ACNH Turnip Recipes

Turnips are an item in ACNH (Animal Crossing: New Horizons). They are purchased and sold through the Stalk Market. By the way, how about the Turnip Recipes in ACNH? For those who want to know that information, do not hesitate to read this entire article.


Cooking is a fun feature offering you to cook delicious dishes and drinks using ingredients in ACNH. You should learn how to get started with Cooking and unlock new Cooking DIY recipes. It is newly introduced in the Version 2.0 Update released on November 3rd, you need to have your copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons fully updated to experience Cooking. In this page, we are going to explain how to unlock one of new cooking recipes; Turnip Recipes.

ACNH Turnip Recipes

ACNH Turnip Recipes – Turnip Salad

Now, let us unlock the DIY Cooking Recipe for Turnip Salad from Daisy Mae.

Craft the Turnip Salad using the below materials and items:

    • 1 10 Turnips
    • 1 Tomato

ACNH Turnip Recipes - Turnip Salad

The Turnip Salad is a miscellaneous item in ACNH (Animal Crossing: New Horizons) that was introduced in the 2.0 Update. As a miscellaneous item, it is able to be placed on the ground or on top of a tabletop. The Turnip Salad is edible and by eating it, you are able to collect five energy points to be able to relocate trees or break the rocks.

The Turnip Salad is able to be obtained from cooking. Cooking needs 1× 10 Turnips and Tomato 1× Tomato. Once again, you will be able to get Turnip Salad recipe from Daisy Mae. She will send in the mail after buying turnips. For note: There are no villagers who have this item in their own home.

Buying and Selling Turnips

In this paragraph, we are going to explain about buying and selling turnips.


After 10 years of running “Sow Joan’s Stalk Market” on her own, finally Joan allowed Daisy Mae (her granddaughter) to take the reins of her turnip-selling business starting in ACNH (Animal Crossing: New Horizons). Daisy Mae will show on the first Sunday following the completion of the Nook’s Cranny. Apparently, Daisy Mae is inexperienced and nervous. But, she really wants to prove herself. Warning: The Stalk Market remains unchanged from the previous games.

Every Sunday morning, Daisy Mae is going to come on the island to sell Turnips at a specific price between 90 and 110 bells. Need to know that the turnips have to be sold before the next Sunday, or the turnips are going to rot and lose all value. As a player, you will be able to ask Timmy and Tommy what the current cost of Turnips is between Monday and Saturday. The price of turnips will change twice per day. The players have the ability to sell their turnips optimally at a higher price than they bought them and make a profit.


Timmy and Tommy in Nook’s Cranny are going to purchase turnips every day, except for Sundays, at a different price every morning (before 12 p.m.) and every afternoon (12pm-10pm). Their prices are able to be as low as 9 Bells, and as high as 660 Bells. Remember that time Travel has no effect on changing the price that week. However, time travel backwards in time will rot any turnips that you have bought.

In ACNH, the Stalk Market features four patterns. Those patterns are Random, Large Spike, Decreasing, and Small Spike. The pattern from the previous week will be able to affect the following week’s pattern. Well, in the text below, we are going to share a table. For your information, the first column is the pattern of previous week. The row for that pattern will indicate the probability of getting each pattern the week after.

Pattern Random Large Spike Decreasing Small Spike
Random 20% 30% 15% 35%
Large Spike 50% 5% 20% 25%
Decreasing 25% 45% 5% 25%
Small Spike 45% 25% 15% 15%

Best Ways to Store Turnips

If you have lots of turnips, you may  be looking for good ways to store your turnips as safely as possible. As we know, turnips will easily rot if you leave them after a week. Before you decide to sell them, you have to store them in a really safe place. So, how to store your turnips well? We have some ways that you are able to use to store your turnips effectively and efficiently.

Here are the best ways to store your turnips:

    • Way 1: Store your turnips on the floor
      The first time you take your turnips inside your home, you have to store them on the floor in one of your house’s rooms. You will not be able to store them in your house’s inventory. Actually, putting your turnips on your house floor is not the most aesthetically way, because turnips have an ugly color and shape. If you are interested in design, you are able to make a fun turnip-themed room to store your turnips inside your house. But, this may be a good long-term strategy if you are dedicated to the Stalk Market.
    • Way 2: Bury your turnips in the ground
      Burying your turnips in the ground is able to be one of the effective ways to store them long-term. When you take this way, ensure to bury them in the ground where you are able to remember it a lot. If you forget your buried turnips, then you are going to get your turnips rotted and bad, so that you will not be able to sell them through Stalk Market. Thus, if you want to bury your turnips, ensure to always remember the spot.
    • Way 3: Make cool island design around your turnips
      If you have a plan for keeping many turnips, you are able to design a part of your island with turnips. Also, you are able to make turnip shrines in which you are able to praise the fickle god of the stalk market. But, the best thing that you are able to do with your turnips is to get creative. It gives you the most fun of the things which make it frustrating.