Borderlands 3 Zane Builds

In Borderlands 3, Zane is the playable Operative class character. You may like this character in the game and now you want to know Zane Builds. Here, we have the explanation about it according to Ollie Toms on Rock Paper Shotgun.

Zane Build Guide in Borderlands 3

You are able to customize him however you want. You are able to do that by mixing and matching the skill trees below.

    • Hitman

It is about using a lot of Kill Skills to make Zane more powerful and increase his damage with each life that he or his SNTL drone takes. Do you want a high damage Zane build? If so, in the Hitman skill tree, you need to invest at least in part.

    • Doubled Agent

With it, you will be given a great many ways to be able to increase the utility of Zane’s Digi-Clone Action Skill and also it can increase the benefits of possessing two Action Skills equipped. For almost any Zane build, skill which must be possessed is especially Synchronicity.

    • Under Cover

It is the route that you have to take if you want a tanky and survivable Zane build to play around with. When you go down this tree, your Barrier Action Skill will get more powerful.

Digi-Clone, SNTL, High Damage

Digi-Clone, SNTL, High Damage

    • Main Skill Tree: Doubled Agent
    • Build Focus: Sustained High Gun Damage
    • Best Skills for Class Mods: Donnybrook, Synchronicity (very recommended), Trick of the Light, Violent Momentum, and Violent Speed

You have some good early skill pickup across both skill trees for escalating your damage namely the duo of Violent Speed and Violent Momentum which starts the snowball of escalating damage based on speed of movement and especially Synchronicity which is the skill that you need to prioritize. Then, you are able to continue through the Doubled Agent tree by maxing out Donnybrook. Your goal is to reach Supersonic Man, Trick of the Light and eventually the Capstone which is Double Barrel as fast as you can.

If you go back to the Hitman skill tree, you will get both Drone Delivery and Death Follows Close and then you can invest your final points into Playing Dirty for getting extra projectile opportunity. These will have unlocked some great Skill Augments for your Action Skills: Boomsday and Almighty Ordnance are the clear options for upgrading your SNTL’s damage to stonking levels, while for Digi-Clone to go for one defensive and one offensive augment.

Schadenfreude is a good pickup to escalate your survivability. However, you need to know that the star of the show is Doppelbanger.

Barrier, Digi-Clone, Tanky

Barrier, Digi-Clone, Tanky

    • Main Skill Tree: Under Cover
    • Build Focus: Very High Survivability
    • Best Skills for Class Mods: Hearty Stock (very recommended), Borrowed Time, Synchronicity, Adrenaline

This is your build if you like a tankier Zane build which makes you feel invulnerable as you are able to feel in Borderlands 3. You will invest heavily in Under Cover so that it will ensure that you are able to take a lot of things that any enemy can throw at you. Meanwhile, the remaining skills will be given to the Doubled Agent tree for keeping damage potential.

Even though it is a tanky build, however your priority in the early levels is damage. It means that you have to start by getting a good 3 – 5 Synchronicity. Then, you need to go back to Under Cover and then build into Hearty Stock and Adrenaline. There is Confident Competence which is halfway down the Under Cover. It is a kind of mini-Capstone for the tree since it is very beneficial from a single point assigned. So, you have to go there and then try to reach it by level 18 or more.

Now, your goal is to go down the middle of the green tree, investing in Best Served Cold and Calm, Cool, Collected and at the end the Distributed Denial Capstone. You also need to get the All-Rounder augment to change Barrier into a dome, and Nanites Or Some Shite.

If everything has done, now you have to return to Doubled Agent to shore up your damage. Fractal Frags and Duct Tape Mod are good. How about Quick Breather? It acts as a mini-capstone of sorts which can improve your shield game by soon beginning to recharge the moment you shift with your Clone.

Eventually, the Skill Augments that you want to get for your Digi-Clone are Schadenfreude and Binary System.

Barrier, SNTL, Versatile

Barrier, SNTL, Versatile

    • Main Skill Tree: Hitman
    • Build Focus: Balance Between Damage and Survivability, Versatility
    • Best Skills for Class Mods: Violent Speed, Violent Violence, Violent Momentum, Adrenaline, Synchronicity, Hearty Stock

The combination of Hitman and Under Cover skill trees may be the most unusual pairing. However, you will see that it can permit Zane to have a great amount of agency in every fight, ducking in and out of danger and causing mayhem with his high gun damage and a lot of Kill Skills.

However, you will invest in Synchronicity. That is as far as you will go down the Doubled Agent tree. However, the extra gun damage will be very beneficial when two Action Skills as Zane are used. After that, you can build up Under Cover and your tankiness levels before you go to the Hitman skill tree. It means that you have to pick up Adrenaline, Hearty Stock, Stiff Upper Lip, and Confident Competence first. These skills together have great synergy. Those include high shield levels and damage resistance (tankiness) and higher gun damage, accuracy, and Action Skill cooldown rate.

Two Barrier Augments of choice will also be unlocked by you. You can do that by doing All Rounder and Nanites Or Some Shite. From this point and so on, you put every point into Hitman. You can begin with the whambo-combo of Violent Speed and Violent Momentum.

And now, without Cool Hand and Cold Bore, you will go to max out every skill in the tree. Violent Violence and Playing Dirty are good damage-dealing skill pickups. When you get the capstone of Seein’ Red, you can get the benefit from them instantly at the beginning of every fight when your Action Skills are used. With each new skill point that you assign by using this build, you will see that Zane will grow stronger. However, he is still remaining versatile and flexible to accomodate any playstyle.

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