What Does “Softie” Mean in Roblox?

Roblox has a huge amount of clothing brands with a variety of styles. Roblox avatar will always have a choice of clothing to wear. Not only default clothing, Roblox community also contribute to share their own clothing styles, so Roblox players can use their styles.

One of the popular clothing brands in Roblox is Softie. In fact, many players have worn Softie, due to its warmth and sweetness. However, many players do not know yet what Softie means and why people really love this clothing style. If you also need the information about it, you can dive into our post below. Here you go!

What Does Softie Mean in Roblox

What Is Softie in Roblox?

It is known that Softie is a brand of clothing in Roblox which describe warm and sweet. Many people also describe Softie as a group of aesthetics that are dedicated to going for as cutesy of a look as possible, placing it in a trifecta of aesthetics, alongside E-People and VSCO.

Among Roblox users, Softie is rapidly growing and focuses on a specific style of clothing which has a sweet and welcoming appearance. In Roblox, appearances are a massive part of gaming, that is what has influenced the rise of Softie clothing. Furthermore, Softie styles are not officially recognized by the game, making them vary based on the user’s preference.

Additionally, the term ‘Softie’ is used to explain certain kinds of Outfits or Outfit ideas in Roblox, and due to how being able to customize is one of the Roblox Forte. Well, the term has gotten a lot of popularity over time.

Softie actually draws a lot of parallels with some of the Kawaii-centric aesthetics in Japan, but with a more subdued look compared to how over-the-top some of the looks in Japan tend to get. Sometimes, they are mistaken for preppies.

In Roblox, there are many users who have shown their creativity with a combination of clothing which is lovely and easy on the eyes that is the aim of Softie. The avatars’ appearance is almost as important as the gameplay itself.

Who Is Roblox Softie For?

Since Softie is commonly sweet and caring, Softie style is primarily aimed at female Roblox players. So, it does not wonder if Softie is trendy among female Roblox players. Even though it is aimed at female Roblox players, a lot of users have praised this look as being extremely appealing.

Roblox outfits based on this look have also been explained as adorable by users. Roblox outfits are commonly well-received and the users are eager to put them to use. All you have to do when making a Softie look for your avatar is to choose items in lovely colors, as Softie refers to something sweet, aesthetic and pastel-themed.

How Does Roblox Softie Look

How Does Roblox Softie Look?

The Softie brand in Roblox is mostly used by female users. Generally, the styles of Softie are pastel-themed, Aesthetic and overall appealing to see. In this case, Softies are a combination of clothing which is appealing to the eyes. Of course, they are mostly pastel-themed, warm and aesthetic.

Keep in mind, there is no specific combination dedicated to Softie, since it is open to the creativity of the users. Softies are not always expensive, but you can combine the proper combination of outfits, that will make them more expensive.

Generally, the most noticeable part of the Softie look is the shirts. That’s where the warm, pink, pastel theme and aesthetic comes into play, so it is a big part of the softie look. In addition to shirts, the shorts also play a huge part in complimenting the shirt to create the Softie feel.

Don’t forget about hair! This is the single most expensive part of a Softie outfit. You can really have any type of hairstyle, as long as your shirt, face and shorts scream softie. You should know that some certain hairstyles will fit more into the criteria of a Softie than others.

You can try to take for instance hairstyles with headbands which will contribute greatly to a Softie look if the accessory on the hair fits the softie look. Most in-game players with the look will be commonly warm and friendly.

What Kind of Softie Styles Are Available in Roblox?

According to Roblox Wiki, there are some Softie styles available in Roblox, including:

1) Softgirl

Softgirl is a fashion style included into Softie that is based on a feminine look, deliberately cutesy. This style is popular among some young women on social media, especially on TikTok. Here’s a list of Softgirl clothing styles:

    • Plaid skirts
    • Pastel and soft colors
    • Milkmaid dresses
    • Tank tops
    • Oversized hoodies
    • Denim skirts
    • Light wash jeans
    • Floral or heart patterns
    • Cozy clothing
    • Pinafores
    • Crop tops
    • Tied up cardigans
    • Fillas
    • White air forces

2) Dark Softgirl

Dark Softgirl is a fashion style which is very casual in tone and commonly features darker colors as an alternative to pastels, the normal colors seen in Softie looks. Here’s a list of Dark Softgirl fashion:


    • Flower crowns, hairclips
    • Pendants, simple necklaces
    • Lace tops, tank tops
    • Oversized hoodies
    • Short sleeved dresses over long sleeved shirts
    • Blouses and turtlenecks
    • Cardigans
    • Cargo pants
    • Mini A-line skirts, corduroy fabric is popular
    • Trench coats
    • Scarves
    • Sneakers

3) Softboy

Softboys are the male equivalent of the Softgirl who are unafraid of showing off their artistic and sensitive sides with the clothing they choose to wear. Softboys have become one of the more known male aesthetics, even though their female counterparts are commonly being more popular.

Softboys appear to wear pastel colors, but they also wear more muted but still darker tones. Moreover, they adopt a similarly vintage-themed fashion style like their Softgirl counterparts. Softbots can also wear clothes that Softgirls would wear.

4) Oceanboy

The Oceanboy aesthetic style is considered to be a more laid-back and easy-going type of the Softboy aesthetic, mixed with the Blue aesthetic. This style is a color and environment-based aesthetic that focuses on light, oceans and pastel cool-tone colors.

The Oceanboy style tends to be a bit brighter than Softboy, since it really brings out the cooler colors. Oceanboys choose for comfy, simple outfits which allow them to simultaneously look softer.

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