Roblox Doors Hotel Update Release Date Details

Roblox has so many horror games to play. One of the most interesting ones is called Doors. This game is inspired by scary titles such as Rooms and Spooky’s Jumpscare Mansion. Throughout the game, there are a lot of Entities.

Roblox Doors is developed by the developer named Lighting Splash. Apart from being known as one of the most interesting games in Roblox, it is also known as one of the most popular ones. Due to its popularity, this game makes it to the list of the fastest games to surpass one billion visits.

Roblox Doors Hotel Update Release Date

As one of the most popular games in Roblox, the developer of the game, Lighting Splash, always wants to give the best for the players. They always try to come with something new so that the players will not be bored and keep getting excited to play the game. Regularly, the developer surprises with a significant content update, with new features, game mechanics, and achievements. Besides, the update usually adds a few new rooms, items, and Entities.

Talking about the Roblox Doors update, there is a thing called Roblox Doors Hotel update. What is the Roblox Doors Hotel update? Read the following to find the details about it, including about its release date.

Roblox Doors New Update Release Date

Apparently, the Roblox Door Hotel+ content update is the latest patch of the game. This update was released on Sunday January 29, 2023, according to the official Twitter account of Roblox Doors at @DoorsRoblox. However, Wiki shows that the Roblox Hotel+ release was on January 28, 2023.

Currently, there are no new planned content updates related to Roblox Doors. If you want to be informed about any Roblox Doors new update, you have to follow the official Twitter account of Doors at @DoorsRoblox where the developer usually shares the latest information about the game. Make sure to follow the account and set the notification on to be the first one getting the latest information.

Things That Came with the Latest Roblox Doors Hotel Update

The Roblox Doors Hotek+ update came with several changes, such as:

  • 10 new Entities were added to the game, including Dupe, Void, Snare, Jeff, El Goblino, Bob, A-60, A-120, Curious Light.
  • The Rooms were added.
  • 5 new items were added to the game, including Crucifix, Candle, NVCS-3000, Skeleton Key, Shakelight.
  • A mid-run shop was added.
  • 20 new achievements were added to the game.
  • The settings were added to the game.
  • The voice chat-only servers were added to the game.
  • A Screech plush to the lobby was added to the game.
  • The ability to choose an achievement to display above the head of the player in the lobby was added to the game.
  • The ability to see how many times the player died above their head in the lobby was added to the game.
  • The chance of room generation to fail is lower.
  • Now, lights can start flickering up to 10 seconds after opening a door.
  • The chance of Rush and Ambush to spawn is slower.
  • The room where Rush spawns is now dark.
  • Ambush does not flicker the lights anymore.
  • Now, Ambush is a bit faster.
  • Unused files were removed.
  • Vent Rooms and Mini-Libraries were removed.
  • The anti-cheat system was improved.

Changelogs or Update Logs of the Roblox Doors Update in January

The Roblox Doors Hotem+ update that was released on January 29, 2023 or January 28, 2023, was not the only update released in January. Aside from that, there were some other updates. The following is a log of all the updates that Roblox Doors has experienced in January aside from the Roblox Doors Hotel+ update. Everything is taken from Wiki.

January 11:

    • Audio of Rush that was not working was fixed.

January 28 (#2):

    • Room 100 bug where Figure kills the player even though they are in the elevator was fixed.
    • Bugs that are related to glitch should be fixed.
    • Bug where nothing spawned or happened throughout the entire run was fixed.
    • Now, players who are on mobile have a settings button.
    • Seek Crucifix animations have to be fixed.
    • Players who play on mobile should not randomly switch to PC controls in new runs.

January 28 (#3):

    • Figure room 100 deaths messages being irrelevant were fixed.
    • Door 90 void bug was fixed.
    • Library bug was fixed.
    • Closets spawning into other rooms were fixed.
    • Flitch weirdly teleporting the player back was fixed.

January 29:

    • Now, a key is not needed for a gate room that spawns around 60 to 70.
    • The fireplace in the picture puzzle was fixed.
    • Keys, levers, doors, and so on should be lighted by Guiding Light after a bit over a minute.
    • Ambush and Rush spawning and pathing acting weird were fixed.
    • Green Herb was fixed.

January 30:

    • Rush was fixed.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Roblox Doors Hotel+ update is the latest update of Roblox Doors. This one was released on January 29, 2023 as of the official Twitter account of Roblox Doors at @DoorsRoblox. This one came with new things, including new entities, new items, new animations, and so on. In addition, there were several things that changed.