FFXIV Mog Station Items Not Delivered Endwalker

You may experience Mog Station items not delivered in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker. If so, you have to find the solution. Here, I have the information that may be able to help you related to mog station items not delivered in FFXIV Endwalker.

In the Square Enix site which can be accessed at here, there is the explanation about Optional Item Purchase FAQ. It is explained that if you wish to purchase items in the Optional Item Shop, there are some common issues and questions that you have to know.

FFXIV Mog Station Items Not Delivered Endwalker

First, you have to make sure to choose the correct service account and/ or character. You need to make sure that you review the service account and/ or character you have chosen in the Review Payment Information page that comes up just before you finish your purchase. You need to know that an incorrect purchase is not able to be canceled or refunded.

Second, items which have been bought will be delivered via moogle letter. If you buy items from the Optional Item Shop, it will be sent to you in-game via Mog Mail. Let’s say that you do not receive the item. If so, you have to delete any unimportant letters to free up mail space, click the resend button and then you have to check again after 10 minutes. Each item will be sent separately. So, you need enough space which is the same as the quantity of items that you bought.

Third, certain items are only able to be used once or sent to only a single character. There are several items, such as a Phial of Fantasia, which are single use items that disappear after it is used. Other items which are bought on the Mog Station are service account-wide. Every character on that service account will get the item. It is important for you to be mindful of the items that are only sent to a single character and you need to make sure that character has not only already got that item before because unique items are still able to be bought several times from the Optional Item Shop. You have to be careful of this because incorrect purchases are not able to be canceled or refunded.

If you wonder where you are able to check your purchase history, you are able to view your purchase history for Optional Items through the Payment History button which can be found at the top of the Mog Station. Let’s say that you have not received an item and you can confirm it was bought in this purchase history list. If so, you are able to contact the GMs regarding the issue to have it resolved.

Now, how about trading items which were bought on the Mog Station? Now, there is no way for trading items which are bought on the Mog Stations. However, you are able to buy Gift codes to provide to friends or family members.

So, you are able to try the things that mentioned above such as deleting unimportant letters to free up space. However, if you have done anything, but you still find that the Mog Station items are not delivered, as also explained above that you are able to contact the GMs about the issue so that it can be solved.

On the same site, in the News section entitled Digital Fan Festival Bonus Item Delivery, it is also explained that the time of delivery of optional items varies depending on the type of purchase. Items which are bought for single characters, the items will be sent soon after purchase. However, it may be different for account-wide item purchases where you have to log in with a character after purchase to have the item delivered to that character. If you bought both types of optional items, the items may be delivered at different times because of the nature of the delivery system.

It is also explained that item deliveries may be delayed during peak times. If you find that you have still not got your items even though you have confirmed all of the things, you can take up to 24 hours before items are delivered. If you still do not get the item, you are able to contact the contact support of the game.

Some FAQs About Optional Items Bought on FFXIV Online Store

According to the Square Enix site on the Support section, here are some FAQs about Optional Items bought on FFXIV Online Store.

    • What payment methods are used for Optional Items?
      You are allowed to use Square Enix Crysta, Credit Card Payment, Amazon Pay and Steam Wallet. For Steam Wallet, it is only available for Steam users only.
    • How do I get the Optional Items¬† I have bought?
      Optional items that you have bought will be sent in-game via a Mog Letter. You have to visit the Delivery Moogle to get your Optional Items. You need to remember that each item will be sent separately in its own letter so you need space in your mailbox the same as the quantity of items bought. Let’s say that you have got the maximum number of campaign item letters (20). If so, you must delete previously stored/ read campaign item letters to clear space. So, the new letter is able to be delivered. Timing is various as you can see below.

      • Within 10 days of purchase: Up to one hour may be needed for re-delivery.
      • More than 10 days since purchase: Up to 24 hours may be needed for re-delivery.
    • Can I check which character received the items bought from the Mog Station?
      No, you will not be able to check which character got the Optional Items from the Mog Station after you place your order. You must check your characters in-game to confirm you have got the Optional Items you have bought.
    • What do I have to do if I have not received the bought Optional Items via the Mog Letter in-game?
      If you see that your items have not been delivered, you can try to delete any unwanted letters from your mailbox. Your mailbox is only able to store a maximum of 20 letters with bonus, gift or optional items enclosed. Then, you can try to select the Reward Delivery Request button.

Delivery will be retried automatically after space has been freed by deleting old letters. As explained on the second number of this FAQ above that the timing will be various.

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