How to Open LDB File

When you want to open A LDB file, you may see a Windows message that says “How do you want to open this file?” (Windows 10) or “Windows cannot open this file” (Windows 7). However, it is a warning information in which you totally cannot open a LDB file directly.

It means that you will need a certain program which is appropriate to open a LDB file on your Windows. If you get the same problem with us, you may wonder how to open a LDB file. So, let’s find out the way to open a LDB file here!

How to Open a LDB File?

 LDB file

To open a LDB file, you surely will need a suitable program. The primary program that allows you to open a LDB file is Microsoft Access. It is because the LDB file is associated with Microsoft Access. So, able to open a LDB file, at least you will need Microsoft Access.

Well, to use Microsoft Access to open a LDB file, make sure that you already have installed Access on your computer. You can open the file using the Access Workbench utility. Follow the steps below!

Method 1: Open a LDB file with Access Workbench

  • Firstly, you need to go to Start on your Windows.
  • In the search bar, you need to type the name of your Access database.
  • Click on the filename in the result to view a list of all files associated with the database.
  • After that, right-click on the LBD file and choose “Open With”.
  • Choose Browse select “Local Disc (C)”. Then, double-click on the Program Files.
  • In this way, you need to double-click the”vb123″ folder and double-click “Workbench.exe”.
  • Choose the check box for  “Always use the selected program to open this type of file.”
  • Hit Ok to open the LDB file with Access Workbench.

To note, you definitely cannot edit or change to the LDB file to view it with Access Workbench.

Method 2: Open a LDB file with Microsoft Access

Apart from opening a LDB file with Access Workbench, you can also open a LDB file using Microsoft Access installed on your computer. So, here are the ways when you want to open a LDB file with Microsoft Access:

  • First thing first, make sure that you’ve installed Microsoft Access on your computer.
  • Then, you need to find a .ldb file stored on your computer.
  • After you find the file, you need to double-click on it if you are using a desktop or tap on it when you are using a mobile device.
  • Then, a drop menu will appear that allows you to choose a list of the programs to open with.
  • Choose one of the programs.
  • Because you want to open a LACCDB file with Microsoft Access, of course you can select Microsoft Access.
  • Click on it to confirm it. Wait until the program launches it.
  • You finally can open the file and view the format.
  • Last, you need to save it if you want to keep it.

That’s it! Now, you are able to open the LDB files and view the format on your computer.

Other Programs to Open the LDB files

Apart from the Access program, there are several programs which can be your option to open or convert the LDB program. Here are they:

  • Nokia (Nokia) by Nokia
  • RPG Maker (2000/2003 Database) by Enterbrain
  • IBM Works for OS/2 (Data Filer Database) by Microsoft Programmer
  • Settler for Windows Temporary File by Microsoft Developer
  • TrueVector Log Database by PC Software Company
  • VisiTrax (Music Library Database) by Synapsa Productions

So, how to use it to open or convert the LDB file on your computer?

Way 1: Download the appropriate software

Here, you definitely can download RPG Maker 2000/2003 Database to open your LDB file, Nokia (Nokia) by Nokia, VisiTrax (Music Library Database) by Synapsa Productions or other programs that we mention above.

Indeed, it will ensure you open the file exactly as intended, unless the LDB file is corrupt. To download the software, you surely can find out by browsing it on Google.

Way 2: Create the right file associations

The next way that you can choose is to navigate to your file associations settings on your Windows. Then, create a file association for the LDB file. Based on your operating system, you can right-click on the LDB file.

Choose Open With and choose either RPG Maker 2000/2003 Database to open your LDB file, Nokia (Nokia) by Nokia, VisiTrax (Music Library Database) by Synapsa Productions or similar other programs installed on your computer.

Way 3: Get File Magic

The file magic here is a universal program viewer that can also enable to open the LDB files. This program may help you to open LDB files even though it is in a binary format. Of course, the first thing that you need to do is to download File Magic at Then, you have to install it on your computer and start to open the LDB files using this program.

What is the LDB file?

LDB file is Microsoft Access lock information files which are created when an Access database is opened or accessed by a user. Moreover, the file is created with the same name as the Access database but with an .ldb file extension. The function of the LDB file is used to keep track of all users which are currently accessing the database.

The LDB files are created in the FRx directory when Report Launcher, the Designer or Queue Monitor apps are in use. It is because FRx uses Access database for most of its normal operations.

Even though the LDB files are removed when all users have closed FRx one or more but the LDB files may be left behind. If it occurs, the files are really safe to delete. Then, they will be re-created the next time when a user launches FRx.

In this case, the LDB file may be used to determine when the users are logged into FRx. Indeed, it is useful when the users should be asked to exit for a task which requires the FRx databases to be available.

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