What Do You Do with Turnips in Animal Crossing (ACNH)

Turnips are counted as the kinds of plants in the game known as Animal Crossing New Horizons or ACNH. Every player is able to obtained them by purchasing them from the turnip seller named Daisy Mae. If you have turnips but you have no idea of what to do with them in this game, you can check out everything below.

There are a few things that you can do with the turnips that you purchased from Daisy Mae, including:

    1. Eating turnips

Eating turnips

When you consume turnips, you will be able to gain extra strength. They apparently come in bunches of 10. It means, if you eat one of them, you are eating a total of 10 at a time. While it is true that your stamina will be increased to the maximum value, it is not good to if you are thinking of it as an investment.

    1. Selling turnips

For those who have turnips, you can sell them. Selling turnips is available every day of the week at the Animal Crossing New Horizons shop called Nook’s Cranny. To sell them, first of all, you will have to ask the current price to Tommy, the one who operates the place. Knowing the price is really important to earn as many profits as possible. For your information, there are two separate turnip prices offered by the Nook twins (Tommy and Timmy) every day. The first one is before 12 PM midday and the second one is after midday. Every day, there is always a different two different prices offered by the shop. You should guess which one is the highest price each week and which one that benefits you more. In just a week, there is a total of 12 different prices. Interesting!

Selling turnips

Apart from asking the one who runs the Nook’s Cranny, you are also suggested to ask your friends about their turnip prices, seeing for the chance of getting a decent profit. Not only that, you might also be interested in checking out the turnip exchange site to make sure that you earn a decent amount of profit.

Do not wait to sell these turnips and just do it when you think the price is good. It is not recommended to do the transaction the next Sunday as they will be worthless. Earning a small amount of profit is still better compared to earning nothing.

When it comes to the price of the turnips, there are four patterns as stated on the official Animal Crossing guide book. The first one is Normal. In this pattern, the prices will increase and fall a bit, but the change will not be significant. The second one is Sudden Spike. In this pattern, the prices will increase extremely at a random point in the week and then decrease immediately after that. The third one is Gradual Decline. In this pattern, the prices will no0%t increase above the original purchase price and will decrease consistently throughout the week. The last one is the Gentle Spike. In this pattern, the prices will increase a bit at a random point in the week, but not as high as the Sudden Spike. Below are the statistics for each week occurring according to that guidebook:

Normal Sudden Spike Gradual Decline Gentle Spike
Normal 20% 30% 25% 35%
Sudden Spike 50% 5% 20% 25%
Gradual Decline 25% 45% 5% 25%
Gentle Spike 45% 25% 15% 15%
    1. Storing turnips

The second thing that you can do with turnips is to store them. There are three ways for those who want to store them. The first is to bury them outside. Before anything, keep in mind that it is not actually recommended since it will be hard for you to dig up. The worst thing is that it also makes the island look less attractive than before.

Storing turnips

The second option that you can do is to store the turnips inside your house, preventing the island from looking less appealing when it comes to the appearance and to make it easier for you when digging up. All that you can do is to just leave them there on the floor until the right time to sell them comes. For anyone with are some extra rooms, it is better for you to drop them on the floor. If you have no idea which room to choose, the most recommended ones are upstairs ones or the downstairs basement as they have more floor space compared to the other rooms of your house. Besides, you can also place them on the tables to drop the HHA score.

In addition, you can also place the turnips outside on your island, be it on the beaches or else, as decoration to store the turnips, if you are not inviting friends over or sharing a Dodo Code in confidence. If you want to try this, you will have to be creative and know how to make a turnip farm. Remember that if another player comes to visit, they are free to pick up the turnips that you dropped.

    1. Burying turnips

Aside from these, you might also want to bury them. If you want to do so, the first thing that you need to do is to dig a hole by using a shovel. Then, drop the turnips in. In the end, there will be the same pattern on the ground seen by the players, the same one as they come across fossils and bamboo shoots.

    1. Disposing turnips

If you have too much of turnips, you can also dispose them at a shop called Nook’s Cranny. However, it should be noted that you will be paid only 100 Bells by the Nooklings.

    1. Throwing turnips in the trash

When the turnips that you have rot, they will become trash and as good as them. As throwing them on the likes of beach is risky as it can decrease the island rating, you are recommended to throw them  in a garbage to prevent the rating from decreasing.