How to Become Imposter in Among Us Every Time on Mobile

Playing the impostor is the most exciting role in Among Us. It does not wonder if almost all players really want to be an impostor in every round of the game. When becoming an impostor, you should carefully plan out a series of murders, while avoiding other player’s suspicion.

It’s not pretty easy like the rush of successfully killing everyone in a round. That’s why every Among Us player attempts to get the role of impostor in each round of the game. However, they are likely to play the role of impostor in a round. So, can you become an impostor every time in Among Us, especially on mobile devices?

How to Become an Impostor Among Us in Every Round?

How to Become Imposter in Among Us Every Time on Mobile

Whatever the devices you use to play Among Us either mobile devices or PC, there’s no certain way to get a role as Impostor in every round of the game. Instead, you may be able to boost your chances of being the impostor in Among Us.

You definitely can try a few strategies that some players have tried. To get a bigger chance of being an impostor in Among Us is determined at the start of every match. However, there’s no special trick that you can use to boost your chance of being an impostor in every round you join.

Even though there’s no certain way of becoming an impostor, if you try to make your own private lobby, getting the role of being an impostor may be possible. Here are a few ways you can do to boost your chances of being the impostor in Among Us:

1) Increase the total number of impostor

Regarding the platform of setting, you will need more crewmates than impostors to start a match of Among Us. As of now, Among Us just lets up to 3 players to be impostors per game. You can also set the role of Impostor to 1 or 2, so having more impostors will increase your chances of becoming one.

If you want, activating the setting while playing with a full group of 10 may increase a 3/10 chance that you may be an impostor. However, the developer of Among Us has not announced any plans to increase the number of impostors through the setting. So, what you should do now is to set the number of impostors to three.

Only the host of a private lobby will be able to edit this setting with a Customize laptop in the waiting room. To do so, you can simply open the Game Tab and then increase the ‘# Impostors’ to 3 by choosing the + symbol. It may increase your chances from 10% to 30% in a full game.

Since there can be a maximum of 10 players, this setting only requires 4 crewmate kills for a win. Of course, the game will end very quickly if the Crewmates do not clear out the impostors fast enough.

To balance this, you can also try to increase the Kill Cooldown from the Customization laptop, however the game with three impostor will be supported the murderers. Recently, InnerSloth revealed that they have a plan to increase the size of lobbies to allow 12 to 15 players to join in the future. We hope that the size of lobbies will be increased by InnerSloth, so the players will be able to increase the total number of impostors.

2) Start playing the game with fewer players

Since you cannot increase the number of impostors in the game setting yet, alternatively, you can try to play with the minimum required number of crewmates and the maximum number of impostors. There may be three impostors and four crewmates for a total of seven players in a lobby.

In short, you can have a 3 out of 7 chance of becoming an impostor rather than a 3 out of 10 chance. It’s important to note, playing like this means the impostors will only need one kill to win, which once again means matches conclude very quickly.

Of course, making a lobby like this will ensure that you would be an impostor about 43% of the time. At the very least, it can be a solid way to learn the mechanics of venting and sabotaging before you can play as an impostor in a more legitimate match.

If you do not want to tamper with the game’s settings, you may need to hope that Among Us will get some sort of role queue or easier way to be the impostor in the future, although it is unlikely.

Okay, those are two alternatives that you can choose to boost the chances of being an impostor in Among Us.

How to Successfully Play as an Impostor in Among Us?

If you accidentally get the role of being an impostor, you may want to win as soon as possible by killing everyone in a round. Being an impostor, it would mean you should play everything smoother without falling under suspicion.

To successfully play as an impostor in Among Us, there are a few tips and tricks you can do to increase your win. Here they are:

    • Make sure to always be careful while venting. However, venting is the most useful tool you can use for being an impostor. You should think clearly before you hop in and out of the vents in the game.
    • To avert suspicion, you may need to stay active during meetings. Make sure to attend meeting discussions without drawing too much attention.
    • Make sure to spare crewmates and save them for the end if there are crewmates which are totally out of meetings. Well, this trick benefits you, as this situation will leave the impostor with a small group who cannot sound the alarm.
    • Always use the admin map as a secretly effective tool which shows what rooms are occupied and how many crewmates are in each room. By doing this, it will ease the impostor to kill the crewmate as the map shows three people scattered across different parts of the map.

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