ACNH Gift Exchange Toy Day

The main event called Toy Day event took place from 6:00 AM to 5 AM on December 24, 2020. This one was known as Christmas Eve. The villagers of the Animal Crossing New Horizons celebrated this event with their villagers. The reindeer with black nose visited players and requested their help by delivering gifts to each of the villagers on the islands.

Those who have unlocked the upgraded Resident Services building and Isabelle participated in the Toy Day event. It was possible to time travel to the event early, but everyone could log in at any time during the day cycle on Christmas Eve to play. Here is everything about the gift exchange Toy Day of Animal Crossing New Horizons, including about the prizes.

ACNH Gift Exchange Toy Day

After wearing their holiday outfit and going to Resident Services, players met the Jingle that was walking around in the plaza.  Apparently, the complete Santa outfit was available in the Ables Sisters tailors shop on Toy Day for those who have not purchased it yet, even though they were not required to join in. it was asking for comments from a few villagers and making the festive day more interesting.

When the players spoke with Jingle, it did not matter if they were dressed as Santa or not, they taught how to make the Festive Wrapping Paper, which required 1 gold ornament, 1 blue ornament, and 1 red ornament. All of them could be obtained by shaking decorated pine trees around the island. In order to move onto the next stage of Toy Day, they had to craft three pieces of Festive Wrapping Paper to be given to the Jingle.

After completing this step, Jingle gave them a set of Toy Day Stockings and the special Magic Bag. The former hung in the homes of the player and granted them the photo of Jungle when they interacted with it on December 24. The special gifts were held by the latter for each villager on the island.

It was really different compared to the previous Animal Crossing games where the players had to keep an eye at the villager hints throughout December in order to determine the exact right present to give them. Unlike them, the Animal Crossing New Horizons eliminated this guesswork. There was the Magic Bag that automatically supplied the best present for every villager and could even tell players who had not been given gifts if they checked it in their inventory throughout the day.

To give a villager a gift from the Magic Bag, all that the players had to do is to simply interact with them. They would be prompted with two options. The first one was I have a gift for you! and the second one was Happy Toy Day!. Each of them allowed players to give out presents from Santa.

Aside from the Festive Wrapping Paper DIY, Toy Day Stockings, and Jingle’s Photo furniture items, the players of the game known as Animal Crossing New Horizons could obtain two additional prizes, including Gift Pile DIY (3 red wrapping paper, 1 cardboard box, 1 wooden block toy) and Toy Day Sleigh. The former was obtained by sending a gift to at least half the villagers of the player from the Magic Bag and the latter was acquired by sending a gift to all of them.

After the Magic Bag was empty, players were allowed to exchange the wrapped Toy Day gifts with the villagers. They had full control over what gift they have to every villager, just like the normal day. Exchanging the wrapped ones would net them items from the holiday toy set, such as the color variations that might not have been available in Nook’s Cranny during the first weeks of December.

Once again, the Toy Day event with Jingle in Animal Crossing New Horizons was started on December 24th, 2020 at 5 AM and ran for a full 24 hours until 5 AM the next day, which was on December 25th, 2020.

To unlock the Version 1.6.0 c, people had to make sure they were connected to the internet with their user linked to a Nintendo Account. Actually, they were able to unlock it early in advance of December 24th in their time zone.

The date of the event was the same for islands located in both the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere. To fully experience the whole event, the upgraded Resident services with Isabelle had to be unlocked. Everyone noticed that the Toy day event was started on their island when Isabelle wore a Santa Hat during her morning announcements and the special holiday themed music was heard, replacing the usually hourly theme.

When the Toy Day Christmas Eve event started in Animal Crossing New Horizons, players could find Jingle the Reindeer on their island looking for help. Here is the summary of the main activity flow for this event.

  • Spoke with Jingle outside Resident Services to unlock the Festive Wrapping Paper DIY recipe.
  • Made Festive Wrapping Paper and got the Magic Bag of gifts from Jingle.
  • Visited all the villagers outside and indoors to give them gifts from the Magic Bag.
  • Got rewards from Jingle after delivering gifts to villagers.
  • Exchanged the presents with villagers to get the Christmas Toy Set furniture items.

The first step to start the Toy Day Christmas Eve event was going to the Resident Services finding Jingle hanging out near the plaza area. He would introduce himself as the reindeer with black nose and told the players about his job as the helper of Santa by delivering the presents on the island. The complete Santa Outfit of clothing and accessories could be found for purchase at Able Sisters on Toy Day. However, they were simply for the holiday spirit fun and were not required to join in the event. Some villagers would comment on it if the players chose to wear the outfit. The next step of the event was crafting 3 pieces of the Festive Wrapping Paper item.

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