Solution for Event ID 7003 Netwtw06

When you are using your PC, you may wonder about Event ID 7003 Netwtw06. What is it? And, are there any solutions for this? Well, we tried to find information about the solution for event ID 7003 Netwtw06. However, it seems that the information about it is limited. Here is the information that we got from some sources.

In the MyEventlog, there is someone who wonders about event ID 7003 Netwtw04. So, as you can see that instead of netwtw06, in this site it is netwtw04. On that site, there is someone who explains that there is no clue what this event and code means. However, it was from the Details tab which can be found in the Event Properties. In addition, he also put this information:

  • The log name: System
  • The source: Netwtw04
  • Date: 11/30/2019 8:41:52 AM
  • Event ID: 7003
  • Task Category: None
  • Level: Information
  • Keywords: Classic
  • User: N/A
  • Computer: “blank”
  • Description: 7003 – Roam Complete

ID 7003 Netwtw04

Then, in the PC Review site in the Forums section, someone asks something about event ID 7003. He says that he has Windows 2000 adv. server in that and then he is getting this error in the event.

  • Event type: Error
  • Event Source: Service Control Manager
  • Event Category: None
  • Event ID: 7003
  • Date: 02/11/2003
  • User: N/A
  • Computer: Adserver
  • Description: The Net Logon service depends on the following nonexistent service: AdvServer

Then, another user named Hank Arnold tries to answer it. He asks the person who asks about it whether it starts after he made a change? And then, he also asks whether he installed a service pack. Then, he suggests that he try looking in He says that it is a very useful site. He also says that either installing or reinstalling an SP or Advanced Server could help. In addition, he says that this event is commonly generated when an installation is unfinished or interrupted abnormally. In case the service in question is a Windows system service, try to reinstall the latest service pack.

However, for your information that when we tried to access, the site was not able to be accessed.

Then, in the EventTracker site, we found some information about event ID 7003. Here is the information that we got from the EventTracker site.

  • The source is Service Control Manager.
  • Description: The %1 service depends on the following nonexistent service: %2.

On that site, it is also written that according to Microsoft, the cause of it is the event is logged  when a service has a dependency on a nonexistent service to start. So, what is the solution for it? If you want to resolve this issue, you have to remove the dependency on the nonexistent service for the service which indicated in the event message text.

However, it is important for you to note that if you want to perform these steps, you need to have membership in Administrators or you must have been delegated the suitable authority. If you want to list the dependent services for a service and get rid of the dependencies, you are able to follow the steps below.

  • First, at the command prompt, you have to type sc qc servic_name to see the other services on which service_name is dependent.
  • After that, type sc query type= all to list valid services and device services. You have to compare the results of this command to the list of dependent services which are provided in the first step and then you have to identify the nonexistent dependent services.
  • In this step, you have to Type sc config service_name depend= dependencies, where dependencies are just the names of the valid dependent services and it is separated by forward slashes, to get rid of the dependencies on the nonexistent dependent services. It is important for you to know that in case the service does not have valid dependent services, you have to enter a null value for the dependent parameter.

If you want to verify that a service has begun, you are able to follow the steps below.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to open the Services snap-in by clicking the Start button, and then choose Control Panel and click on Administrative Tools. After that, you have to double click on the Services. It is important for you to know that on Windows Vista, you are able to use the Classic View display option in the Control Panel to be able to see the Administration Tools.
  • Next, in the details pane of the Services snap-in, you have to find the name of the service and then you have to verify that the Status column displays a status of Started.

On that site, it is also explained that this event usually comes up when an installation is not completed or interrupted abnormally. In case the service is a Windows system service, you are able to try installing or reinstalling the newest service pack.

Then, in the HP site, exactly in the forum, you are able to find someone asking about Netwtw04 error appearing – HP Pavilion Laptop. On that forum, he says that he has an information event log message which pops up and then he cannot seem to get rid of it. He has updated all device drivers, BIOS and Windows 10 to the latest cumulative patch. However the message still comes up. Then, he also writes this thing that forum:

The description for event ID 7003 from source netwtw04 is not able to be found. The component which lifts this event is not installed on the local PC or the installation is damaged. You are able to install or repair the component on the local computer. In case the event originated on another PC, the display information needed to be saved with the event.

However, there is no one who answers this question on that forum. It means that it seems that not a lot of people understand about it. So, if you find the same problem with him, you are able to contact the support of the manufacturer.

That’s the information that we can give to you related to event ID 7003. If you need more information about it, you can visit some forums or the other sources. Asking the expert will be a good option too.

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