ACNH Shooting Stars Two Nights in a Row

The Shooting Stars event may be the thing that you are waiting for in Animal Crossing New Horizons. But, can it happen two nights in a row? If it can happen two nights in a row, you may be able to collect Star Fragments more.

The Occurrence of Shooting Stars in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Can Shooting stars happen two nights in a row? There is no information whether it is possible it happens two nights in a row or not. However, according to IGN Celeste will inform players about shooting stars and meteor showers. Celeste may make her appearance in the evenings on a random day in your town. Usually, she will come when the night sky is clear or there has been an announcement that a meteor shower will take place during the night.

According to Fanbyte, a way to know in advance whether there is a meteor shower to wish upon or not, you are able to check Isabelle and Tom Nook because they can inform you if they will happen. You are able to check in with them every day.

In Sportskeeda, it is explained that shooting stars can happen randomly. Nevertheless, you are able to note that if the night is clear and there are no clouds, there is a possibility that you can find shooting stars.

ACNH Shooting Stars Two Nights in a Row

Making A Wish to The Shooting Stars in Animal Crossing New Horizons

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, a meteor shower or shooting stars is an event which takes place where meteors or shooting stars shower the sky. In this event, as a player, you are able to wish upon one to get a gift.

In the Animal Crossing New Horizons, shooting stars only appear after 7 PM. When it happens, usually the sky is clear and it will be clear of clouds. If there is a shooting star, there will be a ding sound. How to wish upon a shooting star? You are able to do that by looking up at the sky by using the right joystick and hitting A. According to Animal Crossing Wiki, you are not able to make a wish if you have a tool in-hand. If you are able to make a wish successfully, then there will be a louder sound when the star flares. If there are buildings or trees which block the sky, you do not have to worry because you are still able to make wishes.

Then, the next day, you are able to find star fragments on the beach in random places like seashells. You are able to find up to 20 star fragments which are washed up on the beach if you wished on at least 20 stars. However, it is important for you to know that not all of the star fragments may appear at a time. Some of them may appear if the first star fragments have been picked up by you.

If you also had guests wishing on stars, there may be up to an additional 20 star fragments which spawn at a rate of 1 extra fragment per 4 wishes, up to 100. If there is a visitor who makes a wish, there will be a star fragment which appears on the beaches of their own island.

Why Do We Have to Watch Shooting Stars in Animal Crossing New Horizons

There are some reasons why you have to watch this event. The first reason is for getting Star Fragments. If you wish on a shooting star or a lot of them, you are able to make sure the meteors land on your island. Then, in the next day, you will find that Star Fragments are washed up on the shore like seashells. Star Fragments can be found depending on the number of shooting stars that you wished upon.

Star Fragments come in a lot of different varieties. They are rare crafting materials. Some normal Star Fragments and some Large Star Fragments can be earned during any meteor shower.

Another reason why you have to watch shooting stars event in this game is because it will count towards the Nook Miles+ Program challenges which translates into a bunch of Nook Miles and six title keywords. To complete all three challenges, it takes 200 wishes.

Some Recipes To Make Using Star Fragments

Star fragments that you earn from shooting star events can be made into several things and here they are.

    • Magic Wand

Magic Wand

Three Star Fragments and one Large Star Fragment are needed.

    • Bamboo Wand

Bamboo Wand

Six Young Spring Bamboo and three Star Fragments are needed.

    • Cherry-Blossom Wand

Cherry-Blossom Wand

You need three Cherry-Blossom Petals and three Star Fragments.

    • Bunny Day Wand

Bunny Day Wand

Three Star Fragments and one Wobbling Zipper Toy  are needed.

    • Ice Wand

Ice Wand

You need one Large Snowflake and three Star Fragments.

    • Wedding Wand

Wedding Wand

One Wedding Flower Stand and three Star Fragments are needed.

    • Mushroom Wand

Mushroom Wand

You need three Skinny Mushrooms and three Star Fragments.

    • Shell Wand

Shell Wand

You need three Summer Shells and three Star Fragments.

    • Spooky Wand

Spooky Wand

You need one Spooky Lantern and three Star Fragments.

    • Tree-branch Wand

Tree-branch Wand

You need five Tree Branches and three Star Fragments.

    • Iron Wand

Iron Wand

You need three Iron Nuggets and three Star Fragments.

    • Golden Wand

Golden Wand

You need two Gold Nuggets and three Star Fragments.

    • Cosmos Wand

Cosmos Wand

You need one White Cosmos and three Star Fragments.

    • Hyacinth Wand

Hyacinth Wand

You need one Pink Hyacinth and three Star Fragments.

    • Lily Wand

Lily Wand

One White Lily and three Star Fragments are needed.

    • Mums Wand

Mums Wand

You need one Yellow Mum and three Star Fragments.

    • Pansy Wand

Pansy Wand

You need one Yellow Pansy and three Star Fragments.

    • Rose Wand

Rose Wand

You need one Red Rose and three Star Fragments.

    • Tulip Wand

Tulip Wand

You need one Red Tulip and three Star Fragments.

    • Windflower Wand

Windflower Wand

You need one Orange Windflower and three Star Fragments.

Besides Star Fragments, you are also able to gather special Zodiac Fragments after you wish on stars. The fragments are able to be taken to Celeste which will prompt her to tell a story about the Zodiac sign and a recipe for a piece of Zodiac Furniture such as Aries Rocking Chair, Cancer Table, Capricorn Ornament, Gemini Closet and many more.

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