Make a Simple Game Using Stencyl Software

The game-centric development environment is as straightforward as we’ve seen it before, but Stencyl is without a doubt one of the more balanced tools when it comes to performance and ease of use. It’s crazy trying to show you the full potential of this tool in an article, so I’m going to limit it here to something that gives Stencyl users huge possibilities.

Stencyl is a Flash game creation tool that requires no programming skills or particularly good drawing skills – a little patience. Although the program is quite easy to use, it requires some dedication and a lot of patience given its capabilities.

Before you start creating your video game, we recommend that you complete a detailed troubleshooting guide.

Usually you are offered a lot of games where you can build your project, but you can start from scratch, it will be more difficult, but more fun.

Stencyl is the one of the best game creation tools you can find: easy to use, responsive, awesome if you want to create a Flash game this is one of the best options.

The structure of Stencyl

The main obstacle that amateur developers face when starting such a framework is the need to start modeling the project from scratch, which is a frivolous and deep fear of the unknown.

Obviously, the Internet offers an endless pile of information that allows you to learn a lot about the details of a tool, but of course during development, if someone holds hands early on, they will always be on the learning curve. Easier to access. Pre-reading is almost as important as knowing how to manage your code.

Stencyl uses the idea of object-oriented programming languages in the sense that it divides parts of your project as fully modular and stand-alone objects. In other words, if you create hostile behavior in your game, you can easily transfer it to another project, as the Stencyl framework is designed just for that purpose. In fact, it is this flexibility that the axle logic provides that we will explain in more detail below: the Stencyl Repository.

The project is divided into modules, the elements of which are listed separately. These include: behaviors related to actors, backgrounds, resources, scenes, voices and floors as well as actors, scenes and the general logic of the game in general.

All of these resources can be injected remotely using an intuitive drag-and-drop system to control the behavior of each item, but if you go to StencylForge (the platform’s free resource market), add your own game resources that are created and shared by others. users. In the attached images, you can see how someone created the bird control logic in Flappy Bird so that it has a predefined behavior that you can add to your game and link to other elements. of your project.

There is a wizard for everything and nothing is left on the user’s device to understand the mechanism. When you apply a sound effect, it specifies its shape and size. When you add a series of tiles to use in your scene, there is a cutting wizard that allows you to choose the size of different blocks.

This only applies to people who have never seen a programming language in their lives. Because most people can do what they want with little understanding of the algorithm. The flow of each script is beautifully displayed and can be interpreted visually, making it easy to deal with the control structures you use.

The first project of Stencyl

Developing exciting games often requires advanced programming skills. Stencyl provides a platform to create games on iOS, Android, Flash, Windows, Mac or Linux without writing any code. It offers a simple drag-and-drop interface to make your ideas faster. This guide explains what Stencyl is. In this tutorial, we will look at how to add characters and props to the game and how to define their behavior.

Stencyl software was developed using Haxe and is based on OpenFL describing cross-platform support. Stencyl is free to publish in Flash and requires a license to publish to other platforms. You can create a game without programming, but you can write code if you want or need it.

Stencyl is included in the first project. In fact, you can start the game wizard from the start window to create a preset “Accelerated Course” project, which can be downloaded directly from the official website.

As mentioned earlier, each resource is modular except for objects, characters or scenes, so you can also bring control interfaces to your game. That said, if you want to create a 2D platform game as long as you have it, you can get a mod that contains all the advanced physics and control code for collisions, even if you made it yourself from a previous game that named StencylForge.

The best trick to learn how to developing of game is find it to another. After completing the course, there are still many examples that you can download and use as a basis for your project. You can also view a user license that includes all downloaded assets, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about using a Creative Commons license.

Which one to choose between Free and Paid version of Stencyl?

Right now, it’s a million dollar affair for wealth. The free version of Stencyl works fine, but you can only export the project as a single file from SWF to Flash or via the Chrome Webshop or the Stencyl Games website.

The paid version has two levels. The stand-alone license is $ 99 and you can export your project to a Windows, Mac or Linux .exe file and remove the watermark. The Studio version costs $ 199 and includes the above plus the ability to stream the game on Android and iOS as well as the added benefits of combining in-app purchases and ad systems.

However, the free version allows you to test the project on all platforms without publishing it (for mobile versions with emulators in each SDK), so you can export and test the project to test it so you can try it blindly. one of these licenses. You do not have to choose.

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