ACNH Flower Breeding Guide Layout

Growing hybrid flowers with colors and having the ability to breed the flowers are one of the interesting features that you will find in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. What makes this ability so inviting to do is that the hybrid flowers cannot be commonly found or bought in the game.

If you want to breed the flowers, you can buy the various seeds from Nook’s Cranny or Leif. Aside from that, you can also find the native flowers which are naturally blooming in the higher elevations of the player’s island or even dig and pick from various random islands which can be found with the Nook Miles tickets.

ACNH Flower Breeding Guide Layout1

The most important thing when you want to breed the flowers or hybrid flowers is to ensure choosing the great layout. With a great selection of the layout, you definitely can grow the hybrid flowers in a clear area. So, you can pick the common flowers and hybrid flowers correctly.

This post will recommend some best layouts that you can use for growing and breeding the hybrid flowers. If you’re interested in breeding the hybrid flowers, let’s apply one of the layouts shown in our post below!

Choosing Best Layout for Breeding Flowers

There are a bunch of layouts that you can apply when you want to breed the flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Here are they:

    • Small Square Layout

Small Square Layout

The first layout choice is great for you to breed the hybrid flowers. You may already know that hybrids require flowers of the same color such as black roses. We think this layout can be repeated as long as the other flowers are of different varieties.

    • Turtle Layout

Turtle Layout

This layout will be great if you breed the flowers which require the same pattern. This turtle layout can be repeated infinitely, however, it can provide far more hybrids. But, this layout may take a long time to water.

    • Grid Layout

Grid Layout

The Groid Layout has the same usage as the 2×2 square patterns which are shown above. This layout will be great for breeding the flowers which requires two parent flowers of the same color. Because this is a grid, you can repeat this pattern until you run out of the flowers or space.

Aside from a 2×2 grid, you can also breed two flowers by placing them next to each other in a 2×1 grid. With this layout, the hybrid flowers will grow directly below the two flowers. The last option, you can also use the 3×3 grid layout to breed the hybrid flower. With a 3×3 grod, you definitely will gain a hybrid colored flower in the middle of the layout.

    • Pair Layout

Pair Layout

We think that this layout can be applied for the hybrid flowers which require  parents of two different colors. So, you just simply place the two parents beside each  other and water them, so you can breed them well.

    • Offset Grid Layout

Offset Grid Layout

This breeding layout is similar to the Grid Layout, however this is much more manageable for one person. The functions of this layout is just like the grid, but there is extra room for more hybrid flowers.

    • Clone Layout

Clone Layout

This breeding flowers layout is such a pattern which can be used to clone hybrids by putting them in a grid while they do not touch. However, it’s especially helpful for rarer hybrids which are hard to breed normally, just like Blue Roses.

    • Diamond Pattern

Diamond Pattern

Just like most layouts as we’ve mentioned above, this layout is also beneficial for breeding hybrid flowers in New Horizons that require two parents of different colors. You must be careful to not place flowers in a checkerboard styled pattern, because it will be less efficient if you put them that way.

Well, those are some layouts that you can choose to breed the hybrid flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Make sure to choose the great one based on your needs.

Breeding the Flowers, Here’s the Guide!

If you want to succeed in breeding the hybrid flowers, make sure to prepare all things you will need. Of course, there’s a great method to breed the hybrid flowers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Let’s follow the guides to gain the gorgeous hybrid flowers!

Step 1: Buy the Flower Seeds

To breed the flowers, you certainly should have the flower seeds. You can purchase the flower seeds from Nook’s Cranny or from Leif’s Garden Shop. If you buy flowers at the shop, you are guaranteed to get the hybrid flower color you want, as opposed to getting flowers that grow on your island.

Alternatively, if you cannot get the flower seeds you want, you can also get the flowers which grow natively on your island to breed the hybrid flowers. Well, this method is much easier than growing the flowers from seeds. When you try to use a cross-pollination method, you will have a chance to gain the hybrid flowers you want. For example, to gain a Pink Rose, you can cross pollinate a Red Rose and a White Rose from seeds.

Step 2: Prepare a Breeding Area

After finding the flower seeds you want, you can then prepare a specific area for breeding your flowers. Certainly, this is a great idea for flower breeding, so you can better keep your flower growth process easily and efficiently. Moreover, you can decide what layout for breeding flowers that you will use.

Step 3: Plant the Flowers

There are at least two ways of growing a new flower, they are pairing two flowers beside each other and breeding and having one single flower reproduce itself.

If you choose to pair two flowers next to each other, two adjacent flowers will form a pair together and produce an offspring in an adjacent space. After two flowers are paired, they won’t pair with other nearby flowers.

Step 4: Water the Flowers

Make sure to water the flowers with a watering can to make buds growing into flowers and nearby flowers to bloom. You need to water the flowers at least once a day in order to grow them well.

That’s it! Breeding the hybrid flowers is pretty easy to do, isn’t it?

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