How to Catch Turban Shell ACNH

In Animal Crossing, you will find hundreds of creatures under the sea. You can add the sea creatures to your collection. Then, you can either sell them or donate them to the museum. One of the sea creatures that you can find at the bottom of the sea is the Turban Shell.

Just like other sea creatures, you may need some extra ways to find them until you can use them for any purpose. Then, how to get the Turban Shell in Animal Crossing? No worries! We’ll show you a guide of how to get the Turnal Shell through our post below!

How to Catch Turban Shell ACNH

Here’s How to Catch a Turban Shell!

The only one way to catch Turban Shell is by diving into the bottom of the sea. However, it may be hard for you if you do swimming to catch a Turban  Shell. In the case of catching the Turban Shell, you may also need to know the specific time where the Turban Shell will appear.

Before you do diving to catch the Turban Shell, there are some steps that you should take, here are they:

    1. Equip your suit

All you have to do before you go diving is to make sure you equip your diving suit first. After equipping your diving suit, you can then press the ‘A’ button to go diving into the ocean and go near the Bubbles.

    1. Approach the sea creature

When you go diving, you can start approaching the sea creature. Keep in mind, the Turban Shell can be found in a medium shadow size. So, you may need to swim above the shadow by moving your Right Stick.

    1. Go Diving into the deep sea

After you are near or right on the top of the sea creature, you can then press the ‘Y’ button to go diving into the ocean. Well, you will be able to catch the Turban Shell easily.

Congratulations! You successfully catch the Turban Shell in the bottom of the sea. Afterwards, you can sell them or donate them to the museum. Catching the Turban Shell by diving in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is pretty easy, isn’t it?

Now, it’s a great time for you to start catching the Turban Shell and in the next you can do what you want to do with the Turban Shell.

What Can You Do with a Turban Shell?

Turban Shell ACNH

As we have mentioned, there are some purposes that you can do with Turban Shell  including sell them at Nook’s Cranny, donate to Blathers and only add to your collection.

If you already have the Turban Shell, you can then sell it at Nook’s Cranny for 200 Bells. Unlike the fish, you cannot sell any kind of sea creatures to CJ for extra cash that is summer. To sell the Turban Shell to Nook’s Cranny, you just simply bring it to Nook’s Cranny and you will earn a certain amount of Bells based on the price of Turban Shell.

If you prefer to donate Turban Shell to Blathers, you only need to visit Blathers at the museum. However, you may need to open the Museum first. To open the Museum, you will have to donate five bugs or fish to Tom Nook. After you have made five donations, Blathers will arrive and set up his tent.

After talking to him in his tent, you will learn that Blathers will need 15 more donations before he will open the museum. Those donations can be various fossils, bugs, sea creatures and also fish.

Once you already have the museum to open, you just simply visit Blathers to donate Turban Shell. When speaking with him, you can choose the option that says ‘Make a donation’. After choosing the option, you can then donate Turban Shell. Aside from one Turban Shell, you can also donate multiple items at the same time.

In fact, donating sea creatures, bugs, fish or fossils can be a great option for every Animal Crossing player, as it may take out a while to find another one. Sure, you will not miss an important addition to the Museum and possibly need to wait a couple of months to add it in.

Another option to use Turban Shell is as a decoration. If you want to decorate your own home with sea creatures, you can only place a Turban Shell in a specific room or a certain room on your island. In fact, a lot of Animal Crossing players have placed the sea creatures as their home decoration to deliver a unique appearance when they are placed out in the open.

When Will Turban Shell Appear?

Just like other sea creatures, Turban Shell will also appear at specific timing. In New Horizons, the Turban Shell can be found by diving into the water with diving gear. Here’s when the Turban Shell can be found:

    • Northern Hemisphere: March through May, September through December
    • Southern Hemisphere: March through June, September through November

If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, you will have more times to catch it including on September, October, November, December and then March, April and May. If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, you only have time from March, April, May, June and then September, October and November.

Fortunately, there’s no specific time that you have to adhere to. So, you’re able to catch the Turban Shell in Animal  Crossing New Horizons all day.

How to Identify the Turban Shell in Animal Crossing?

Fortunately, to ease you finding the Turban Shell and other sea creatures, there are a bunch of indicators which creature you are looking at or looking for. One of the indicators is the ‘bubbles’ that can be seen above the water.

Moreover, the Turban Shell and other sea creatures can be identified from shore before you even enter the ocean. Well, the good first indicator to identify the Turban Shell is from the number of bubbles you can see at any one time, based on the size of the creature.

In this case, three bubbles mean a small sea creature, four bubbles mean a medium sea creature and a continuous stream of bubbles means a large sea creature. Since the Turban Shell is a medium sea creature, you should pay attention to the four bubbles that appear above the water.

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