ACNH 20 Junglecore Island Ideas

In this post, we are going to share 20 Junglecore Island ideas for Animal crossing New Horizons. If you need some inspiration, here are several great ideas to get you started.

ACNH 20 Junglecore Island Ideas

Here are 20 Junglecore Island ideas for ACNH:

  1. Rustic Jungle Huts

Rustic Jungle Huts

Here is a fun method to get your villagers involved in a jungle theme. You are able to start by moving your favorite villager through the lush jungle. To change your home into a jungle pavilion, you have to install supports of a wooden straw pattern on the sides.

  1. Bamboo Bath

Bamboo Bath

Bring the jungle inside, and just relax in a hot spring bath with this hot model. You are able to start with botanical wallpaper and stone tiles in the corner for the bathroom. Also, you are able to decorate your bathroom outside and purchase items.

  1. Custom Bamboo Bridge

Custom Bamboo Bridge

With this idea, easily you are able to form one from the ground up. Also, you are able to put specially designed jungle paths on your land deck to match your jungle trees. You will be able to make the addition of the bamboo dividers on each side of this deck.

  1. Picnic In The Rainforest

Picnic In The Rainforest

If dark wooded areas are not your favorite, then you are able to try a colorful tropical paradise. On several of these islands you will be able to plant coconut palms for adding the aesthetic. Please surround the trees with your favorite tropical flowers.

  1. Jungle Canopy

Jungle Canopy

Do you want to swing from tree to tree with monkeys like Tarzan? This idea is simple enough and seems very cool. So, you are able to try it. The first step is to select a place on your island and surround it completely with all types of trees like bamboo, cedars, hardwoods, and palms. Build rocks which snake between the trees, and specially designed paths which look like jungle bridges.

  1. Wildlife sanctuary

Wildlife sanctuary

Animals are a crucial part of any natural way of life. You have to do everything in your power to protect animals. So, you are able to try creating this protected area by building a small jungle of trees around your camping island. Also, you are able to make custom mud trails. In addition, you are able to purchase search instruments.

  1. Garden Cascade

Garden Cascade

The waterfalls are nice. There are lots of ways to make pretty jungle-themed waterfalls. You are able to start it by making one waterfall to create several if you like. They are able to be as small as the image or as big as Niagara Falls. Please fill the area with the trees and flowers. This player played with bamboo, purple hyacinths, purple and green chrysanthemums.

  1. Flamingo Paradise

Flamingo Paradise

You are able to make a flamingo paradise in some simple steps. Start with landscaping to make rivers, waterfalls and rocks. After that, purchase a bunch of flamingos, and place them all over your waterfall. Lastly, build several bamboo speakers and play those tunes.

  1. Rainforest market

Rainforest market

If you want to build a large market, you have to create cliffs for multi-story buildings. Please install simple supports and panels which you set up to resemble wooden buildings. You are able to put some of the items you sell on the counters. On the right, you are going to see a small market canteen.

  1. Ritual Stone Circle

Ritual Stone Circle

Select a secluded wooded area on your island to place your stones. When you have got Gulliver’s Stonehenge model, just go straight ahead and then place it in the tree circle. Also, you are able to add custom stone paths leading to the stage if you want a walking path to take someone there.

  1. Warm Spring Buffer

Warm Spring Buffer

You are able to set up your museum in an area surrounded by cliffs. Please plant lots of palm trees and bamboo. Also, there should be weeds growing in the area. Now, you are able to decorate the area with other stone structures such as the Stonehenge, high lantern, high garden stone, and normal garden stone.

  1. Inside drum circle

Inside drum circle

To install this simple junglecore island idea, you are able to start with a jungle wallpaper. You will need party drums, pans, tambourines, pots, maracas and an ocarina. Do not forget several pillows for everyone to sit on.

  1. Jungle Island Camping

Jungle Island Camping

For real camping, you have to plant many coconut palms and flowers. Then, you will need a baby tent and a campfire. Finally, you are ready to live on an island again.

  1. Jungle Fountain entrance

Jungle Fountain entrance

You are able to start by making a small clearing in front of the entrance to the island. Make some paths in the clearing. After that, make a fountain and some wooden deck chairs to sit on and enjoy the view.

  1. Prehistoric rainforest

Prehistoric rainforest

If you are not past the dinosaur stage yet, this is the jungle idea that you have been waiting for. Please put dinosaurs in the jungle. We really like that you do not see the whole picture with the fossils. Actually, it is hidden among the trees.

  1. Jungle Bungalow

Jungle Bungalow

To make this design, you are able to start with a bamboo wallpaper and jungle floor. Also, you will need to get some statues with stone heads and place them on the side of the room. Please add a bamboo wall between the sculptures and several bamboo wall decorations.

  1. Tropical Beach

Tropical Beach

To make this idea, make a high level where you are going to place your camp. Please install wooden walkways all around and then build a wooden staircase to this level. Around the rocks, you have to place beds and bamboo partitions to create wooden tree house walls.

  1. Village Camping

Village Camping

Please make a high level where you are going to place your camp. Then, install wooden walkways. Build a wooden staircase to this level. Around the rocks, you have to place raised beds and bamboo partitions.

  1. Rainforest camp

Rainforest camp

To create this idea, you will need custom shelving which looks like the outside, and shelving to go behind it. The counters will accommodate many plants, books or animals that can be seen through the windows. Please set your table with a wedding cake, tea set and unglazed ceramic dinnerware at the campsite.

  1. Secret Temple

Secret Temple

To do this, you have to make different height levels. Please start by making custom paths between the stone arches to begin your quest. Then you come to somersaulting over small cliffs, surrounded by deadly nail barriers.