OSRS Cerberus Safe Spot

Are you new to the game known as Old School RuneScape and are wondering about the Cerberus safe spot? If the answer to the question is yes, you have nothing to worry from now on as you will be informed about the safe spot of Cerberus and the safe spot in general.

About the Cerberus Safe Spot

The Cerberus safe spot allows any player to easily kill Cerberus without taking any damage or anything. However, there is an issue surrounding this thing. Basically, the safe spot Cerberus got exposed on the popular forum named Reddit. The information about it was posted on the forum by the user named lvrscsgo 6 months ago.

OSRS Cerberus Safe Spot

The Cerberus safe spot was made for a good cause but it seems like a lot of players are abusing this. They have been using it to farm easy Primordial Crystals and some other ones are using it to help boost their Ironman accounts. The main concern is how long the others knew about this matter and have been abusing it till now?

A lot of users on Reddit have been wondering if Jagex will ban anyone for this. A user called GregBuckingham said that in the past there was a high effort glitch to get out of taking damage from Cerberus. At the time, many people got banned. The whole thread is talking about the ban. If you want to know the whole discussion, please visit Reddit.

About Safe Spot

In the world of the game called Old School RuneScape, a safe spot is the term that is used to call a position from which a monster might be attacked by using Ranged or Magic combat or by using a halberd over an obstacle without retaliation. The players can actually attack a monster one square out of its wander radius in order to discover a safe spot. This kind of attack is known as safe spotting.

The safe spot can work well because of the habit of the NPCs and some automatic player movements to always move immediately toward their target and they tend to not rotate around the obstacles if that would mean moving away. It is possible for the monsters with the big size such as dragons to be cornered, even if it seems like they have an almost direct path.

The circumstances are the things that the spot depends on.

    • There is no way to reliably use the safe spot tactics to face the other players, even though there is a temporary benefit to gain.
    • It is nearly impossible to face the enemies who use a ranged or magic attack. If you want to force them to back off, you can stand outside their patrol area so they will be lured to come out from the safe spot.
    • It is possible to safe spot some enemies when the weapon of the player has longer range compared to the one owned by the opponent.
    • Reaching a safe position against aggressive monsters can be hard. The most effective safe spots are the ones with the monsters that have become tolerant. Skeletal wyverns are one of the examples.
    • It is hard for the monsters that retreat to be safe spotted. However, the longbows and spells that have a long range can work well in some cases to hit the opponent at the farthest place. Fences, rocks, elevated areas, and rivers are the common safe spots.

There are several most popular safe spots in the game. All of them can impact the longevity of killing monsters in a trip or activity. Each of the following is usually used to maximize conservation of supplies.

    • Dagannoth Kings

Those with magic who want to use Dagannoth Rex as a target will try to lure him to the southern side of the lair and go to west or east to make him stuck on either edge. It is the place for the mager to kill him without having to worry about being attacked by Rex. If everything is done perfectly, both Prime and Supreme will not be seen wandering close to the mager. The only thing that usually will attack the mager is Spinplyps.

    • Fight Caves

The players can use many obstacles to block the attacking range of the monster or to make them stuck. This kind of thing is really important in the waves where the player has more than one attack styles at once and they cannot pray for all of them.

    • Callisto/Venenatis/Vet’ion

Three Wilderness bosses named Callisto, Venenatis, and Vet’ion are able to be lured by the players. The player can make three of them stuck and they can attack these three without having to worry about being attacked back. It can be done by using the wander radius mechanics. Apparently, the ones who make use of it are able to manage multiple kills per trip.

Everyone has a chance to train Ranged and Magic from safe spots in the places, such as:

    • Duck ponds located in Lumbridge
    • Barbarian Village
    • Asgarnia Ice Dungeon. It is in the white snow spot located between the ice warriors and the hobgoblins
    • Behind sulphur vents located in Mor UI Rek and TzHaar-Ket and TzHaar-Xil
    • Bllodveld located at the Slayer Tower
    • Black demons located at Taverley Dungeon or Edgeville Dungeon behind the stalagmites
    • Blue dragons in any of their places
    • Fire giants located in the waterfall Dungeon
    • Moss giants on the island of Crandor
    • Greater dragons located between the Graveyard of Shadows and Bone Yard
    • Lesser demons located in the Karamja Volcano Dungeon, and behind the stalagmites on Taverley Dungeon
    • Red dragons located in Brimhaven Dungeon from a spot in the middle of the rocks on the northern wall
    • Scorpions located in the Al Kharid Mine
    • Goblins and giant spiders opposite the Lumbridge bridge wall
    • Skeletal Wyverns located in the Asgarnia Ice Caves north of Mudskipper Point behind the cave entrance
    • White Knights’ Castle located in Falador
    • Tortoises located in the Tree Gnome Stronghold
    • Skeletons close to the Wilderness ditch and Guards from the other side of the ditch
    • The hill giants located in the Edgeville Dungeon
    • Etc.

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