How to Get a Christmas Tree in ACNH

Winter is coming in the game named Animal Crossing New Horizons and the festive season is definitely not complete without a Christmas Tree in the game. For those who want to know how to get the Festive trees and the way to obtain and use the ornaments for it, here is the guide that will help you.

How do you get the Christmas Tree in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Everyone is able to get the Christmas tree items such as Festive Tree, Big Festive Tree, Illuminated Tree, and Tabletop Festive Tree in the game called Animal Crossing New Horizons by crafting them. In order to craft these Festive Items DIY recipes, there are a few materials that you will have to gather, including Red, Blue, and Gold Ornaments.

Illuminated Tree DIY recipe

Illuminated Tree DIY recipe:

  • 6 Iron Nuggets
  • 6 Gold Ornament
  • 8 Blue Ornament
  • 8 Red Ornament

Festive Tree DIY recipe

Festive Tree DIY recipe:

  • 5 Wood
  • 2 Gold Ornament
  • 3 Blue Ornament
  • 3 Red Ornament

Big Festive Tree recipe

Big Festive Tree recipe:

  • 4 Gold Ornament
  • 6 Blue Ornament
  • 6 Red Ornament
  • 5 Wood
  • 5 Clay

Tabletop Festive Tree recipe

Tabletop Festive Tree recipe:

  • 2 Clay
  • 3 Tree Branch
  • 5 Gold Ornament

How do you get Festive Ornament item DIY recipes?

If you want to get these Festive Ornament DIY recipes, you will need to find balloon presents right from December 15 to January 6 in both hemispheres. Aside from that, another way to get the Ornament Wretch DIY recipe is from Isabelle during the morning announcement of her. In case you end up having more than one recipe from balloon gifts, it is better for you to consider trading it with your friends.

How do you get the ornaments in Animal Crossing New Horizons quickly?

The ornaments in the Animal Crossing New Horizons are able to be obtained easily by shaking pine or cedar trees during the Festive season. The Blue and Red ornaments are the most common ones while the Gold ornament is more rare compared to these two. Basically, when you see a few decorated trees on your island, do not forget to shake them so that you can get the ornaments in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

How are the ornaments used?

As you probably know, ornaments are included as the materials of DIY crafting that are usually used to craft the Christmas tree in the Animal Crossing New Horizons as well as the other holiday items. Feel free to craft the Holiday Candle, Festive Top Set, Ornament Wreath, Ornament Mobile, Illuminated Present, Illuminated Reindeer, Jingle Wall, and Illuminated Snowflakes. Here is the complete recipe of all of them.

Holiday Candle

Holiday Candle:

  • 5 Red Ornaments
  • 5 Weeds

Festive Top Set..

Festive Top Set:

  • 2 Gold Ornaments
  • 1 Hardwood

Ornament Wreath..

Ornament Wreath:

  • 6 Blue Ornaments
  • 2 Gold Ornaments

You will be given this DIY recipe by Isabelle during her morning announcements. However, you are also able to shoot it down from balloons.

Ornament Mobile..

Ornament Mobile:

  • 1 Red Ornaments
  • 1 Blue Ornaments
  • 1 Gold Ornaments
  • 4 Tree Branches

Illuminated Present..

Illuminated Present:

  • 3 Red Ornaments
  • 4 Gold Ornaments
  • 3Iron Nuggets

Illuminated Reindeer..

Illuminated Reindeer:

  • 6 Gold Ornaments
  • 5 Iron Nuggets

Jingle Wall

Jingle Wall:

  • 5 Red Ornaments
  • 5 Blue Ornaments
  • 5 Gold Ornaments
  • 5 Clay

Illuminated Snowflakes

Illuminated Snowflakes:

  • 9 Blue Ornaments
  • 3 Iron Nuggets

This it everything that you will have to know to get the Christmas Tree in Animal Crossing New Horizons. You have an option to get one of them or all of them to make your island more festive with the help of these Festive item DIY recipes.

If you want to make everything cuter, you might want to get some puppies in Animal Crossing New Horizons. For those who want to get puppies in the game, you will have to get the Puppy Plushie from the Christmas Toy set. It was actually available from the upgrade Nook’s Canny from 1st December to 25th December. The thing that you can do is to find them in the special seasonal furniture section in the shop. After getting the Puppy Plushies in your inventory, you are able to choose it and place the item so that you can get a dog next to you.

You can find a lot of different kinds of puppies, or Puppy Plushies to be specific, in Animal Crossing New Horizons such as Beagle, Dalmatian, Labrador, and so on. They are able to be obtained in beige, red, lemon and white, black, spotted, tricolored, gray and white and pink. Please take a note that these toys are not allowed to be customized with a DIY workbench so you will need to trade with the others in case you want the other colors.

With these cute little things, you are able to hang out with them and also show off your creativity. A few players have even got a chance to make a puppy dark and used tents to enhance the aesthetics. For those who are not familiar, the tents are also a part of the Christmas Toy set Furniture items. For anyone who wants to set up a tent and sits on the ground beside it, here are the steps to follow:

  1. The first thing that you will have to do is to install the winter update.
  2. Then, go to the Resident Services.
  3. When you are there, go to the Nook Stop Terminal.
  4. After that, choose the option to Redeem Nook Miles.
  5. The next thing that should be done is to scroll to the Hip Reaction Collection which costs 2,700 Nook Miles. This one includes the Sit Down Reaction.
  6. Lastly, purchase it.

Apart from all these things, you will also get tons more festive items such as tin robots, festive rug, new Christmas Clothing, and many more. That’s everything that you should know to get puppies in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Feel free to get a dog for yourself and have fun on your island.

If you have any questions about how to get a Christmas Tree in Animal Crossing New Horizons, do not hesitate to ask someone.