Happy Home Paradise Restaurant Ideas in ACNH

If you have decorated 12 homes and the school facility, then you will be asked by Lottie whether you want to decorate a new restaurant or cafe. You can choose whether  restaurant or cafe which will be decorated by you. If you decide to decorate the restaurant first, then you will be taken to the restaurant location by Lottie.

It is important for you to know that it will be your first facility which has two rooms to decorate. Each of them has its own requirements. To enter decorating mode, you need to hit the down button on the left Joy-Con. After that, you need to press the right button on the left Joy-Con so that you can open the furniture menu. At the top, there are the number of pieces of furniture required.

When you decorate the restaurant, in the dining hall, you need to enter the cash register 1x, table 1x and chairs 4x. In the kitchen, you need to enter stovetops x2.

Now, you may need some ideas for decorating your restaurant. If so, you can find the ideas here.

Happy Home Paradise Restaurant Ideas in ACNH

Ideas for Decorating Happy Home Paradise Restaurant in Animal Crossing New Horizons

One of the ways to find ideas for decorating your Happy Home Paradise Restaurant in Animal Crossing New Horizons is to watch videos on Youtube about it. There are some videos on Youtube which show you how to build the restaurant and you can see what their restaurants look like. Here are two videos about building a restaurant in ACNH.

    • A video from JSkeleton’s Nintendo World entitled How to Build 2 Rooms and Build A Restaurant in Happy Home Paradise (Animal Crossing New Horizons) which was uploaded on November 8th, 2021. The length of the video is 33 minutes and 13 seconds and it has been watched more than 300 times.
    • A video from JLMedia Gaming entitled Building A Restaurant | Animal Crossing: Happy Home Paradise which was uploaded on November 8th, 2021. The length of the video is 53 minutes 1 second and it has been watched more than 700 times.

Besides watching videos above, you are also able to find ideas for decorating Restaurant by seeing other Restaurants. However, when I was trying to find the information about it, there was no information about Restaurant Ideas that I got. Instead, I found the information about Best Cafe Design Ideas for Happy Home Paradise. Nevertheless, you are able to use these cafe ideas for your Restaurant.

According to ScreenRant, here are the best cafe design ideas for Happy Home Paradise which you can apply for a restaurant.

    • Cute Cafe Designs in Animal Crossing New Horizons
      Cute Cafe Designs in Animal Crossing New Horizons
      In this design, the shelves look great as an accent wall. It also uses the natural wood border which can make the cafe very cozy when used on all four walls. The sections of the wall can also be used for hanging items such as clocks, plants and tapestries. A lot of natural and cozy wooden furniture items are available to choose and they can be customized to a light wood, dark wood and natural wood.
    • Retro Ice Cream Parlor
      Retro Ice Cream Parlor
      In this cafe, there are a variety of different sweet treats and ice cream-themed delights. So, you can make an ice cream parlor a great option for a theme for Happy Home Paradise’s cafe or restaurant. The ice cream shoppe wall has its own menu boards, cones and jars of sprinkles and it takes a lot of depth to the room as both an accent wall or full wallpaper. You can also see a number of different ice cream coolers and they are able to be customized. The soft-serve lamp can also be used where it can make an appearance in the catalog. The diner furniture can be paired well with the ice cream parlor aesthetic. You are also able to create a retro vibe that can fit well with the theme because you have full control of the furniture’s color.
    • Fancy Tea Parlor
      Fancy Tea Parlor
      You are able to create a tea room in the cafe catalog because there are a variety of tea sets available in the cafe catalog. In the Happy Home Paradise, there are the fancy tea set, traditional tea set, and afternoon tea set with its kettle and cream and also sugar. You can use the cafe-curtain wall for a posh vibe with its sheer curtains and tall windows. You can also use the covered round tables. Not only that, in this design, you can include embroidered gold and intricate patterns. You can include the antique furniture set as well. So now, your cafe can be one of the fanciest tea parlors.
    • Boardwalk Arcade
      Boardwalk Arcade
      In the cafe catalog, there are arcade games and pinball machines. So, you can create a Boardwalk Arcade theme for your cafe. The arcade is able to  make great use of new ceiling decorations with hanging monitors. So, it permits you to add yet another source of entertainment for arcade-going villagers. This design is great for you who like new lighting effects which not only allow you to change the color of the lighting in a room but also its intensity.
    • Seaside Bodega
      Seaside Bodega
      If you want to give your villagers the option to shp rather than be served, in the Happy Home Paradise catalog, there is a frozen-food freezer wall which looks great as part of a small grocery store or bodega. With this design, it can give the cafe a small beach town vibe and it will have the feel of a little local shop. The bodega is flexible. It is able to be a general store or specialize in a specific type of merchandise depending on your preference.
    • Quiet Library Lounge
      Quiet Library Lounge
      You can design your cafe or restaurant where the customers will be surrounded by books. You are able to find the classic library wall in your inventory by scrolling through the Everything tab. For your information, this wall was introduced for the school facility. This design is good for combining Happy Home Paradise’s new partition walls to make reading books and comfortable areas so that villagers will be able to enjoy their meal with a book.

There are some more cafe designs on the ScreenRant site. If you want to see more designs, you are able to read the article in the ScreenRant website.