What is the Fastest Crafting XP in OSRS

You may wonder what the crafting method is to get Fastest Experience (XP). In the case of getting XP through crafting, you may already know that a number of OSRS quests offers you various amounts of XP in certain quests.

Unfortunately, it takes a long grind to complete the quest, especially in the quest that offers the highest amount of XP. So, it makes sense that you will get a large amount of XP, provided you pass a very long journey. In order to not to waste your time, you can take the fastest way to get Crafting XP as we show below! Check it out!

What is the Fastest Crafting XP in OSRS

Fastest Way to Get Crafting XP, Here It Is!

According to OSRS Wiki, the fastest way to get XP is by crafting the Dragonhide Bodies. You can craft it starting from level 77 onwards. You can start crafting Green Dragonhide Bodies at level 63, Blue Dragonhide Bodies  at level 71, Red Dragonhide Bodies at level 77 and last Black Dragonhide Bodies at level 84. As an alternative way, you can also cut gems or craft battlestaves.

Way 1: Crafting Green Dragonhide Bodies

Crafting Green Dragonhide Bodies

In the case of crafting Green Dragonhide Bodies at level 63 – 71, you will need some thread, a needle and a lot of green dragon leather. To craft it, you can use a needle on the green dragon leather. Sure, you should repeat this way until level 71.

Way 2: Crafting Blue  Dragonhide Bodies

Crafting Blue  Dragonhide Bodies

In the case of crafting Blue Dragonhide Bodies at  level 71 – 84, you will need a needle, some thread, and a lot of blue dragon leather. Use the needle on the blue dragon leather and choose blue dragon bodies to create some. After that, you can then sit back as your character crafts those dragonhide bodies. Make sure to repeat the process until level 84.

Way 3: Crafting Red  Dragonhide Bodies

Crafting Red  Dragonhide Bodies

At level 77, you can also craft the Red Dragonhide Bodies. To create it, you will need almost  19 000 Red Dragon Leather  and will cost roughly 10 000 000.

Way 4: Crafting Black  Dragonhide Bodies

Crafting Black  Dragonhide Bodies

Starting from level 84, you can start crafting the Black Dragonhide Bodies. It is the final method of crafting Dragonhide Bodies that will offer you the fastest Crafting XP. To craft it, you will need a needle, some thread and a large amount of black dragon leather. You can then use the needle on the black dragon leather and select the Black Dragonhide bodies to start crafting them. You should also repeat it until you reach level 99.

The amount of XP that you will earn by crafting the Black Dragonhide Bodies is around 430 000 XP per hour. It will also take you to level 99 faster. In this level, you will also have to create 39 000 Black Dragonhide Bodies, but you will lose 90 000 000 in the process once selling them all.

It is important to note, in the way of crafting the Dragonhide Bodies, you need to clear the space holders for thread and needle as well as filling the entire bank with bank filters. By doing this way, you can quickly deposit all the Dragonhide Bodies without depositing the items that they need in the inventory.

In this case, Green and Blue Dragonhide Bodies will have comparable experience rates to fore and air battlestaves. So, the option between the two must be decided by Grand Exchange prices. You should know that Green and Blue Dragonhide Bodies will require a lot less capital. Black Dragonhide Bodies actually offers you the fastest experience, however they are basically much more experience compared to other methods. Sure, it’s recommended for you to look for cheaper alternatives if you seek to save money.

The Experience Rates and Costs Offered

We will also show you the experience rates and costs. The rates here assume the players to craft 1650 Dragonhide Bodies per hour. Additionally, the High Level Alchemy can be cast on the Dragonhide Bodies to decrease costs while obtaining Magic experience. Here are the EXP and costs offered by the fastest crafting method above:

Level Item XP each XP/h Buy Sell Profit each Profit/XP Profit (HA) each Profit (HA)/XP
63 Green D’hide Body 186 307,000 4,660.2 4,212 -448.2 -2.41 -179.2 -0.96
71 Blue D’hide Body 210 347,000 5,548.2 5,013 -535.2 -2.55 -131.2 -0.62
77 Red D’hide Body 234 386,000 6,955.2 5,945 -1,010.2 -4.32 -416.2 -1.78
84 Black D’hide Body 258 426,000 9,793.8 7,316 -2,480.2 -9.61 -1,907.2 -7.39

As you can see, the table shows you the certain amount of EXP and costs that you will get from each Dragonhide Body. So, make sure to craft all Dragonhide Bodies in order to get the highest amount of Experience.

Alternative Ways to Get Crafting EXP

Aside from the fastest way to get the crafting EXP shown above, there are also alternative ways to get the EXP, but they are not the fastest way, could be low way, medium or also fast way. So, here are some alternative ways that you can do to get the Crafting EXP:

Levels 1 – 20: Crafting Leather Items

At level 1 – 20, you may need to craft the highest-level leather item that costs 200 each. In this case, all items only require one leather to craft. If you craft some leather items, you will get the higher EXP amount of 25, with the lowest amount of 13.8.

Here are the general experience per hour that you can get by crafting leather items:

    • Level 1 – Leather gloves – 26k/h
    • Level 18 – Leather chaps – 50k/h
    • 1872 leathers per hour
    • 3 tick action

Level 20 – 62/ 77: Cutting Gems

Starting from level 20 – 62 or also until 77, you may have to cut gems to get the Crafting EXP. You can keep cutting diamonds until level 62. It may also be worthwhile to skip cutting diamonds and cut rubies until level 58 and continue with earth battlestaves.

Here are the general experience per hour that you can get by cutting gems:

    • Level 20 – Sapphires – 145k/h
    • Level 27 – Emeralds – 175k/h
    • Level 34 – Rubies – 230k/h
    • Level 43 – Diamonds – 290k/h
    • Level 55 – Dragonstones – 385k/h
    • 2640 gems per hour
    • 2 tick action

Level 54 – 77/ 99: Crafting Battlestaves

At level 54 – 77/ 99, you will need to craft the battlestaves. This fast experience is commonly cheaper compared to other methods, as it only requires a lot of capital to purchase the supplies needed.

Here are the general experience per hour that you can get by crafting battlestaves:

    • Level 54 – Water battlestaves – 245k/h
    • Level 58 – Earth battlestaves – 275k/h
    • Level 62 – Fire battlestaves – 306k/h
    • Level 66 – Air battlestaves – 336k/h
    • 2450 battlestaves per hour
    • 2 tick action

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