FFXIV Culinarian Leveling Guide

Culinarian is one of the classes in the complex crafting/gathering system of FFXIV. Well, this page will inform you about the FFXIV Culinarian leveling guide. For those who want to get this information, ensure you will read this article until the end.

Culinarian Leveling Guide

Level 1-15

At the beginning, it can be a good idea to go through your Crafting Log and use a lot of recipes for the first time, as it gives a good experience bonus. We suggest you get a Company-issue Engineering Manual to improve your experience. Need to know that you will not make much Gil from crafting in the early levels, therefore getting through them as fast as possible is a great idea. Crafting many items from the log with the exp bonus will get you to level 15 very fast.

For the class quests, you have to bring these items. At level 5, the Grilled Trout which you are able to craft using 1 Fire Shard, 1 Princess Trout, 1 Water Shard, and 1 Table Salt. At level 10, you need two Grilled Dodos. Each of them can be made with 1 Fire Shard, 1 Dodo Tenderloin, 1 Table Salt, 1 Water Shard, and 1 Garlean Garlic. The level 15 quest needs Meat Miq’abob that can be made with 1 Fire Shard, 1 Dodo Tenderloin, 1 Water Shard, 1 Ruby Tomato, 1 Paprika, and 1 Table Salt.

Level 15-20

For the level 20 class quest, you have to prepare Dried Plums. To do that, you will need 1 Water Shard, 2 Fire Shards, and 1 Pixie Plums. Also, this is the moment when you are able to start looking at Levequests. The level quests in this tier are Sweet Smell of Success which needs Lavender Oil, A Total Nut Job for which you will need Walnut Bread and Flakes for Friends that will ask you to bring Apple Tart.

Level 20-25

In this tier, the former needs crafting an Aldgoat Steak with 2 Water Shards, 2 Fire Shards, 1 Aldgoat Chuck, 1 Garlean Garlic and 1 Table Salt. Level 20 will bring new viable Level quests which actually need the same products as the ones in the tier before. You are able to make Walnut Bread for Brain Food and Apple Tarts for Picnic Panic. If you prefer doing levels which need some new meals and drinks, then you are able to prepare Grape Juice for A Grape Idea or cook Salmon Meuniere for Feast of All Soles. The last one will give the biggest reward, but it is also the most difficult one to do.

Level 25-30

For the next class quest, you have to cook an HQ Smoked Raptor. The components are 3 Water Shards, 3 Fire Shards, 1 Raptor Shank, 1 Sun Lemon, 1 Olive Oil, 1 Table Salt, and 1 Black Pepper. To easily craft items, you have to consider using HQ materials. Without them, the process needs more time. Fever Pitch needs crafting Chamomile Tea. This is a great Levequest, thus go for it if you have a lot of allowances. Another wonderful choice is Whirled Peas for which you need to cook Pea Soup. Actually, this is a meal which you want to make a healthy supply of. It will be able to increase for the Crafting Point pool temporarily.

Level 30-35

The level 35 class quest, Cooks and Book, needs high-quality Ratatouille. It has a complex recipe, the ingredients you will need are 4 Water Shards, 4 Fire Shards, 1 Ramhorn Zucchini, 1 Wizard Eggplant, 1 Ruby Tomato, 1 Laurel, 1 Lavender Oil and 1 Garlean Garlic. True Grits is a good multiple turn-ins for Levequest. It needs crafting Cornmeal from 3 Millioncorn and 3 Fire Shards. Also, it is a good idea to spam crafting Cornmeal for your own use as it is a culinary ingredient. Even it can be used to craft another level item in this tier.

Level 35-40

The next class quest is Diplomacy of the Skillet. It needs crafting three high-quality items. Black Currant Tart consists of 3 Water Shards, 1 Pie Dough, 4 Fire Shards, 1 Blood Currants. To craft Pastry Fish, you will need 4 Water Shards, 1 Pie Dough, 5 Fire Shards, 1 Raisins, 1 Desert Saffron, 1 Mirror Apple, 1 Table Salt and 1 Almonds. The last is Chamomile Tea. You might have done it already for a lower level leve, however its components are 2 Water Shards, 2 Fire Shards, 1 Chamomile, 1 Mineral Water and 1 Honey.

You have to know that feeding Frenzy is a good repeatable level in this tier. It needs turning in Acorn Cookies. While Winter of Our Discontent is a good single Level quest. It will ask for preparing a Mugwort Carp.

Level 40-45

The next class quest is For A Taste of Home. You will need HQ Dzemael Gratin. The recipe for it is 1 Popoto, 1 Eft Tail, 1 Sweet Cream, 5 Fire Shards, 5 Water Shards, 1 Nutmeg, 1 Garlean Garlic, and 1 Black Pepper. Also, the Pastry Fish is the objective of a really good Level quest called Pagan Pastries. Another good choice for this tier is The Perks of Life at Sea. It needs Jerked Beef.

Level 45-50

The next class quest is Revenge of the Chefsbane. To complete it, you have to make four high-quality items. Each one of them has a difficult recipe. To cook an Eft Steak, you need 6 Fire Shards, 1 Sour Red, 1 Cider Vinegar, 6 Water Shards, 1 Eft Tail, 1 Laurel, 1 Garlean Garlic and 1 Black Pepper. Beef Stew consists of 6 Water Shards, 1 Buffalo Sirloin, 6 Fire Shards, 1 Sunset Wheat Flour, 1 Wild Onion, 1 Sour Red, 1 Mineral Water and 1 Black Pepper. To make Trapper’s Quiche, you need to use 6 Water Shards, 1 Eft Tail, 1 Apkallu Egg, 6 Fire Shards, 1 Cream Cheese, 1 Pie Dough, 1 Nutmeg and 1 Midland Basil. The last, the Crowned Pie is made of 6 Water Shards, 1 Pie Dough, 6 Fire Shards, 1 Mirror Apple, 1 Almonds, 1 Maple Sugar, 1 Cinnamon, and 1 Tiny Crown.