What is the Easiest Way to Get Blaze Powder in Minecraft

In order to defeat the Ender Dragon and complete the story, you may need to enter The End first that will require the Blaze Powder to make the Eyes of Ender. The Blaze Powder can be obtained through crafting where it will need Blaze Rod as the main ingredient.

That’s your problem! It’s not easy to get the Blaze Rod, as this item is an exclusive item where you need to kill Blaze, a floating hostile mob. No worries! If you’re looking for the easy way to get the Blaze Rod, you’re at the right page, as we’ll show you the guide in our post below!

What Is the Easiest to Get Blaze Powder?

What Is the Easiest to Get Blaze Powder

Before you can craft the Blaze Powder, you must obtain the Blaze Rod first. The Blaze Rod can only be obtained by killing Blaze that you can find in Nether Fortresses.

To kill Blaze, you can use fire resistance, snowballs and hit them with a sword. Luckily, Blaze does not try to engage in melee on their own. Of course, you can shoot them point blank with a bow with complete impunity with fire resistance. If a player and a tamed wolf kills a Blaze, it will have a 50% chance to drop Blaze Rod. After killed, Blaze will drop the Blaze Rod, so you can pick it up to get the Blaze Powder.

It’s time to get the Blaze Rod! Instead of crafting the Blaze Powder using the Blaze Rod, the easiest and fastest way to get the Blaze Powder is to break down the Blaze Rods that you’ve obtained from Blaze.

In Survival mode, you can also craft the Blaze Powder using the Blaze Rod as the ingredient. If you want to know how to craft the Blaze Powder, let’s see step-by-step below!

    • First, you need to open the Crafting Menu.
      open the Crafting Menu.
    • Once the crafting menu is open, you will see the 3×3 crafting grid.
    • To craft the Blaze Powder, you can just place 1 Blaze Rod in the first box.
    • If you place the Blaze Rod in the correct pattern, the 2 Blaze Powder will appear in the box to the right.
      place 1 Blaze Rod in the first box
    • After you have crafted the Blaze Powder, you need to move the Blaze Powder to your inventory.
      move the Blaze Powder to your inventory.
    • Congratulations! You successfully craft the Blaze Powder using the Blaze Rod that you obtain from Blaze.

How to Kill Blazes to Get the Blaze Powder?

As we’ve mentioned, there are a bunch of ways to kill Blaze, including using fire resistance, snowballs and others. Before you kill Blaze, you should know that they will spawn in Nether Fortresses in areas in which the light level is 11 or below. In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, Nether Fortresses can be found in all Nether biomes in regions of 480 x 480 blocks.

It’s important to note, if you’re using Looting enchantment, they will be able to increase the number of Blaze Rods that are dropped by one per level. If Blaze is killed by everything other than a player or tamed word, it absolutely won’t drop any rods.

This game decides in each segment whether to produce a Nether Fortress or a Bastion Remnant. There will be only 416 x 416 blocks within a region that can produce a structure, considering the game’s restrictions regardless of chunk borders and separations. In Bedrock Edition, there is roughly 1/3 or 33% chance that a Nether Fortress will spawn, instead of a Bastian Remnant.

Inside the Fortress, the spawners will be placed on small platforms with accompanying three-block high stairs. Well, those spawners will spit out Blaze with regularity until broken or reason not to spawn the hostile mobs.

If you manage to locate a spawner, you need to consider yourself fortunate, since it’s importantly an infinite source of Blazes and therefore Blaze Rods.

If you fight Blazes, you may need to equip yourself with powerful gear and weapons. Defeating Blazes at the range is preferred by a lot of players, since Blazes are often accompanied by other hostile mobs like Wither Skeletons and they don’t want to be surrounded.

At this moment, Blaze will attach you with fireballs that will deal five damage and deal an additional four over time. Blazes can also melee attack a player that can also damage you with fire resistance enchantments.

Aside from attacking with standard melee weapons or bow weapons, you can also damage Blazes with bodies of water and snowballs. You will need seven snowballs to kill a blaze. Then, a Blaze will make no attempt to escape if it is trapped in water despite the water actively injuring it.

Furthermore, splash water potions will damage Blazes slightly, which is not really enough to be an effective battle tactic. You can also pull Blazes into melee range with a fishing rod.

After you have obtained the Blaze Rods that they need, all that they have to do to change them into Blaze Powder is to put the rods into a crafting grid. One Blaze Rod can be used to create two Blaze Powders. That means, the more Blaze Rods, the better when crafting the powder.

What Is the Blaze Powder Used For?

Certainly, there are a few primary uses of the Blaze Powder in Minecraft, here they are;

    • The Blaze Powder can be used along with Ender Pearls to create Eyes of Ender, an essential component used to open a portal to The End and fight the Ender Dragon.
    • The Blaze Powder can be used to create Fire Changes, along with other ingredients including charcoal and gunpowder.
    • The Blaze Powder can be used to create a Magma Cream, along with other ingredients including slime balls.
    • The Blaze Powder is also the main ingredient that can be used to fuel a brewing stand.

Well, those are the uses of the Blaze Powder in Minecraft. Considering the many uses of Blaze Powder, you may be interested to get more Blaze Powder. So, make sure to defeat Blazes to drop more Blaze Rods that you can use to create Blaze Powder. Good Luck!!!

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