ACNH Turnip Exchange Website

Turnip Exchange site allows you to connect with other players to sell your turnips with high prices. This site is full of turnip traders that sell their own turnips with the highest price to each other’s islands. However, the Turnip Exchange is a site that can be used by players to have more fun.

If you have not used the Turnip Exchange site yet, you may not know how to use this site to get the highest price of selling your turnip. Since this site is turnip price exchange, you should be careful when joining this site, as the turnip price of other players may not make sense. So, let’s learn how to use the Turnip Exchange site through our post below!

How to Use Turnip Exchange Site?

ACNH Turnip Exchange Website

Turnip Exchange Site was created by Warp World that allows the players of Animal Crossing to locate islands in which they will find daily higher or lower turnip prices. There are at least three main points of using the Turnip Exchange Site, here are they:

    1. Host: When joining the Turnip Exchange, you may need to create a queue for your island which will share your Dodo code with the right visitors automatically.
    2. Join: You can type the Turnip Code to see their queue in the hosts. From here, you will learn about their island and join their queue.
    3. Islands: Within the Turnip Exchange site, you may be looking for an island to visit.

Moreover, the Turnip Exchange site is used by players who will not take financial risks, the Turnip Exchange site is such an easy and fast way to collect the high returns on the fickle market. However, the Turnip Exchange allows the players to easily exchange their turnips or any other items on different islands across the world.

In addition to allow the player find islands where you can sell your turnip to Timmy and Tommy with higher price, within the Turnip Exchange price, you can also do a bunch of activities, as follow:

    • Looking for live turnip prices across user’s island

Yon search for current turnip prices by seeing the islands page that features the 12 most created islands. You can also visit the Discord server and then check the #turnip-exchange-live channel. Last, you can search Twitter for the hashtag #turnipcode in which the players will post their price and Turnip codes.

    • Exchanging other items

Within the Turnip Exchange site, you can also exchange any other items such as fruit, furniture, clothing, etc. The rules to exchange the items are up to the owner of the island that they can list in its queue online. Their rules also work on an honour system with visitors.

    • Hosting others

You can also host other players from around the world on your island. To exchange the turnip, you will have to use ‘Turnip Codes’ as the Exchange’s version of a Dodo code. The players can then visit your island’s queue page online. They will also be updated when it’s their turn to obtain your island’s specific Dodo Code.

How to Find Visit Other’s Island on the Turnip Exchange Site?

The Turnip Exchange site can be accessed at As we’ve mentioned, you can visit other players’ islands to see the live turnip price. To visit other players’ island, you may need to do multiple steps, as follow:

    • First, you may need to search for an island that you want to visit on the Islands page, via Twitter hashtags or also through the Discord server.
    • Then, choose the ‘Join’ option either on that island’s queue page or also by using their Turnip Code on the main page of the Exchange.
    • In the next step, you will be required to enter your in-game name that will be added to the queue. So, make sure to stay on that page or you will lose your spot in line.
    • After it is your turn, you will see a Dodo code to enter at your airport, allowing you to travel to that island.

Congratulations! You successfully visit other players’ islands to see their live turnip prices. So, you can buy and sell your own turnips with any price reference within the Turnip Exchange site.

How to Host Your Own Island on the Turnip Exchange Site?

If you are brave enough, you can try to host your own island on the Turnip Exchange site. However, you may need to do some steps to host your own island within the site. Here’s how to host your own island!

    • First, you may need to create a current Dodo code at your airport. Make sure you choose ‘online play’. Then, invite others and keep your gates open with this code, so that it will not expire.
    • Then, head toward the ‘Host’ page and enter your Dodo code.
    • After that, you need to enter the required information about your island including current turnip price, fruit type, hemisphere and current date and time on your island.
    • To provide your information in detail, you can also include a short description that is commonly used to make requests or set down for visitors to your island.
    • In the next step, you will be required to provide a ‘Visitor Limit’ and ‘Queue Limit’. From here, you can also determine whether you want to keep your island private or make it public on the Exchange.

Once you fill out the information, a Turnip code will be available. You can then wait for other players to locate your island and join the queue. You can also share your Turnip code with other players including through a Twitter hashtag #turnipcode and also via the Discord server.

What Are Rules of Turnip Exchange?

There are a number of rules that you should obey when exchanging your turnip at Turnip Exchange Site. Here are the rules of Turnip Exchange:

    • You should keep an eye on the amount of people ahead of you as you are queued up. Be ready to enter the Dodo code within a minute after receiving it.
    • After arriving on the island, you should stay in the queue and click ‘Leave Queue’ once you leave the island.
    • Make sure to follow the rules that have been created by your host if you have any in the description.