How Does Fidelity Investments Make Money

In this page, we are going to explain how Fidelity investments make money. If you want to get that information, then you need to read this article until the end. Make sure you will not miss any information related to how Fidelity investments make money.

How does Fidelity make money?

Apparently, the pressure of zero fees has altered the business model for most online brokers. In lieu of fees, the method brokers make money from you is less obvious, as are several of the subtle ways they make money for you.

    • Interest on cash

Need to know that Fidelity customers are enrolled in cash sweep programs automatically which pay a higher interest rate than other brokers make available. Actually, Fidelity make money from the distinction between what you are paid on your idle cash, and what Fidelity gets on the customer cash balances. However, it is hard enough to grudge them money once they are already paying you an above average rate.

    • Stock loan programs

Fidelity is also able to obtain revenue loaning stocks in your account for short sales, of course with your permission. Fidelity shares that revenue with you. Aside from that, Fidelity tells us that for two months of lending certain hard to borrow securities, 38 percent of accounts obtain 100 dollars or less, another 37 percent obtain between 100 dollars and 1,000 dollars and the remaining 25 percent obtain over 1,000 dollars.

    • Payment for order flow

Fidelity does not engage in PFOF (Payment for order flow). It is the practice where a broker gets payment from a market maker for allowing that market maker execute the order. Rather than only focus on those payments, Fidelity search for quality trade executions and also make sures that your orders are achieving price improvement on every trade. This is a crucial point of differentiation for Fidelity because many of its competitors have seen PFOF revenue grow, likely at the cost of better execution for their customers.

    • Price improvement

The customers of Fidelity are going to benefit a healthy rate of the price improvement on their equity orders (however below average for choices). On average, equity orders accept 0.0091 dollar per share in price improvement and options orders accepts 0.0342 dollar per contract.

    • Portfolio margining

Clients of Fidelity who qualify will be able to apply for portfolio margining that can lower the amount of margin needed based on the overall risk calculated. Usually, portfolio margining works best for the customers who trade derivatives that offset the risk inherent in their equity positions.

Who Fidelity is for?

Fidelity is one of the popular brokers in the United States. It is specially designed to serve the vast majority of individual investors. For the average, the platform of Fidelity offers lots of tools, research, and resources with easy order entry. For more active investors and full-on traders, Fidelity will offer Active Trader Pro. For your information, Active Trader Pro is a program that you can download with streaming real-time data and a customizable trading interface. Although covering these two broad bases thoroughly, it is crucial to note that Fidelity does not currently offer commodities or futures choices.

Fidelity – Pros and cons

In the text below, we are going to share pros and cons of Fidelity.


    • This is an excellent trade execution.
    • Great research and asset screeners (ETF research are terrific)
    • Uninvested cash is going to be swept into a money market fund.
    • Flexible and customizable news feed.


    • The customers of Fidelity may have to utilize multiple platforms to use preferred tools.
    • Non-United States citizens or residents will not be able to open an account.
    • The customers of Fidelity have to refresh the data on the website manually.
    • There are no commodities or options on futures.

Pros Explained

In the text below, you are able to read those pros explained.

    • Excellent trade executions – For the last 5 years, Fidelity has already finely tuned its trade execution algorithms for emphasizing price improvement and to avoid payment for order flow. There are over 95 percent of orders for the customers of Fidelity are executed at a price better than the national best bid. For note: The savings of cost are listed on order confirmation report.
    • Extensive research and asset screeners will help the customers narrow down investing choices. There are some pre-set screens available for stocks, ETFs, options and fixed income that the clients are able to edit to their own specifications. Need to know that the stock screener has many criteria, plus 20 themes. Research focused on ETFs is wide and includes analyst ratings, themes, and also the ability to search via funds by a specific stock.
    • Uninvested cash is automatically will swept into a money market fund. Then, it will be pulled out, and made available for trading when necessary. Usually, most other brokers need the customer to move cash into a money market fund manually.
    • Customizable and Flexible news feed is going to be sorted by watchlist/ holdings and updates in the real-time. For your information, the news feeds include global sources as well as premium United States based feeds.

Cons Explained

In the text below, you are able to read those cons explained.

    • The customers of Fidelity may have to utilize multiple platforms to use preferred tools called Active Trader Pro. However fundamental research for equities is mostly available only on the site.
    • Non-United States citizens or residents will not be able to open an account that we realize can be an issue for global readers.
    • The customers of Fidelity have to manually refresh the data on the site to get up-to-the-tick information. However, the quotes stream on Active Trader Pro.
    • Some clients of Fidelity will grow out of the Fidelity offerings after they move into trading futures and options on the futures.

Finally, now you know how Fidelity investments make money. Also, you have known pros and cons of Fidelity. To get more information related to Fidelity, read other articles on our site.

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