How to Use Admin Commands ARK PC

You may wonder how to use admin commands on PC due to the fact that they will work to summon any creatures and also fight a dragon boss as well as having access to a god mode. Sure, the console commands here will give you a full of Ark experience.

Then, how to use the commands? Surely, you can totally utilize a series of admin console commands which are hidden in a sub-menu, it’s not immediately available. However, before you can use any commands, you will have to know how to get to that console sub-menu in the first place.

Thankfully, this post will show you how to use console admin commands on PC and also work for PS4 and Xbox One. Here you go!

How to Use Admin Commands ARK PC

Here’s How to Use Admin Commands on PC!

In order to use admin commands on PC, you should get into the admin console area which is incredibly simple, though many of those commands will not work if that’s not your server you’re currently playing on.

To use admin commands on PC, you can hit the ‘Tab’ key to take out the admin console. You can then press the ‘Tab’ key again to pull up a larger version of the console on the top half of the screen.

Before you enter any commands using the admin console, you should enable the future commands first by typing ‘EnableCheats’ in the console, followed by the server’s password and tapping ‘Enter’.

If you play a solo single player local map and have no server password, you just simply type EnableCheats with nothing else after it and press ‘Enter’ to get started.

Well, you should remember that you still need to pull up the console each time you desire to enter a new command after that by tapping ‘Tab’ or using the controller button combo.

Here’s a list of admin commands that you can use on PC:


AdminCheat Fly  is one of the most useful commands once enabling cheats. It will let you move in any direction and stay hovering in the air. You can then easily access hard-to-reach areas, scout the entire map, and also find out where the specific dinos are spawning while Fly is active.


If you want to go back to normal, you just simply type AdminCheatWalk to turn off this mode. Otherwise, you do not type this while you’re far up in the air as your survivor will die.

Spawning Dinos

How to spawn dinos and all creatures in ARK: Survival Evolved? However, it’s such an easy way to use the admin commands where it does not require to look for some specific codes. There are at least six different commands to spawn individual creatures.

However, the easiest command is ‘Summon’ then followed by the ID code of the creatures. If you type correct code, dino will spawn wherever you’re currently working. For example, if you want a Mosasaurus to appear, you can take out the admin console and type Summon Mosa_Character_BP_C and then tap the ‘Enter’. Meanwhile, if you do not want an aggressive creature to attack you or want it immediately tamed, you can use SummonTamed command and be followed by the Creature’s ID.

Spawning Dinos

Taming Creatures

The easiest commands to tame creatures are DoTame (where it does not require the AdminCheat precursor) and ForceTame. Both commands automatically tame whatever creatures you’re currently working.

The difference is that DoTame command acts as though you tamed the creatures naturally which include sound effect, experience points and many more. While, ForceTame passes everyting which allows you to ride the animal as soon as possible without having to craft a saddle.

Taming Creatures

How to use admin commands on other platforms?

    • For PS4, you can access the pause menu and press R1+L1+TRIANGLE+SQUARE simultaneously.
    • For Xbox One, you can go to the pause menu and press LB+RB+X+Y simultaneously to bring  the admin bar.

Of course, the command will take more time to input if you’re not playing on a PC as you need to type each individual letter using your controller with the on-screen keyboard. Moreover, console command cheats on PS4 and Xbox One also seem to be a little wonky since around update 260. However, it hopes that they return to normal functionality when the full version of this game arrives this August.

Random Cheats

You may want to experience the full fun of this game without totally working for it, may not you? Well, that’s why AddExperience comes in. You can only type AdminCheat AddExperience 1000 0 1 to give you the recently targeted player or yourself 1000 experience.

Then, you only change the number 1,000 to whatever amount you want to use. If you change the final 1 to a 0, well, it will split that the experience will be shared among all the members of the tribe of the currently selected player.

Well, to understand random cheats command, this post also give you a list of random cheats commands below:

Commands Work
Cheat Addexperience 500 1 1 Grant you 500 xp and can change 500 to anything.
Cheat Fly Activate fly on your character.
Cheat God You can’t die.
Cheat Ghost Noclip (fly and no collision).
Cheat Giveresources Give 50 of any resource (local servers only)
Cheat Walk Stops you from flying.
setcheatplayer true/false Enables/disables cheat menu.
Cheat settimeofday <time> Changes time of day eg. admincheat settimeofday 12:00.
Cheat ToggleInfiniteAmmo Enables/disables infinite ammo.
Cheat Teleport Will teleport you in the way that you’re facing.
Cheat saveworld Saves the current world.
Cheat AllowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <steamID> Whitelists the STEAMID.
Cheat DisallowPlayerToJoinNoCheck <steamID> Removes STEAMID from Whitelist.
Cheat Broadcast <message> Broadcasts message to server.
Cheat Slomo 5 Changes movement speed.
Cheat Playersonly Freezes all dinosaurs and crafting.
Cheat Forcetame Instantly tame a dinosaur.
Cheat Infinitestats Gives you infinite stamina,hunger, ammo and more.
BanPlayer <SteamName> Bans player from server.
UnBanPlayer <SteamName> Unbans player from server.
Cheat DamageTarget <amount> Deal damage to target (aiming at).
Cheat DestroyAllEnemies Destroys all enemies.
Cheat Hurtme <amount> Hurt yourself.
Cheat setplayerpos 0 0 0 Allows you to teleport to coords.
Cheat quit Exits and saves the server.
Cheat execsetsleeping true/false Sleep / Wake character.
Cheat Enemyinvisible true/false Allows all creatures to ignore you even if you attack.
Cheat summon <classname> Summon at your location which can also be used to summon the structures.
cheat giveitemnum <ID> <QTY> <Quality> <True/False> Grant you an item: example admincheat giveitemnum 1 1 100 false gives you an ascendant simple pistol  and admincheat giveitemnum 1 1 1 false gives you a simple pistol.

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