Where to Find Mussels ACNH

Mussel is a common sea creature that has a medium shadow size. Just like other sea creatures, you can use it for any purpose. The most benefit of Mussel is to increase your profit by selling it at Nook’s Cranny for 1,500 Bells. Since the Mussel can add your Bells, you may need an easy guide of how to find it in Animal Crossing.

Finding the Mussel is pretty easy to do, as it’s one of the sea creatures, so you can find it at the bottom of the sea. Sure, it may take some extra ways to find Mussel. If you need a guide, you can learn on our guide where to find Mussels and to catch them in the game below!

Where to Find Mussels?

Where to Find Mussels1

Since they are sea creatures, you definitely can find them under the sea. To ease you find Mussels, there are a few indicators to identify which creature you are looking for. By looking at ‘Bubbles’, it can be a good indicator to find them. In other words, ‘Bubbles’ are a great indicator to find them.

The bubbles will appear above the water. There are three types of bubbles that will appear above the water including:

    • Three bubbles indicate a small sea creature
    • Four bubbles indicate a medium sea creature
    • A continuous stream of bubbles indicates a large sea creature

In fact, the Mussel and other sea creatures can be indicated from shore before you go diving into the bottom of the sea. You can see the number of bubbles at any one time, based on the size of the creature. Because Mussel is a medium shadow sea creature, you should notice the four bubbles that appear above the water.

How to Get Mussels?

Just like other sea creatures, the only one way to get Mussel is by diving to the bottom of the sea. You can enter the sea after identifying the four bubbles from the shore, as it indicates where the mussel is located.

Before you enter the sea, you may need to equip your wetsuit. You can get a wetsuit from Nook’s Cranny Shopping or by exchanging Nook Miles. To go diving, you do not need a Snorkel, as it has no effect on the amount of time that you can stay underwater.

After you equip your wetsuit, you can press the ‘A’ button to go swimming into the ocean. While you are diving around, you can go near the Bubbles by pressing the ‘Y’ button. You can then start to get close to the Mussel by seeing the shadow of the sea creature.

Keep in mind, the Mussels can be found in a medium shadow size by moving your Right Stick. So, you can continue swimming towards it while diving to catch the Mussel. To stay underwater, you only have approximately 10 seconds, so you can try to swim as quickly as possible.

Where to Find Mussels ACNH

To catch the Mussel, you have to approach to touch the shadow. You can press the ‘Y’ button to swim into the ocean. Afterwards, you finally catch the Mussel easily. That’s it! You successfully get the Mussel in the bottom of the sea. So, getting the mussel is quite easy to do, isn’t it?

What’s the Mussel For in Animal Crossing?

Here’s a list of what you can do with Mussel in Animal Crossing!

    1. Sell for 1,500 Bells at Nook’s Cranny

The most benefit of Mussel and other sea creatures is to increase your profit. That means you can sell it at Nook’s Cranny for 1,500 Bells, so it will add you to more Bells. So, if you already have a Mussel on your hand, you can then bring it to Nook’s Cranny to sell it. Then, you will earn 1,500 Bells. Unlike the fish, you cannot sell the Mussel to CJ for extra cash that is summer.

    1. Donate the Mussel to Museum

In addition to selling the Mussel at Nook’s Cranny, you can also donate it to Blathers. But, you may need to open the museum first by donating five bugs or fish to Tom Nook. Once you’ve made five donations, Blathers will arrive and open themuseum.

After the museum is already open, you just simply visit Blathers to donate to Mussel. When you talk to him, make sure to choose the ‘Make a donation’ option. Once choosing the option, you can then donate the Mussel to the museum. So, you can also donate multiple items to Blathers at the same time.

You should know that donating sea creatures, fossils, bugs and fish is a great option for you, because it may take out a while to find another one. Of course, you may not want to miss this important addition to the museum and possibly should wait a couple of months to add it in.

    1. As A Decoration

You can also use the Mussel as a decoration to beautify your home. To do so, you just simply place the Mussel in your specific room at your home or on your island. In fact, many players attempt to decorate their homes with sea creatures, as they deliver  the unique appearance placed out in the open.

Here’s A List of All Sea Creatures in Animal Crossing!

Sea Creature Cost Time to Catch
Seaweed 600 All day
Sea grapes 900 All day
Sea cucumber 500 All day
Sea pig 10,000 4 p.m. – 9 a .m.
Sea star 500 All day
Sea urchin 1,700 All day
Slate pencil urchin 2,000 4 p.m. – 9 a.m.
Sea anemone 500 All day
Moon jellyfish 600 All day
Sea slug 600 All day
Pearl oyster 2,800 All day
Mussel 1,500 All day
Oyster 1,100 All day
Scallop 1,200 All day
Whelk 1,000 All day
Turban shell 1,000 All day
Abalone 2,000 4 p.m. – 9 a.m.
Gigas giant clam 15,000 All day
Chambered nautilus 1,800 4 p.m. – 9 a.m.
Octopus 1,200 All day
Umbrella octopus 6,000 All day
Vampire squid 10,000 4 p.m. – 9 a.m.
Firefly squid 1,400 9 p.m. – 4 a.m.
Gazami crab 2,200 All day
Dungeoness crab 1,900 All day
Snow crab 6,000 All day
Red king crab 8,000 All day
Acorn barnacle 600 All day
Spider crab 12,000 All day
Tiger prawn 3,000 4 p.m. – 9 a.m.
Sweet shrimp 1,400 4 p.m. – 9 a.m.
Mantis shrimp 2,500 4 p.m. – 9 a.m.
Spiny Lobster 5,000 9 p.m. – 4 a.m.
Lobster 4,500 All day
Giant isopod 12,000 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., 9 p.m. – 4 a.m.
Horseshoe crab 2,500 9 p.m. – 4 a.m.
Sea pineapple 1,500 All day
Spotted garden eel 1,100 4 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Flatworm 700 4 p.m. – 9 a.m.
Venus’ flower basket 5,000 All day

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