How to Get Slayer Helmet OSRS

When you are playing OSRS, you will find a helmet called Slayed Helmet. If you wear the helmet, it will give you bonuses based on what Slayer equipment that you combine to create it. Statistically, the Slayer Helmet will increase your defense against stab, crush, slash and also ranged weapons while decreasing your defense to magic.

Considering the Slayer Helmet actually has some benefits when worn, certainly every OSRS player may attempt to look for an easy way to get a Slayer Helmet. So, how to get the Slayer Helmet easily? To know the way, let’s see our post below!

Getting the Slayer Helmet Easily, Here’s How!

How to Get Slayer Helmet OSRS

The only one way to get the Slayer Helmet is by crafting it. Sure, in order to craft the Slayer Helmet, you will have to unlock the ability to craft it. Well, the ability to craft it can be bought at any Slayer master in the game in return for 400 Slayer Points. After purchasing the ability to craft it, you can then gather a few items to craft your new helmet.

In the case of crafting the Slayer Helmet, make sure you’re already at level 55 Crafting. Sure, this is the required level to make the Slayer Helmet. So, if you want to craft the Slayer Helmet, you need to go to the nearest Slayer master.

In this place, you can buy these following items to craft the Slayer Helmet:

    • Earmuffs (Banshee protection)
    • Facemask (Smoke Dungeon protection)
    • Nose Peg (Aberrant Spectre protection)
    • Spiny Helmet (Wall Beast protection)
    • Enchanted Gem (Tracks your Slayer tasks)

Need to know, all of those combined only cost a few coins. Then, you need to buy a Black Mask as the last item that you will need. The Black Mask can be bought from the GE or also dropped by Cave Horrors (1/512 rate).

Well, those masks will be pretty expensive, however they provide the 16.67% Attack and Strength Boost on Slayer Tasks. Alternatively, you can also use the imbued version. With all of those items available in your inventory and the ability to craft Slayer Helmets purchased, you can then start creating the Slayer Helmet.

To create the Slayer Helmet, you just simply right-click any of those items and then use it on another in your inventory. Well, the Slayer Helmet will be crafted now.

The Benefit of Each Item for Crafting Slayer Helmet

Here’s the usage of each item that you can use to create Slayer Helmet:

    • A Black Mask: It will provide a 16.67% boost to melee damage and accuracy against your current Slayer task. However, this mask will lose all of its charges if a black mask with charges is used to craft a Slayer Helmet. It can also give an additional 15% boost to Ranged and Magic damage and accuracy.
    • A pair of earmuffs: It will deafen the screams of banshees.
    • A facemask: It will allow you to breathe in the Smoke Dungeon and Smoke Devil Dungeon.
    • A nose peg: It will block the stench of aberrant spectres.
    • A spiny helmet: It can protect you from wall beasts when traversing the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.
    • An enchanted gem: It will allow you to contact your Slayer master to ask for the tips or check your kills on your assignment. You can right click the helmet to obtain some choices as right-clicking an enchanted gem including your Slayer monster kill log and checking your task progress. In this case, an eternal gem is not possible to use.
    • A pair of reinforced goggles: It will allow you to fight Sourhogs, after completion of A Porcine of Interest.

Okay, those are the benefits that each item to craft the Slayer Helmet will offer to you.

Taking the Slayer Points to Unlock Slayer Helmet

You should know that the Slayer points are often hard to get early on your Slayer training. Sure, there are a lot of other upgrades that require points, some of them are more useful. Many players suggest starting Slayer straight away. It is much faster to quest and level up your battle skills before taking the Slayer tasks. It will also assist you to complete tasks as quickly as possible.

If you really want to have your helmet, you can abuse the point reward system slightly to get 400 much quicker. After completing every 10th, 50th, 100th, 250th and 1000th task, you will get bonus Slayer points. Those points are based on the Slayer master who granted you the task. In this case, the higher level the master, the more points you will get.

Firstly, you should complete four tasks before starting to receive points. Then, you can use the Slayer Master Mazchna in Canifis until you complete your 9th task. Need to know, the Mazchna’s tasks are commonly short and easy. You can then use the highest Slayer master you can for your 10th task and the bonus points.

For instance, you will get 2 points per task from Mazchna and also receive 50 points after completing your 10th task with Chaeldar in Zanaris. By doing this, it will give you a total of 70 points per 10 tasks. It means that you can get enough points to unlock the Slayer Helmet within roughly 60 tasks including the first four which do not award points.

Slayer Helmet’s Variants

After you’ve successfully unlocked the Slayer Helmet, you may want to get more variants of this helmet. Sure, you can recolor your Slayer Helmet with 1,000 Slayer points and the right items. In this case, most items that are required are rare drops from a variety of bosses.

For each recolor, you will need 1,000 Slayer points. So five variants will cost a total of 5,000 points. Here’s a list of estimated drop rates for each Slayer Helmet variant:

    • Black Slayer Helmet
      Black Slayer Helmet: It requires KBD Heads, meaning 1/128 drop rate from King Black Dragon.
    • Green Slayer Helmet
      Green Slayer Helmet: It requires KQ Head, meaning 1/128 drop rate from Kalphite Queen.
    • Red Slayer Helmet
      Red Slayer Helmet: It requires the Abyssal Head, meaning 1/6,000 drop rate from Abyssal Demons  and 1/1,280 drop rate from Abyssal Sire.
    • Purple Slayer Helmet
      Purple Slayer Helmet: It requires the Dark Claw, meaning 1/25 drop rate from Skotizo.
    • Turquoise Slayer Helmet
      Turquoise Slayer Helmet: It requires the Vorkath’s Head, meaning 1/50 drop rate from Vorkath.

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