Minecraft faction plugins, there are still many players who choose this server to play Minecraft Factions until present.

Therefore, you can expect nothing,  but top quality from MassiveCraft. Additionally, this server offers a variety of unique features which simply cannot be found elsewhere including bosses, custom mobs, questline and custom items.

    1. Viper PvP Network

IP Address:

Viper PvP Network is an attractive, fast-paced Minecraft PvP network that focuses strongly on competitive gameplay modes such as regular factions and HCF (Hardcore Factions). However, this server is only recommended for veteran players with a high skill.

In terms of uptime, Viper PvP Network has been around for many years now and is still well-regarded in the community as one of the best places to enjoy factions and other PvP based game modes. This server also has a lot of well-known YouTubers who are also known to play including ‘Headed’, ‘MeeZoid’ and ‘LolltsAlex’.

    1. Cosmic PvP

IP Address:

Cosmic PvP

Cosmic PvP actually features a lot of different individual faction servers that are known as ‘planets’. With each other’s uniqueness, there are three unique planets, each with a thousand of concurrent players.

Interestingly, this server actually offers its own fully-fledged custom Minecraft client, properly titled the ‘Cosmic Client’. In this case, the client includes some built-in PvP FPS optimizations.

More importantly, it allows the server to implement things which other servers typically cannot normally work such as voice chat, custom textures, minimaps and many others.

Well, those are the 5 best faction servers you can choose to play Minecraft Factions. Make sure to choose the best one. Good Luck, Dude!!!

What Is Minecraft Faction?

What Is Minecraft Faction

In short, Minecraft Faction is a plugin that is used by a lot of servers which brings new dimensions to PvP combat. In factions, you will be able to unite to form factions and stake your claim on an area of land. On this land, you will be able to build your base and deposit resources.

On Factions, it is not as simple as just gathering materials and goods, but you may fight for resources with other factions, since factions have expenses to account for. Sure, you are the front-line soldiers in a Minecraft factions server.

At a glance, Minecraft faction servers may just be like a different take on team-based PvP. However, there is more to it than that. You should know that a faction’s power lies on the sum of its parts where the more powerful its members become, the more the faction will be able to expand its influence.

Naturally, it will bring factions into conflict with each other. In this case, the players do not always need to resort to swords and bows to resolve their issues. Aside from declaring war, factions will also sue for peace and make alliances.

However, the alliance aims to tip the balance of power to deter would-be aggressors. It could be an important tactic when it comes to building a faction’s power base in a faction server, due to some factions outsize others.

Furthermore, factions will also be able to set as many goals as the group wishes. For some people, it may be about being the faction with the most resources or members, while for others, it may be about being the top-ranking PvP faction. Regardless, you will always have something to do in the Minecraft Faction server and work toward on a server that utilizes the Faction plugin.

The accessibility is one of the best features that can be found on Minecraft Factions plugin because it is available for both Spigot and Bukkit, two of the game’s most popular software used to add mods and plugins to a server.

With an incredibly active and dedicated community, it’s such a proof to Minecraft Factions’ enduring enjoyment in the larger community. So far, this plugin is totally worth a look especially for PvP lovers who want to battle on a grander scale than one-on-one.

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