How to Get Ironman Agility Potion OSRS

In OSRS’s Ironman mode, you may need to be entirely independent. In this mode, you’re also allowed for crafting that will unlock armor, weapons and other important items, such as jewelry. Playing in Ironman mode will encourage you to get some extra tasks or challenges.

One of the tasks that you have to do when playing Ironman mode is to obtain an Agility Potion. It is known that getting Ironman Agility Potion is pretty complicated. If you do not know how to get Ironman Agility Potion, thankfully, this post will show the guide for you.

Getting Ironman Agility Potion in OSRS, How to Do?

How to Get Ironman Agility Potion OSRS-
Agility Potion

Agility Potion is a potion created through the Herblore skill. To make this potion, it requires level 34 Herblore. When you drink a dose, it will raise your agility level by 3 temporarily. The Agility potion really gives you benefit at the Brimhaven Agility Arena in which there are a number of dart obstacles that will lower your agility level by 2 if failed.

The Agility Potion is also very useful when playing Ironman Mode. You can also use the Ironman Agility Potion to complete Tai Bwo Wannai Trio if you do not have the Herblore requirement. However, getting Ironman Agility Potion may be a little bit harder.

To get Ironman Agility Potion, you may need to wait for the Dr. Jekyll random event and make sure you hold an Irit leaf that is cleaned out by Zahur in Nardah for 200 coins first. When Dr. Jekyll random event comes, you can trade the Irit leaf for a 4-dose Agility potion.

As an alternative way, when playing as Ironman, you can also select to try their luck at completing Icthlarin’s Little Helper first. This quest may drop a 4-dose Agility potion when the Possessed Priest fights during the quest. Keep in mind that the priest can only be fought once.

That’s how to get Ironman Agility Potion and use it to complete Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest that will grant you a bunch of amazing rewards, including:

    • 2 Quest points
    • 5,000 Cooking experience
    • 5,000 Fishing experience
    • 2,500 Attack experience
    • 2,500 Strength experience
    • 2,000 coins
    • A karambwan-poisoned rune spear from speaking with Tamayu in the villager once completing the quest.
    • Get access to Tamayu’s Spear Stall
    • Get access to Tiadeche’s Karambwan Stall
    • The ability to pray at the newly tribal statue
    • The ability to catch and cook karambwanji  and karambwans
    • The ability to fight the Shaikahan
    • The ability to teleport to Tai Bwo Wannai
    • Able to take part in the Smithing section of Otto’s Barbarian training

How Does Agility Potion Work?

The Agility Potions are created by combining toadflax and toad’s legs in a vial of water. In the case of creating this potion, you may need to place the herb in the vial first. Then, you can create a Toadflax potion. After that, place the Toad’s legs inside the Toadflax potion. Once you create it, it will give around 80 Herblore Experience.

Consuming a dose will increase your Agility level by 3 temporarily. Aside from increasing your Agility level, this potion or another agility that raises the item cannot be used to access a number of areas such as the Ape Atoll Agility Course if your base level does not meet the requirement,

Even though the Agility Potion will not help you, it can be used to access the Wilderness Agility Course. For more information, the God banner can be a great substitute for agility potions since it offers a constant +5 agility boost for more than 30 minutes per day.

How to Create an Agility Potion?

Agility Potion can be obtained by creating it first using certain ingredients. There are two ingredients that you can use to create Agility Potion, here are they:

    • Toadflax potion: 9,082
    • Toad’s legs: 1,934

The total cost to create Agility Potion is roughly 11,016 with 10,545 in profit.

Here’s a list of production costs:

Clean Toadflax

    • Secondary: Toad’s legs
    • Vial: Vial of water
    • Material cost: 10,025
    • Profit: -9554
    • Profit/XP: -117,95

Grimy Toadflax

    • Secondary: Toad’s legs
    • Vial: Vial of water
    • Material cost: 9,577
    • Profit: -9,106
    • Profit/XP: -102,31

How Much Does Agility Potion Cost Per Dose?

There are four Agility Potion levels that you can get in OSRS. Certainly, each level has a different price. So, here’s a price list of Agility Potion per dose:

Agility Potion Level 1

    • GE Price: 67
    • Price per dose: 67
    • Price per dose (Excluding vial/ flask): 65

Agility Potion Level 2

    • GE Price: 337
    • Price per dose:169
    • Price per dose (Excluding vial/ flask): 168

Agility Potion Level 3

    • GE Price: 471
    • Price per dose: 157
    • Price per dose (Excluding vial/ flask): 156

Agility Potion Level 4

    • GE Price: 538
    • Price per dose: 135
    • Price per dose (Excluding vial/ flask): 134

Agility Flask Level 6

    • GE Price: 12,160
    • Price per dose: 2,027
    • Price per dose (Excluding vial/ flask): -925

Information about Ironman Mode in OSRS

Information about Ironman Mode in OSRS

In the game of OSRS, Ironman mode is an account type that was released on October 13, 2014. This mode requires you to be completely self-sufficient. If you are playing as Ironman, your actions such as trading, PvP, the Grand Exchange, most group minigames, etc will be locked.

Furthermore, the Ironman mode can only be activated at the end of Tutorial Island by talking to the Ironman tutor before being teleported by the Magic Instructor. In the case of an Ultimate Ironman or Hardcore at any point, there will be an option to convert it to a standard account or also regular Ironman.

There will be a 7-day waiting period before the toggle will take the effect once you confirm to deactivate the Iron Mode. Sure, you can cancel the change during this time if you change your mind or if your account has been hijacked. Then, the change will also be cancelled if a Hardcore Ironman dies during the waiting perido to be a standard account.

You can also choose to stay an Ironman permanently by speaking with the Iron Man Tutor in Lumbridge. As those restrictions cannot be removed, one should contact Customer Support to have it removed.