OSRS Misthalin Mystery Quick Guide

OSRS will allow you to complete some quests either short, medium or long quests. Sure, each quest will assign you to finish a series of tasks. Each quest that you complete will grant you certain rewards, so there’s no reason to leave OSRS’s quests. One of the OSRS’s quests that you can complete is Misthalin Mystery.

Have you completed the Misthalin Mystery quest in OSRS? If so, do you need a quick guide of completing this medium quest? If you really want to complete the Misthalin Mystery quest but don’t know how to start, please take a look at our easy guide below!

OSRS Misthalin Mystery Quick Guide

Stage 1: Speak with Abigale

First, you need to go southeast of the Lumbridge swamp. In this place, you may find two people named Abigale and Hewey. After seeing them, you can try to speak with one of them. Then, they will tell you about their narrow escape from a house party at an island that is not far away from the place.

Stage 2: Go to an nearby island

To get an island nearby, you may need to board the boat to the South. On the island, you will see a mansion that represents the Draynor Manor. Then, you can head through the gate directly west to a fountain. After entering the gate, you can follow the path to the West.

Here, you may need to pick up the bucket next to the fountain. You can then continue down the path until you achieve a barrel full of water. You can try to search it a lot.

Stage 3: Solve the first riddle

In this place, you can enter the manor and take out the knife on the table. Then, you can try to open the door with the pink knob up north. By doing this, it will trigger another cutscene in which Tayten is killed by the killer that is hidden in the wardrobe.

You have to find and take a note that has been slided by the killer. Well, the first riddle actually refers to a painting that is found in the adjacent room to the south-west. To find a ruby key, you have to use the knife on it. As a clue, the doorknobs on the doors through the mansion will indicate the proper key which opens them.

To get a message that the room is warm enough to dry the fuse, you may need to open the eastern door and take a tinderbox from the shelves. You can then  use the tinderbox on the barrel beside the damage wall and quit the room to trigger the explosion.

Stage 4: Solve the second riddle

After you leave the room, there will be a loud explosion. You need to go back into the room and climb over the damaged wall. To enter another cutscene, you have to run North and around the mansion.

Now, the murderer has taken Lacey hostage and decides to play a game with her. In this situation, the murderer will ask the name of the vampyre  who lives in South Misthalin. In this chance, you will have the options to answer.

No matter the answer you choose, the murderer will keep killing her and will leave you another note. Make sure to take the note and read it when the cutscene ends.

As a clue, this second riddle actually refers to the piano that is found in the north-eastern corner of the manor. Of course, you have to enter the room via the damaged north-eastern wall. You will find that the murderer really wants you dead. You can play the notes D-E-A-D on the piano and look for it to find an emerald key.

Stage 5: Solve the third riddle

You can then run back to the room in which you light all the candles and climb over the crumbled wall. You can then make your way back into the main room of the house. To see Tayten die, you can head North.

Afterwards, you can open the kitchen doors in which Mandy is found. Another cutscene will also happen in which she is murdered by the killer. Just like the previous murder, the killer will also leave a third note that you should solve.

To get the clue, make sure to pick the note and read it. On his note, you will find the word ‘HEART’ that refers to a fireplace located in the eastern room. Sure, you can return back to the room with the candles. Then, enter the other door which has the fireplace in the room.

You can also use the knife on the fireplace and then press ‘Search the fireplace’ to obtain the gems. Afterwards, you can take the last letter of each sentence to solve the next part of the riddle. By doing so, it will tell you the order to place the gems in.

Well, here’s the order: ‘sapphire, diamond, zenyte, emerald, onyx, and ruby’. You can then look for the fireplace again to get the Sapphire Key.

Afterwards, you also need to head back to the room with the candles and out the door. You can then use the Sapphire Ket with the blue handled door to go West into the room with painting. By doing this, it will trigger a cutscene and the boss fight. In the case of fighting the boss, you do not need any weapons, food or also armor.

Stage 6: Fight the boss

Once the cutscene, the murderer will suddenly disappear and the boss fight will get started. You will be attacked by opening wardrobes and knives. You can then fight back the boss by moving the mirror in front of whatever wardrobe the murderer is in.

Stage 7: You win the fight

A cutscene will appear after winning the cutscene. You will unmask the murderer only ti find that is really Abigale with her accomplice, Hewey. She will then give you a speech about how she did it, as she cannot stand adventurers.

After that, Abigale will kill Hewey. You can then pick up his knife and stab her. Abigale will attempt to kill you when you leave the room. You don’t have to worry, as Mandy will come to rescue with her Bandos Godsword.

Stage 8: Earn amazing rewards

Finally, Mandy will tell you to meet her outside the manor after Abigale is successfully defeated. Make sure to talk to her and get your rewards. Here are the rewards you will get:

    • 1 Quest points Quest point
    • Uncut ruby
    • Uncut emerald
    • Uncut sapphire
    • Crafting 600 Crafting experience

Congratulations! You successfully complete the Misthalin Mystery quest in OSRS. Good Luck!!!