How to Open XMind File

You may get difficulty in opening the XMind file on your computer. However, it is a common issue that everyone may have because of some factors. In this case, opening the XMind file will be as easy as possible if you use the software which is appropriate to open it.

How to Open XMind File

To open XMind files on your computer, you definitely will need appropriate software. It means that you totally cannot open the XMind file directly by clicking the file directly. Instead, you have to open the XMind file by using certain softwares. At least, there are two softwares that you can use to open the XMind file on Windows and also Mac. Here they are:

XMind File

Software 1: Open XMind File with XMind Software

XMind is a great and effective  software to save the time and increase organization productivity. In addition, XMind is a reliable and powerful software used to conduct proficient brainstorm activity.

XMind software supports exporting and importing of mind maps which are created by MindJet or by FreeMind mind managers in different document formats. XMind software is capable of sharing mind maps over the online mind map library.

Certainly, to run XMind software on your computer to open an XMind file, you need to download it first. The XMind software can be downloaded from the site at Once you download it, it is time for you to install it on your computer. Wait until the installation process is completed and the software can be used properly.

Here are the ways to open XMind with XMind Software:

  • Once you download and install XMind software on your computer, you surely can run it to open XMind files.
  • Search XMind file on your library, then double-click on it.
  • Then, a drop menu will appear that requires you to choose a list of the programs to open with.
  • Choose XMind software which is already installed on your computer.
  • Click on it to confirm it.
  • Please with the program to launch it.
  • Now, you can open the XMind file using XMind software.
  • Last, you can also save it if you want to keep it.

If this software cannot solve your problem in opening the XMind files, you can choose the second software in the next way.

To note, XMind software is also appropriate for Mac computers and Linux operating systems.

Software 2: Open XMind File with Seavus iMindQ Software

The second software which is appropriate to open the XMind files is Seavus iMindQ. There are some features that you will find if you use this software to open XMind files, they are:

  • Compatible to open FreeMind, XMind files and MindManager Map Formats.
  • Create, edit, save and share interactive HTML mind maps in any browser.
  • Integration with MS Office Words and SharePoint.
  • Create mind maps from PowerPoint.
  • Create concept maps, mind maps, WBS, flowchart and organizational charts.

To run this software to open XMind files, the primary thing that you have to do is to download it first. Well, you surely can get this software by accessing this official site of Seavus iMindQ at

Once you are at the Seavus iMindQ page, you have to find the Download Free Trial button to start downloading. After that, you can install it on your computer to start using it to open XMind files.

So, here are the steps to open XMind files with Seavus iMindQ:

  • Firstly, you need to find a xmind file stored on your computer.
  • Once you find it, you need to double-click on it and choose Open With.
  • Then, there will be a drop menu that appears on your screen that requires you to choose a list of programs. If you cannot find Seavus iMindQ, you can click on “Choose another app” option.
  • Choose Seavus iMindQ
  • Click on it to confirm it.
  • Please with the program to launch it.
  • Now, you can open the XMind file with Seavus iMindQ.
  • Last, you can also save it if you want to keep it.

To note,  Seavus iMindQ software is also appropriate for Mac computers and iOS.

What is XMind Files?

The XMind file can be found in the files which are specific to XMind Workbook. This file is a kind of document file which contains multiple sheets with diagrams capturing the ideas during a brainstorming session.

XMind files include the feature which support visualization narratives, planning documentation and information organizer. This file is also used for storing organizational charts, Gantt charts, work schemes and other individual and business diagrams.

XMIND is a software which is developed by XMind Ltd which is specially designed to provide support for individual or group’s brainstorming activities and mind mapping. Furthermore, this software can be used to manage complex information, document ideas, enhance team’s productivity and organize thoughts. This is also a cross-platform app that can be used in different operating systems.

How is the XMind file created?

XMind created .xmap files to save workbooks before XMind files. After all, XMind replaced the XMAP file with XMIND files saved in the XMinds Workbook format and supported by the XMind and  Seavus iMindQ software.

Due to the XMind files being compressed with ZIP, of course they can also be decompressed using a ZIP decompression program including WinRAR, 7-Zip, Corel WinZip or Apple Archive Utility. It simply renames the .xmind extension to .zip and decompress it. Then, you can manually extract the contents of the XMind file that typically include multiple .jpg thumbnails files and .xml files.

Once you finish opening or modifying the contents, you are able to compress the archive again with Zip compression using a Zip utility. Then, you can rename the .zip extension to .xmind.

What are the functions of XMIND?

XMind also helps people clarify thoughts, brainstorm, and improve learning and work productivity. At school, it helps the teachers to prepare the lesson plans, brainstorm and generate class discussions, give lessons with interesting presentations, and analyze study materials.

For students, XMind helps them to take the notes better, organize thoughts and ideas, memorize and remember knowledge, and prepare for exams in a better way. Moreover, with XMind, we can do things like the following:

  • Take better notes
  • Organize thoughts and ideas visually
  • Memorize and recall knowledge quickly
  • Write successful essays and reports
  • Preparing for the exam is easy
  • Make the presentation in a clear structure
  • Effective in sharing ideas with classmates

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