The Fastest Way to Get 400 Slayer Points in OSRS

The Slayer Points are basically used to unlock the ability to craft the Slayer Helmet. The ability to craft it can be purchased at any Slayer Master for 400 Slayer Points. In order to get the number of the Slayer Points, you will need to complete a number of  tasks.

Unfortunately, some tasks will offer you a low amount of Slayer points. Well, to get 400 Slayer Points can be a long journey that you should pass. But, there is a certain task that will give you the higher amount of Slayer Points, so you will easily get 400 Slayer points faster. So, what’s the task to do? Let’s check it out!

Getting 400 Slayer Points Faster with the Mazchna Task, Here’s the Guide!

There are at least eight tasks that you should complete in order to get the Slayer Points. However, each task will give you different Slayer Points either with a very short task or also with a very long task to do. So, which task should you choose to get Slayer Points faster?

We think you should take a consideration of taking a very short and fast task to complete that will give you the sufficient amount of Slayer Points, compared to taking a very long task, though it offers you the high amount of the Slayer Points. By taking a very short and easy task, it will give you a big chance to get the Slayer Points faster.

One of the Slayer tasks that promisingly gives you the sufficient amount of Slayer Points is Mazchna Task. This is the second-to-low level Slayer master that will give you any tasks to you with a Combat level of 20 and above.

Mazchna Task

Mazchna can be found in north-eastern Canifis

Mazchna can be found in north-eastern Canifis. To find him, make sure you have completed the Priest in Peril quest. He is known for offering the Slayer tasks close to his area. His tasks are relatively easy and ideal for you with lower combat levels.

Mazchna also has a unique sword and is also wearing an adamant platebody with what appears to be cloth sleeves, neither of which can be obtained by players. If you get the Slayer task from Mazchna, it means you get a task from the Morytania Easy Diary.

Well, the Slayer Points that you will get after completing Mazchna’s Slayer task is based on how many tasks that you have completed in a row. If you complete a task that is assigned by Mazchna, it will give you following amount of Slayer Points:

    • Every task: 2 Slayer Points
    • Every 10th: 5 Slayer Points
    • Every 50th: 15 Slayer Points
    • Every 100th: 50 Slayer Points
    • Every 250th: 70 Slayer Points
    • Every 1,000th: 100 Slayer Points

Here’s a list of Mazchna’s tasks to complete:

Monster Amount Unlock requirement Alternative(s) Weight
Banshee 40-70 15, 20, completion of Priest in Peril Twisted Banshee 8
Bat 40-70 5 Giant bat 7
Bears 40-70 13 Grizzly bear cub, Bear cub, Grizzly bear, Callisto 6
Catablepon 20-30 35 None 8
Cave bugs 10-20 7 None 8
Cave crawlers 40-70 10 ,   10 None 8
Cave slime 10-20 17 ,   15 None 8
Cockatrice 40-70 25 ,  25,   20 None 8
Crawling Hands 40-70 5, completion of Priest in Peril None 8
Lizards 40-70 22 Small Lizard, Desert Lizard, Sulphur Lizard


Dogs 40-70 15 Jackal, Guard dog, Wild dog 7
Earth warrior 40-70 35 None 6
Flesh Crawler 15-25 15 None 7
Ghosts 40-70 13 Tortured soul 7
Ghouls 10-20 25, completion of Priest in Peril None 7
Hill Giants 40-70 25 Obor, Cyclops 7
Hobgoblins 40-70 20 None 7
Ice warriors 40-70 45 None 7
Kalphites 40-70 15 Kalphite worker, Kalphite soldier, Kalphite guardian, Kalphite Queen 6
Killerwatt 30-80 37,   50, completion of Ernest the Chicken None 6
Mogres 40-70 32,   30, completion of Skippy and the Mogres None 8
Pyrefiend 40-70 30,   25 None 8
Rockslug 40-70 20,   20 None 8
Scorpion 40-70 7 King Scorpion, Poison Scorpion, Pit Scorpion, Scorpia, Scorpia’s offspring, Scorpia’s guardian 7
Shades 40-70 30 Loar, Phrin, Riyl, Asyn and Fiyr shades 8
Skeletons 40-70 15 Skeleton mage, Skeletons in the Stronghold of Security and Ancient Cavern, Vet’ion 7
Vampyres 10-20 35, completion of Priest in Peril Feral Vampyre, Vampyre Juvinate, Vyrewatch, Vyrewatch Sentinel 6
Wall beasts 10-20 3 ,   30,   5 None 7
Wolves 40-70 20 Big Wolf, Desert Wolf, Ice wolf, Jungle wolf, White wolf 7
Zombies 40-70 10 Monkey Zombie, Undead chicken, Undead cow, Undead one 7

Learn More about Slayer Points Tasks

Slayer Point is a reward system to give points to the players after completing every Slayer task from every Slayer master, Turael and Spria for exception. In this case, the higher level the Slayer master, the more points can be received. Well, the bonus points will be granted after every 10th, 50th, 100th , 250th and 1000th task.

The Slayer reward points can be traded into any Slayer master for a variety of rewards. You can also cancel or reject the tasks at the cost of Slayer reward points. So, the only one way to get the Slayer points is by completing the Slayer assignment. Need to know, the Slayer Points are not granted for the first four tasks that you complete but will be rewarded for your fifth and further tasks.

So, here are the Slayer tasks that you should complete to get the Slayer points. Let’s see which Slayer task that will grant you the sufficient amount of Slayer Points:

Slayer Master Points per task Points per 10th Points per 50th Points per 100th Points per 250th Points per 1,000th
Turael / Spria 0 0 0 0 0 0
Mazchna 2 5 15 50 70 100
Vannaka 4 20 60 100 140 200
Chaeldar 10 50 150 250 350 500
Nieve / Steve 12 60 180 300 420 600
Duradel (15)[1] (75)[1] (225)[1] (375)[1] (525)[1] (750)[1]
Konar quo Maten 15 75 225 375 525 750

As we’ve mentioned, the fastest and easiest way to get the Slayer Points is by completing the Mazchna’s Slayer task. But, you can also attempt to complete other tasks that will give you more Slayer points. Good Luck!!!