How to Change Text Size Windows 10 from site

In some cases, the size of the font on your computer can be too large or too hard to see as it is too small. It usually happens due to display scaling issues or higher resolution screens. Fortunately, Windows 10 allows you to resize the text to any size that you want.

In order to change the font size on Windows 10, the first thing that you will need to do is to click on the Windows icon and type “Settings”. Then, the first option will show up. This one should be the Settings app. Please click it to open. The next thing that should be done is to click on the Ease of Access menu option. After that, use the slider under the Make text bigger to adjust the text to the size that you want it to be. It is under the Display. As you adjust the slider, there is a preview of the new text size that you will be able to see. Once you have adjusted the text to the size that you want, lastly, click the Apply button.

How to Change Text Size Windows 10 from site

Once everything is done, the text size across the entire Windows system and all programs and apps on your computer should be changed. Please take note that you are able to change the size again at any time by following the same instructions as above.

Another thing that needs to be noted is that if you do not see the option to adjust the text size in Windows 10, it may be that you have to update to the newest version. For your information, the text size adjustment was taken away for Version 1709 but then re-introduced for Version 1809 and later.

For those who have made the text bigger, but you are still facing some hard times seeing things on your screen, you are recommended to try making everything bigger. It will scale everything in the UI, including the fonts, the text, and the apps. This one includes all Universal Windows Platforms or UWP and desktop apps.

First of all, you will have to go to Settings, click Ease of Access and then click Display. Under the Make Everything Bigger section, please select a scaling percentage from the drop down menu. You may be required to sign out and back in again for some of the changes to take effect on some apps, but it should apply to most things immediately. After that, head back to the default size, go back to Settings > Ease of Access > Display and select the Recommended setting from the drop down menu.

If you are using Windows 7, the method that you can try to change the text size is different compared to the one for Windows 10. First of all, you will have to click Start, enter “Font Size” in the search box, and hit Enter. In the Display window that shows up, select the Medium font size (125% of the default size) or the Larger font size (150% of the default size). In case you do not like those settings, you are allowed to find-tune the text size to the one that you want by choosing the Set custom text size (DPI) option. Lastly, click the Apply button. You will see a warning from Windows, saying that the changes will not go into the effect until you log off and then log back into the system. In this case, please click Log Off Now to apply the changes.

For those the users of Mac OS X, here are the steps that you need to follow to change the text size. In the OS X version 10.7 or later, you will have to open the Apple menu and choose System Preferences. When you are there, choose Universal Access. Under the Seeing ta, find the Zoom section and choose On to make the zoom enabled. After that, hold down Command-Alt on your keyboard, and then tap the plus sign (+) key in order to make the screen view larger, or tap the minus-sign/hyphen (-) key if you want to make the screen view smaller. Feel free to continue pressing either of these two keys until you get the comfortable zoom level.

If you want to change the text size on Google Chrome, you should update to the newest version of the Google Chrome browser. then, click the wrench icon located in the upper right corner of the Chrome window. Do not forget to choose Options. Choose Under the Hood in the navigation page. please click the Font Size drop down menu in the Web Content section. You are allowed to choose between multiple sizes of the text ranging from Very Small to Very Large and changes will take effect immediately.

Just like Google Chrome users, the Mozilla Firefox users also need to update to the newest version of the browser to change the text size. Then, open a browser window, press Alt key to bring the File menu. next, click the View menu > Zoom > Zoom Text Only. Finally, hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard, and then press the plus (+) key to make the text larger or the minus/hyphen (-) if you want to make it smaller. Feel free to continue to press either of the two keys to adjust the text to the size that you want.

Computer displays keep growing bigger all the time. It means they show up the graphics with much higher resolutions compared to the old CRT monitors. It is true that you are able to view things on the screen in higher definition now, but a larger display also makes everything look smaller, and some people may find the text too hard to read. The good news is that the text is able to be increased through software, meaning you do not have to sacrifice that high definition resolution. There are a few methods to accomplish this, but those are the easiest ones.