Where is Just Buy in Greenville Roblox

In the world of the game known as Roblxo Greeenville, the term Just Buy refers to a large big box retail center. This one specializes in Electronics and Appliances. Not only that, it also includes Richfield Home and Audio inside. This place is known as the parody of the electronics retailer that exists in real life called Best Buy.

Many people have been wondering about the location of Just Buy in Roblox Greenville. So, where is it located? For everyone who wants to know the location of Just Buy in Roblox Greenville, you can find the answer to the question below.

According to Wiki, the thing known as Just Buy in Roblox Greenville is located 20km or 12 miles north of Burgerhaus. If you still have no idea, this one is also located across from Shell and Burger Knight. The place is beside the Greenville strip Mall.

Where is Just Buy in Greenville Roblox outside

Just Buy details:

    • Type: Electronics retailer
    • Specialty: Electronics & Home Appliances
    • Location: Greenville Strip Mall

Catalog and pricing:

Mobile phones:

    • Pear Phone TX: $999
    • Pear Phone X: $799
    • PearPhone +: $1,499
    • PearPad 2020: $699
    • PearPod 2018: $299
    • Various Roblox mobile phones

Computing devices:

    • PacBook 13.3″: $1,099
    • PacBook 16.6″: $1,299
    • ProBook 16.6″: $1,599
    • Pac Lite: $749
    • Pac: $1,499
    • Various Pear Accessories (Mice, Watches. Etc)
    • INVIEW GL999 Super 16″
    • Minato GLS-3 15″
    • Lent GloriaBook 15″
    • Kōnan Perfection 16″
    • Seoul ProStar 15.5″
    • Roblox Ro Top 15.5″
    • WM Tech TopBook Pro 16″
    • Asausa L550-P 15.5″
    • Lent Barbara
    • Kōnan Companion
    • Seoul Superstar
    • INVIEW PCMR-999
    • Roblox RoPC
    • Asausa D650
    • WM Tech ProDesk X
    • Minato GDPC MK3

Home appliances:

    • Various Unnamed Car Audio Systems.
    • Various Fridges
    • Various Ovens
    • Various Washing Machines and Dryers.
    • Various Drones
    • Various DSLR Cameras
    • Various Stereo Systems and Audio Systems
    • Various Headphones
    • Roblox: $9,999

dysku appliances:

    • dysku AD1 Automatic Hand Dryer
    • dysku F1-D Hot+Cool Fan.
    • dysku F1-DX Hot+Cool Fan
    • dysku F1-F Tall Hot+Cool Fan
    • dysku F1-FDX Hot+Cool Fan
    • dysku HD-1 Mini Fan
    • dysku VC1-WM DustBuster
    • dysku VC1
    • dysku VC1-W
    • dysku VC1-WX
    • dysku CF1 Ceiling Fan

Smart home snoopies:

    • Goggle Viva N
    • Sahara Reverb
    • Cambu Gateway
    • Pear HousePear


    • Richfield Home + Audio Systems
    • Various TVs

It should be easy to find the location of Just Buy in Roblox Greenville. To make it easier on finding it, you can take the advantage of the official map available for Roblox Greenville. Here is the link that will take you to the map: https://greenville-wisconsin.fandom.com/wiki/Greenville#Map.

map available for Roblox Greenville

Just Buy is not the only thing that you will be able to see in the Roblox Greenville map. Apart from that, there are some other things, including:

    • AG Gas Station: It is a gas station in Greenville where players are able to refill petrol powered and diesel-powered vehicles there.
    • Allen Insurance Agency: It is a business that specializes in insurance services for customers.
    • Burgerhaus: It is a restaurant that serves a lot of different kinds of burgers, sandwiches, and combos.
    • Celestial Outlet Mall: It is a car brand located in Greenville.
    • Chinese Restaurant: It is a foodservice restaurant located close to WSP station.
    • Cleaners: It is a dry-cleaning place that is located at Burger King close to the Airport.
    • DMV: It is the administrative agency for Wisconsin vehicle licensing matters.
    • Fox Mountain Community Bank: It is the updated version of Wolf River Community Bank.
    • Greenville Post Office: It is a small place to drop the mail located on the corner of Municipal and Everglade.
    • Greenville Daycare Center: It is a daycare facility that is placed close to the State Patrol quarters in Greenville.
    • Greenville High School: It is the only public school in Greenville.
    • Greenville Lake: It is a lake close to a Daycare and Next Stop.
    • Greenville Strip Mall: It is a shopping center with a total of five stores and one retailer.
    • Greenville Town Hall: It is a municipal government building close to WSP station.
    • Hunty’s Pizza Palace: It is a pizza restaurant that has an arcade and an Animatronic Show.
    • Just Buy: It is a big box retail center with the specialization of Electronics and Appliances.
    • Jimbo’s Subs & Wraps: It is a sandwich shop with a different menu of subs, sandwiches, and wraps.
    • Joe’s Collision and Restoration: It is a mechanic shop.
    • Little Ones Daycare Center: It is a school that has a lot of classrooms, a café, and a built in playground.
    • Noodles and Starblox: It is a building that is based off of the restaurant Noodles and Company. It has Starbuck Coffee beside it.
    • Pear Store: It is an unreleased retail electronic store that is going to be featured in Greenville.
    • Rapid Wash: It is also called Rapid Wash.
    • Roadmap Used Cars: It is the only place in Greenville that offers vehicles to purchase.
    • Sahara Hub: It is a distribution center in Greenville for the fictional version of the Amazon called Sahara.
    • Superwich: It is a restaurant that serves mostly sandwiches.
    • Tax Office: It is a building that provides tax filing services.
    • The Bulk Priced Food Shoppe: It is a grocery store that provides fruits, dairy, and some other things.
    • The Twist: It is an ice cream shop located across from Superwich.
    • Tires Plus: It is a place to repair tires and to change the wheel.
    • Truck Planet: It is a truck parts store which was named Toys for Trucks before.
    • Verwire: It is a fictional parody version of a phone company cellular store called Verizon.
    • Visit 24/7 Motel: It is a building that offers temporary places to sleep at low prices.
    • Visitors Sports Grill: It is a Sports Bar and Grill where everyone is able to eat foods while watching the game play.
    • William’s Paints: It is a fictionalized version of Sherwin-Williams.

If you want to get to Just Buy or any other places, you can use a vehicle. There are a lot of selections of vehicle, including 2003 Vellfire Capital, 2003 Vellfire Divine, 2003 Vellfire Reina, 2003 Wolfsburg Charge, 2003 Wolfsburg New Classic, 2004 Aikawa Maxim, 2004 BullHorn Convoy, 2004 Century Aquila, 2004 Overland Apache, 2004 Sumo Boxas, 2004 Vellfire Florence, 2004 N3XT Uproad, 2005 BKM Regen, 2005 Brawnson Hackey, 2005 Elgrand Horizon, 2005 Falcon Heritage, and many more.

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