FFXIV Fishing Leveling Guide

If you want to know about the Fishing Leveling guide in FFXIV, here I have the information about that. This information is from the FFXIV Console Games Wiki site where it has information about the basics and many more.

The Basic Things to Know

If you have been equipped with a fishing rod, your class will change to the Fisher class and you will have access to some abilities as explained below.

    • Bait
      It permits you to designate what Bait or Lure is attached to your fishing rod.
    • Cast
      Let’s say that you are facing a body of water. If so, with this ability, you can start fishing.
    • Hook
      It can catch the fish currently on your line which is indicated by a noise and your rod bending to the water.
    • Quit
      It will exit fishing.
    • Cast Light
      It can activate a glowing light on the tip of your rod where it is useful when you are fishing at night.
    • Stealth
      It permits a gentleman to fish uninterrupted by hostile creatures, but it can also slow movement speed.
    • Release
      If you use it after catching a fish, it can release it and avoid catching that type of fish again until the current fishing session has ended.
    • Mooch
      It is an advanced technique which is used to catch a big fish. After a high quality ‘moochable’ fish has been caught, it becomes usable.

For your information, if you want to unlock the Fisher class, you need to talk to the Guild Receptionist in Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks and accept the quest Way of the Fisher to join.

FFXIV Fishing Leveling Guide

Levels 1 to 15

In level 1 to 5, you will start by helping the Fishing Guild with the quest My First Fishing Rod. After you have equipped your first rod from Sisipu at the Fishing Guild, it will be soon available. You have to go ahead and fish up the 5 Lominsan Anchovy which are required for the quest by using your Cast ability while facing towards the water around the fishing guild. After you have handed in this quest, you have to continue fishing until you are able to reach level 5. Then, your next quest is Bigger Fish to Fry where it requires 3 Harbor Herring which are also able to be found in the waters in town. You have to fish at the guild until this quest has been completed.

In level 5 to 10, you will try to fish in fresh water. With the Crayfish Balls that you got from the last guild, you have to go to Middle La Noscea and fish at one of the two fresh water rivers just north of the entrance to Limsa Lominsa. Your next class quest at level 10 is The Princess and the Fish where it requires a high-quality Princess Trout. Let’s say that when you reach 10 you have not got such a fish. If so, don’t be worried. You just have to check the market boards in town.

In level 10 to 15, you can start to use Guildleves to speed up your leveling. In Western La Noscea, located in the far eastern side, there is a small village named Swiftperch. There, you can find a vendor that sells Goby Balls that you will use to catch the fish that you need. You can fish off the cliff side in town and you will catch all that you need to hand in for the leves. You have to make sure that you hang onto any White Coral and Rothlyt Clam for the level 15 leves.

According to the FFXIV Console Games Wiki site, here is the table of Leve Name and also Fish Required.

Leve Name Fish Required
Fish by Many Other Names 3x Moraby Flounder
Brain Candy 3x Pebble Crab
Just Add Water 3x Tiger Cod
The Fertile Incandescent 3x Harbor Herring

Level 15 to 30

In level 15 to 20, you have to go to Aleport in Western La Noscea where it is located a short boat ride away from the Fishing Guild. You can use Rat Tail bait, so you can find all of Leve fish in the waters of Aleport.

Here is the Leve Name and Fish Required table in level 15 to 30 according to the FFXIV Console Games Wiki.

Leve Name Fish Required
Crab Life by the Horns 3x Helmet Crab
The Moral of the Coral 3x White Coral
Shell Game (Fisher) 3x Rothlyt Oyster
The Deepest Cut 3x Razor Clam

It is important to note that Helmet Crab and White Coral are very hard to isolate. So, the thing that you have to do is to use a technique named Leve Sifting. You have to speak to the Levequest NPC and then open the fishing Leve menu. You have to look at what two Leves are available to you. You need to choose the better of the two and accept only that quest. Give it and check again what quests are now available. If you are lucky, the quest you have fish for will be available again. If not, you can choose the easier of the two options and give it to try and refresh the list.

When level 20 has been reached, you have to go to north to Upper La Noscea. Then, you have to cast your rod into the large lake in the center of the map with a Crow Fly lure. There, you can find a vendor which sells them. You have to fish up 5 Warmwater Trout for the next guild quest and then go back to town.

In level 20 to 25, it is an easy stretch. However, when you are at level 20, you have to make sure that you are wearing a piece of gear in each slot, except jewelry, that is helping your Gathering or Perception skill. You have to go to Quarrymill in South Shroud and fish in the river that runs through town with the Crow Fly lure.

Here are fish required and Leve name in these levels.

Leve Name Fish Required
Sounds Fishy to Me 3x Copperfish
Blind Ambition 3x Dark Sleeper
The Long and the Shortcrust 3x Black Eel
Food Chain Reaction 3x Faerie Bass

When you reach 25, you have to go to North Shroud and fish in the waters around town with the Aetheryte location. Low level bite like Moth Pupa can be used to target some easy fish. When you get a Large version, the Mooch button must be pressed and fish up the Shadow Catfish that you need for your next guild quest.

In level 25 to 30, you will fish in South Shroud, so you have to go to Quarrymill. In the east of town, you can find a small pond named Goblinblood where it is surrounded by small encampment of goblins. So, you can use your stealth ability to avoid being harassed while you fish. You can try to Leve Sift for Salmon and Dark Bass.

Leve Name Fish Required
Fishing 101 3x Dark Bass
A Shocking Soiree 3x Black Ghost
A Watery Web of Lies 3x Yugr’am Salmon
The Truth Will Set You Free 3x Five-ilm Pleco

The easier ones to catch are the Salmon and the Dark Bass. To get Black Ghost, Mooch is needed from Ala Mhigan Fighting Fish, and the Plecos do not bite very often unless a Floating Minnow is used. At level 27, you have to go to the Chocobo Fly for the highest catch rates on Salmon and Bass.

At level 30, you have to go to Costa del Sol in Eastern La Noscea. There, you have to fish at night with Spoon Worm for the 10 Fullmoon Sardines that you need for the next guild quest. If it is day, you do not need to be worried, you can keep fishing until night.