Fidelity NetBenefits Official Site USA

You may want to participate in a program which is offered by Fidelity NetBenefits. However, you may not know where to access the official website. It is important for you to know the official website of Fidelity NetBenefits if you want to use their products so that you can get official information from them directly and also you can start to enroll there.

The Official Website of Fidelity NetBenefits

The official website of Fidelity NetBenefits can be accessed at On this website, you are able to get a lot of information about Fidelity NetBenefits such as how to enroll in their programs, some tips and tools and many more.

Fidelity NetBenefits Official Site USA

When you access this website, you will be able to see there are some menus that you can access such as Get Started, Save and Invest, Retire Well and Library. Just click on the menu and you will get the information related to it. Above the menus, there is a login section, register menu and also FAQs menu.

If you want to login, you are able to access this or just use the login section in the homepage of the site that mentioned previously. For knowing how to log in to the official website of Fidelity NetBenefits, you are able to read the next part of this article.

Logging in to Fidelity NetBenefits for US Employees

If you want to login to your Fidelity NetBenefits account, and you are a U.S. employees, you are able to access this link and then you will be taken to a login page of Fidelity NetBenefits. On this page, there are two options whether you are U.S. employees or Outside U.S. employees. If you are U.S. employees, you simply have to click on U.S. Employees and then you have to enter your username and password. After that, don’t forget to hit the Login button.

If you forget to login which means that you forget your username or password, you are able to click on the’ Forgot Login?’ under the password field. After clicking on it, then you will be taken to a page where you have to enter some basic information about your account such as your name, date of birth, and last 4 digits of SSN. And then, hit the Submit button.

Starting To Save For Your Retirement at Fidelity NetBenefits

In Fidelity NetBenefits, you are able to start down the path to saving for your retirement by enrolling in your workplace savings plan. To do this, you do not have to be a financial guru and note that it will not take long at all to set up.

To take the first step to enroll is important. If you can start saving earlier, then you will have more time to grow your money. It is the thing called compounding where it will really help you reach your retirement savings goal.

Besides, you will also be able to get a sense of achievement and even some momentum to take the next step whether it is back on track after an event in your life has slowed your savings or creating a plan for living out your dreams in retirement.

On the official website of Fidelity NetBenefits, you are able to enroll to save for retirement and or you can enroll by calling the representative of Fidelity at 866-715-6111.

Phone Number of Fidelity NetBenefits

As informed on, if you have questions about an account or service, and you cannot get the information from the website or maybe you do not understand in some parts, you are able to call 800-343-0860. This phone number is also able to be contacted if there are some questions on username and password and service-related transactions that you have. For customers who are deaf or hard of hearing, this phone number can be used 800-610-4015.

As informed by the Fidelity website, here are the specific phone numbers of some departments of Fidelity that you can use.

    • 403(b), 457, 401(k), pension, health plans, HR/payroll and Workplace benefit plans

NetBenefits representative: 800-835-5097

    • TTY services

For the deaf or hard of hearing, this number can be contacted: 800-544-0118

    • Fidelity Automated Service Telephone (FAST)

Fidelity Automated Service Telephone (FAST): 800-544-5555

    • International Trading

International trading representative: 800-544-2976

    • Managed Accounts

Fidelity managed account representative: 800-544-3455

    • ATM/ Debit and Credit Cards

Fidelity Debit Card: 800-323-5353

Fidelity Rewards Visa Signature Credit Card: 888-551-5144

Fidelity HSA Debit Card: 888-377-0323

    • Fidelity Charitable Planning

Existing Fidelity Charitable Accounts: 800-952-4438

New Fidelity Charitable Accounts: 800-262-3518

    • Annuities

Existing Annuities: 800-634-9361

AnnuityLink Automated Service Telephone: 800-634-9361

New Annuities: 800-345-1388

    • Term Life Insurance

Existing Policies: 888-343-8376, enter 3

New Policies: 800-642-6904

Net Benefits App

Net Benefits App

NetBenefits also has an app that you are able to install from the App Store. With it, you are able to manage your workplace benefits from Fidelity easily such as sending documents, accessing your retirement savings, health insurance, stock options, HSA and more.

Through the app, you are able to easily view retirement savings and other benefits, account balances, investments, recent contributions and account performance. You are also able to manage your HSA expenses and investments, monitor other accounts including 529 plans and brokerage accounts. What else? You are able to find health insurance information quickly such as who is covered under your plan, provider phone numbers and your group number. Also, you are permitted to access recent payroll statements.

You are able to personalize your planning. You can see how much you may need in retirement. You can als take control of your total well being. You can change your contribution rate and investments across 401k, 403b and/or HSA accounts. You can send them documents and rollover checks using your camera. Exercising options and accepting grants in your stock plans can also be done here. You can also enroll in your health insurance during annual enrollment.

You can build confidence through educational materials and tools. There are articles, videos, podcasts, and interactive tools that you are able to access to make informed financial decisions. You can also stay informed by getting important reminders about timely actions to take in your account.

With it, you will feel safe and secure because the Fidelity NetBenefits team takes your account security seriously and they are always researching new ways to protect you. A combination of advanced measures such as customer verification and biometrics are used to help ensure every visit is safe.

The app of NetBenefits is available for yo who have one or more workplace benefits provided by Fidelity Investment.