Where to Buy Graceful OSRS

A lot of OSRS fans are wondering where they can buy Graceful outfit. However, the effect of the Graceful outfit becomes the main reason why they’re very ambitious to have this perfect outfit. Whereas, buying this outfit can be performed at only one store. Then, where to buy the Graceful set on OSRS?

Well, Graceful outfit can only be purchased from Grace’s Graceful Clothing store which is located in the Rogues’ Den under The Toad and Chicken Inn in Burthorpe. Grace is only one seller who sells the Graceful outfit. So, you can easily visit Grace store if you really want to get the Graceful set.

Grace’s Graceful Clothing store

What Will You Get From Grace?

Aside from selling the Graceful outfit, Grace’s store actually sells packs of amylase crystal that you can use to create stamina potions in Helbore. One pack amylase crystal contains 100 amylase crystals which cost 10 marks of grace which can create 25 stamina potions combined with super energy potions.

She also runs her store to exchange marks of graces which are earned by participating in rooftop agility courses for parts of the Graceful clothing set. However, it reduces weight and amylase packs which contain 100 amylase crystals combined with super energy potions in creating stamina potions.

She can also count the number of laps which have been performed by the players on any of the agility or rooftop courses in the game. For the Prifddinas Agility Course, it’s missing in her count although the course counts laps in chat. Well, you can also speak to her to silence or re-enable the lap counter for agility courses.

Here’s what Grace sells in detail:

Item Stock Restock Time Price Sold at Price Bought at Weight Reduction Reduction (kg/)
Graceful hood 100 0.6 second 35 28 -3 kg -0.086 kg/
Graceful cape 100 0.6 second 40 32 -4 kg -0.100 kg/
Graceful top 100 0.6 second 55 44 -5 kg -0.091 kg/
Graceful legs 100 0.6 second 60 48 -6 kg -0.100 kg/
Graceful gloves 100 0.6 second 30 24 -3 kg -0.100 kg/
Graceful boots 100 0.6 second 40 32 -4 kg -0.100 kg/
Amylase pack 1000 0.6 second 10 8


    • Sells at: 100.0%
    • Buys at: 80.0%
    • Change per: 0.0%

Here’s for the effectiveness of Graceful set:

Because boots of lightness are free to get and also provide a greater weight reduction than graceful boots, sure, it’s recommended for you to use those until you have every other piece of Graceful outfit.

In addition, the spotted cape or spottier cape can be reliable alternatives for the Graceful cape, providing you have the required hunter level. While the penance gloves are a glove alternative even providing a higher weight reduction (-4.5 kg) as compared to  the Graceful -gloves (-3). The Graceful pieces that you should buy in a row, legs, hood, top, cape, boots and last gloves.

Here’s a list of Amylase product that Grace sells:

Item Members Skills XP Materials
Stamina potion(1) Star-Member 77 25.5 1 x Super energy (1)

1 x Amylase crystal

Stamina potion(2) Star-Member 77 51

1 x Super energy (2)

2 x Amylase crystal

Stamina potion(3) Star-Member 77 76.5 1 x Super energy (3)

3 x Amylase crystal

Stamina potion(4) Star-Member 77 102

1 x Super energy (4)

4 x Amylase crystal

How to create a stamina potion?

One amylase crystal will create a single dose of stamina potion from a  super energy (1). As such, four amylase crystals will be required to produce a stamina potion (4) from a super energy (4). One crystal will be required per dose and grant 25.5 Herblore experience each. Amylase crystals can also be purchased from Grace, in the form of an amylase pack.

How to Buy Graceful Outfit from Grace?

The only one way to purchase Graceful outfit is by spending around 260 marks of grace that you’ve collected through the Rootfoot course and Agility course. With 260 marks of grace, you’re able to get a whole Graceful set. Sure, each piece will cost differently.

So, if your marks of grace are enough to buy a Graceful set, you can then continue to buy it from Grace’s store that you can find in the Rogues’ Den.

What Can You Do with Graceful Outfit?

As you know that Graceful outfit can be used for training skills and quests where it can give you energy restoration and additional bonus. If you’re wearing the Graceful in set, it can add up to 20% run energy bonus with an additional 10% bonus, matching the previous 30% bonus.

Meanwhile, if you’re wearing some pieces of Graceful outfit including the cape, hood, boots and glove, it will add an individual 3% bonus, and then the legs and the top can give 4% each. The total of the individual piece is around 20%, however, the set effect will add another  10%, increasing the total 30%.

Aside from using Graceful outfit for increasing energy restoration and additional bonus, you can also recolor this outfit with another color to look more gorgeous. Of course, in order to recolor your Graceful outfit, there are multiple requirements you should complete, they are:

    • Obtain 100% favor with any house in Zeah
    • Talk to Osten found in the Shayzien House in Great Kourend
    • Prepare 15 Marks of grace
    • Buy certain colors

You should talk to Osten first located in  the Shayzien House in Great Kourend. Before you’re able to recolor this outfit, make sure to get 100% favor with any house in Zeah. Once talking to Osten, he will recolor your Graceful outfit. Each piece of Graceful outfit will cost 15 Marks of Grace. You can also add 90 marks of grace if you want to recolor a whole Graceful set.

However, if you do not like a color which was given by Osten in recolor your Graceful outfit, you can also ask him to return your outfit to the default look. Somehow, you will not get a refund and recoloring  your Graceful outfit again will cost the same number of 15 marks. Of course, there are multiple choices of colors that you can select to recolor your Graceful outfit. Make sure to choose your favorite color.