How Old Is Traves CallMeCarson?

As the name of CallMeCarso is rapidly popular on some headline-news and gaming forums for his bad deed who allegedly sent indecent images to his underage fans. Of course, that’s such his serious problem, considering a lot of his fans are at the kiddy age.

After this case is sticking out to the public, many people judge him as pedophilia who has a grooming which has become a growing and serious cause for concern among the people. Besides, grooming has become a social disease in society. Related to Carson’s case, we think if he actually does grooming to his fans, that’s only natural if it is processed legally.

Though you’re not a Carson fan, you may wonder who he is and why he does it. Well, to get rid of your confusion, we’re here going to inform you some facts about Carson that help you to know more about him a lot. Here you go!

How Old Is Traves CallMeCarson

How Old Is CallMeCarson?

As an American YouTuber who has more than 3 million subscribers on his platform, we think that many people really know about his personal information deeply. Carson King or better known online as CallMeCarson was born on May 10, 1999. It means that he is 21 years old now.

Known, he is a famous American YouTuber, Twitch Streamers, pro-gamer and also comedian. On his official video platform, he has created a number of videos especially for gameplay of any games. Well, the games which he currently plays include Minecraft, Skyrim, Terrraria, Happy Wheels, and Portal.

Carson is really working to share his gameplay of the games which have been played with his friends. He then recorded on Discord or in a video game. Finally, he shared the video he created on YouTube. If he is live streaming, he will do it on Twitch. He has a total of four YouTube channels which are filled in different content.

The first Carson YouTube channel is TheBlueCrewPros. On this channel, he uploaded  videos with his friends for reviewing videos, images, and also games with open-commentary. The videos which were created are through Discord as the voice chat software.

This channel focuses on the Comedy genre with more than 92 videos within. He created TheBlueCrewPros on May 10, 2012 and it’s still active until now. This channel has more than 3 millions subsribers, that’s such a fantastic achievement, isn’t it?

The second Carson YouTube channel is CallMeCarsonLIVE. To fill this channel, he consistently uploads the gameplay of many games including UNO, Portal, Roblox, Minecraft, Gang Beast, Human: Fall Flat and many more. Moreover,  he is playing a variety of games with his friends. This channel focuses on the Comedy and Gaming genre with more than 158 videos within. He created TheBlueCrewPros on November 17, 2014 and it’s still active until now. This channel has more than 1 millions subsribers.

The third Carson YouTube channel is CallMeCarson VODS. On this channel, he uploads plenty of unedited archives of past livestreams from his Twitch Channel.  CallMeCarson VODS focuses on Gaming genre with more than 200 videos within. He created this channel on March 10, 2019 and it’s still active until now. This channel has more than 250K subsribers.

For the fourth Carson YouTube Channel is a bit different from the channels as we have explained above. On his fourth channel which is named CallMeCarson Plus, he definitely uploads a short of video clips for  TikTok and also bits. This channel actually focuses on the Clips genre with more than 200 videos within. He created this channel on July 20, 2016 and it’s still active until now. This channel has more than 224K subsribers.

Who is Traves and How Old is He?

You may be confused why we put the post’s title with Traves CallMeCarson. We also think it’s such as ambigue title when we put the word of Traves there. However, Traves really  has something to do with Carson. Known, Traves is a content creator for a few years old.

He is also a member of SMPLive. Traves has other online names including Travis, Mr. Green Door, SuperTraves, Goblin, Fiend, Cro Magnon, T-Money and also Noob Pooper.

What the relationship does Traves have with Carson? For your information, Traves and Carson are most commonly seen playing together. On some Carson’s frames, Traves is totally known for his inoffensive jokes,  chaotic neutral demeanor, regressed humour and somewhat childish attitude. The Traves’ energy is mostly presented as being pretty calm and collected but many fans know him as intensely chaotic on the inside.

Traves is known as one of the participants in Minecraft Mondays which is hosted by Keemstar, better online as DrameAlert. Moreover, Traves is an American YouTuber who concerns gaming content on his videos. He was born on July 19, 2000, now he is 20 years old. At the beginning of his channel, he created a series called The Sage.

In this series, he picked up an image of an angry Shiba Inu which made poorly done animations. He lives in San Diego along with other YouTubers such as Hugbo, cscoop and also CallMeCarson.

Traves was a member of CallMeCarson’s SMPLive server before it was over. He initially collaborated with over 50 other YouTuber and also Streamers. He has spent the most time on the server which was one of the first 9 to join.

Here’s for the personal information of Traves

  • Full Name:Travis
  • Born: July 19, 2000
  • Nationality: American
  • Residence: San Diego, California, United States

Social Media:

  • Twitter @traves, @travesbrain and @moretraves
  • Instagram @supertraves


Traves’ first channel

Traves’ second channel

On September 23, 2019, he released a face reveal. During the 15th episode of Goopcast, he was outed as a stoner by his housemates. Furthermore, Goop disbanded but it was remarked as Fart Club and shortly after Lunch Club.

Well, those are the information that we can tell you related to the relationship between Traves and CallMeCarson.

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