sub process /bin/bzip2 returned an error code (2) metadata.plist

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The Methods For Fixing Error In Cydia About The Sub Process bin/bzip2

In the WikiTechSolutions, there is a question about how to fix the sub process bin/bzip2 error in Cydia. And there is someone who answered this question. In that answer, it is explained that the solutions to fix the sub process bin/bzip2 error in Cydia as explained below.

sub process bin bzip2 returned an error code 2 metadata.plist

  • You have to get your way to the file and directory structure of your iPhone through SSH or iFile or mobile terminal.
  • You have to look for the /var/lib/dpk g/ directory.
  • You need to be able to find these files: available, available-old, status, status-old.
  • You have to rename ‘available’ to ‘available-bak’.
  • You have to rename ‘status’ to ‘status-bak’.
  • You have to rename ‘available-old’ to ‘available’.
  • You have to rename ‘status-old’ to ‘status’ 8- Start Cydia.

Then, there is also another answer to this question as you are able to see below.

  • You have to open Cydia and you will see the error that will give the repo. If you add a repo uo and which causes the issue and you need to remove it.
  • To fix this issue, you must edit the cydia.list. And then, you have to delete the repo between SSH and then you must go to /private/etc/apt/sources.list.dy find cydia.list.
  • After that, you have to edit the archivo.Estoy doing it with Cyberduck Mac, copy the file to Finder (desktop) and then you have to edit it.
  • Remove the /s repos give us errors.
  • In this step, what did it was removed “” deb http: / ./”” and then save the changes. If they distrust, create a backup of each file.
  • Now, you have to go to /private / var / lib / cydia and then you have to copy the metadata.plist to your computer and then you have to open it for editing. You have to type the repo which is giving the error and then you have to delete it, save the changes and then you need to replace the plist.
  • You must navigate to / private / var / lib / apt / list and then you have to remove files beginning with the name of your repo that this evil. In the WikiTechSolutions, he deletes this “” _deb “
  • After editing, you have to save and replace SSH.
  • Now, you need to navigate to /private / var / lib / apt / list / part and then you have to remove archivos que are giving mistake.
  • If you have completed the steps and if all things are well, it may not be able to give you the sub-process bzip2 anymore.

In the iPhone Modding site, it is explained that if you have ever mistakenly entered the wrong URL when manually adding a source to Cydia like ultrasnow instead of ultrasn0w, you may have gotten the sub-process bzip2 returned an error code (2). This error may happen until you restore your phone even though you enter the right source afterwards. So, here are the steps that you are able to do to fix it without having to restore it.

The things that you need are WinSCP for SSHing into your phone. Then, you also need pledit.exe. So, here are the steps for fixing it.

  • You have to SSH into your iPhone with WinSCP. You must navigate to /private/etc/apt/sources.list.d and then right-click cydia.list and click on Edit.
  • After that, you need to remove the line with the incorrect URL and then save the changes.
  • In this step, you have to navigate to /private/var/lib/cydia and then you must copy the metadata.plist file to your computer. And then, you have to open it with pledit. You must tit Ctrl-F to discover all instances of your incorrect URL and delete the selection.
  • The thing that you have to do next is to navigate to /private/var/lib/apt/lists and then you have to remove the files with the wrong URL.
  • At last, you have to navigate to /private/var/lib/apt/lists/partial and delete the last incorrect URL entries.
  • Now, you are able to refresh Cydia and you should see that the error is gone.

About Cydia


According to Wikipedia, Cydia is a graphical user interface of APT for iOS and it permits you to be able to discover and install software which is not authorized by Apple on jailbroken iPhones, iPod touch devices and iPads. Also, it refers to a digital distribution platform for software on iOS which is accessed via Cydia software. There are a lot of software packages available through Cydia which are free of charge even though there are some which require you to buy.

For your information, Jay Freeman and his company, SaurikIT, develop Cydia. If you wonder about the name Cydia, well it is a reference to the moth genus Cydia, notably the codling mont that is the proverbial ‘worm in the apple’. According to Cydia-app site, Cydia app is the first un-official iPhone app store which has jailbreak apps, mods, and other exclusive content which are not available on Apple Store. You are able to download Cydia to your iPhone or iPad by jailbreaking.

The top features of Cydia can be seen in the list below.

  • Cydia app has modifications and tweaks which are able to be used to modify or change any part of iOS.
  • Cydia can make you be able to change how things look with tweaks and themes.
  • You are able to add new functionality to standard iOS features.
  • You are able to download iOS tweaks which can add wholly new functionality to your device.
  • This is a massive option of unofficial games and apps.

Do you want to get Cydia for free? If you want to do that, you are able to install Cydia involving jailbreaking your device. You are able to download and install on multiple iOS versions for free and you are able to find all the links for each version listed in the Cydia Download page in the Cydia app site. So, just access Cydia site to get it.

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