How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Bullfrog in Warzone

You may wonder about how old you have to be to be able to get Bullfrog in Warzone. Let’s find this information here. If you are a player of Warzone, you need to know the information about it.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Bullfrog in Warzone

According to Euro Gamer, if you want to get this weapon, you need to reach level 43. If you have reached level 43, then you are able to unlock the Bullfrog. It is able to be done across Black Ops Cold War, Warzone and Zombies. Do you want to get as much as experience as possible immediately? If so, it is recommended for you to try out modes like Nuketown 24/7 and Team Deathmatch playlists. Usually, these are wrapped up in a manner of minutes.

Let’s say that you are a Warzone person. If so, it is better for you to prioritize Plunder mode over battle royale. With it, you are able to respawn and go on obtaining experience throughout the match for longer.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Bullfrog in Warzone

Best Bullfrog Loadout for Warzone

You may want to know the best Bullfrog loadout for Warzone. According to Dexerto, here is the information about it.


    • Muzzle: GRU Suppressor
    • Barrel: 7.4″ Task Force
    • Laser: Tiger Team Spotlight
    • Stock: KGB Skeletal Stock
    • Ammunition: 65 Rnd


    • Perk 1: Double Time
    • Perk 2: Overkill
    • Perk 3: Amped


    • Lethal: Semtex
    • Tactical: Throwing Knife

The first thing that you want to do is you may want to equip the GRU Suppressor in the muzzle slot for the bullet velocity which is increased, damage range and sound suppression. After that, you can get the 7.4″ Task Force barrel for more bullet velocity and the Tiger Team Spotlight for an overall boost in mobility.

At last, you are able to complete the loadout with the 65 Rnd mag. So, you will never run out of bullets and the KGB Skeletal Stock for a reduction in ADS time. Do you want more mobility? If so, you are able to swap out the GRU Suppressor for the Sound Suppressor.

Now, how about Best Bullfrog loadout for Black Ops Cold War? The information can be read below.

Best Bullfrog Loadout for Black Ops Cold War

Best Bullfrog Loadout for Black Ops Cold War

According to Dexerto, here is the information about the best bullfrog loadout for Black Ops Cold War.


    • Optic: Microflex LED
    • Muzzle: Spetsnaz Compensator
    • Barrel: 7.4” Task Force
    • Body: Steady Aim Laser
    • Underbarrel: Spetsnaz Grip
    • Magazine: VDV 85 RND Fast Mag
    • Handle: GRU Elastic Wrap
    • Stock: KGB Skeletal Stock


    • Flak Jacket
    • Scavenger
    • Ninja


    • Tactical: Stimshot
    • Lethal: Grenade
    • Field Upgrade: Field Mic


    • Gunfighter

The maps of Black Ops Cold War give you a lot of opportunities to defeat your enemies in close-quarters combat. The loadout of the Gunfighter has a purpose to bolster every aspect of the gun so that it makes it more stable and deadly than ever before.

The Microflex LED offers excellent clarity because it has unobtrusive design. It also has the 1.25x zoom which makes it good for finding out close to mid-range targets. The Bullfrog has some strong vertical recoil. As a result, the Spetsnaz Compensator and Spetsnaz Grip will be able to keep the gun in control where it permits you to be able to lock onto your target. It has increased damage range/ bullet velocity from the 7.4″ Task Force which makes it more viable outside of the usual SMG range.

It is often recommended to avoid any areas which have particularly big slightlines. It is better for you to focus and use the great mobility of the Bullfrog to aggressively rush your enemies.

How about the Steady Aim Laser, KGB Skeletal Stock and GRU Elastic Wrap? They permit you to be able to be more reactive in your playstyle. They do not give you increased hip fire accuracy and sprint to fire them. However, they also bolster your ADS.

These attachments are the bread and butter of any good SMG class. So, they can be used by you if you want to pull off those all-important flanks. VDV 85 RND Fast Mag can give you a great amount of ammo to be able to melt a lot of enemies. It is important for you to equip this magazine whether your aim not is as accurate as it used to be or you may want to vanish that reload habit. If you constantly reload after every shot, the reload animation of the Bullfrog is very fast.

Alternative to the Bullfrog Loadout

Alternative to the Bullfrog Loadout mp5

According to Dexerto, here is the explanation about alternatives to the Bullfrog loadout. If you are looking for an alternative loadout to the Bullfrog, you are able to see MP5 Class. Even though this SMG may not be able to deal as much range damage as the Bullfrog, but it still becomes near the top of the SMG rankings because it has high damage and excellent mobility.

Lightning-fast fire rate, great accuracy and high close-quarters damage are also featured in it which will allow you to be able to defeat a lot of enemies.

You may wonder how to unlock the Cold War MP5 in Warzone. It is able to be unlocked by reaching rank 4. This SMG is able to be unlocked immediately because Warzone and Black Ops Cold War have progression which is synced.

According to Dexerto,  the best setup for Cold War MP5 is like this:

    • Perk 1: EOD
    • Perk 2: Overkill
    • Perk 3: Amped
    • Secondary: Krig 6
    • Lethal: Semtex
    • Tactical: Heartbeat Sensor

Similar to most meta Warzone loadouts in Season 6, EOD and Amped are used in this MP5 loadout. The reason why these Perks are selected is because they are able to increase your survivability and weapon switching quickness. Also, if you reload or slow down mid-fight, it is able to lead to some incredibly frustrating deaths.

The Overkill perks permits the use of the very deadly AK-47 loadout, which still becomes the best Assault Rifle in Warzone Season 6. The Semtex and Heartbeat Sensor are  able to help track down nearby enemies and vanish camping squads with explosive fire which is deadly.

You just have to find your target, and then you can throw in a Semtex and after that, you have to rush in with your MP5 so that you can claim a quick kill.

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