What is Cottagecore ACNH?

One of the strongest aspects of ACNH is the ability of players to decorate their islands they want. This has led to lots of players creating fantastical island paradises with their own setups and themes. One of the most popular themes for ACNH players is Cottagecore. By the way, what is Cottagecore ACNH? Well let us find out the explanation about Cottagecore ACNH here.

What is Cottagecore ACNH?

Cottagecore is an online aesthetic which comes from the idea of going back to agricultural life and living in simplicity surrounded by nature. This explained an idea of living off-grid, caring for farm animals, tending the garden, as well as handcrafts and baking and. Also, it frequently evolves from a yearning to escape the daily grind. You may find cottagecore under similar names such as farmcore, naturecore and forestcore.

The term cottagecore refers to an online movement which celebrates the beauty of agricultural life. This movement emphasizes harmony with nature and living a simple farm life from the industrialization and disorder of the world. For your information, common elements of cottagecore include vintage pottery, flower farms and simplistic baking recipes.

What is Cottagecore ACNH

According to research, Cottagecore was a very famous movement on Tumblr before creating its way to Tik Tok and Instagram. This movement has already experienced a surge in popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with many embracing it as a method to escape. It is no surprise cottagecore has become a popular design theme in ACNH. The game’s emphasis on crafting and gardening in a natural environment fits with the cottagecore aesthetic. Also, both the game and the movement emphasize simplistic living.

Lots of the in-game items players can buy or craft in the game fit with the cottagecore aesthetic easily. Some common items for cottagecore islands include wooden fences, mushroom lamps, birdhouses, log benches, and large flower beds. Design patterns which define cottagecore consist of nonlinear pathways which are decorated with custom designs resembling flower petals, small rivers and waterfalls which curve naturally and avoid sharp angles, as well as big forests filled with cedar saplings and fruit trees.

The players have already accomplished creating these themed islands by taking the game’s customization features, as well as making unique patterns and designs to give their furniture and pathways a special touch. The online community for ACNH is filled with the players sharing their own custom designs with others so that they are able to make similar themed islands.

Cottagecore has gone through many different names such as farmcore, grandmacore and witchcore. Each of these names contain the basic elements of cottagecore, however add specific flourishes. ACNH players have already embraced these variations in lots of ways, including crochet clothing designs for grandmacore or custom witchcraft patterns for witchcore. Whether or not the popularity of cottagecore surge will last, definitely its legacy will still live on in the world of Animal Crossing.

Building Up Your Cottagecore Island in ACNH

As we explained above, Cottagecore also is known as farmcore. It has become the most defining lifestyle trend of 2020. Away from the narrowness of the city, try your hand at gardening in your garden or on the newly rented parcel of land and spend your free time in nature between the forests, mountains and meadows. A CottageCore is characterized by a quiet life beyond the cities and the frenzy of the society, where nature, flowers, animals, and home cooking make up the everyday.

But, in real life, not everyone can arbitrarily have the chance to escape the oppressive reality and enjoy Cottagecore for free, especially for most urban people. Thanks to ACNH (Animal Crossing New Horizons), players are able to put cottagecore themes into the game, take modern escapist fantasies like voluntary simplicity, tiny homes, forest bathing, and flowers. Of course, the Cottagecore aesthetic has been one of the most popular design ideas in ACNH.

Why is ACNH So Cottagecore?

Same with all the previous Animal Crossing games, you are going to start ACNH (Animal Crossing New Horizons) on an island which is filled with the grass, trees, flowers, bugs, and fish. The new terraforming feature will allow the players to customize their own island completely and its furniture items. Many ACNH players who want to stick close to the idea how a nature retreat could look like. However, the game is about how to escape to your island getaway.

Playing around with varying levels, fruit trees, and flowers are going to leave you with a sophisticated and dreamy looking island which fits into the realm of cottagecore. Almost every feature is really cottagecore-ish including the campsite, crafting, fishing, and collecting. Throughout the ACNH game, you not only can explore, but also decorate your island. For your information, furniture items and decorations have different themes like zen, ironwood, or rattan. In Animal Crossing, you will be able to develop daily routines which are calming. If you have enough of your island, actually you will be able to travel to mystery islands where you will be able to discover new villagers, fish, flowers, insects, and non-native fruits.

Cottagecore Design Ideas for Your Own Island

Of course, getting inspiration from other cottagecore islands is very helpful for making your own unique style. You obviously do not have to stick to this one aesthetic. There are many aesthetics that you are going to find mentioned online which are part of the cottagecore realm. Other famous themes include fairycore, naturecore, mooncore, forestcore, and farmcore. Simply, you are able to search for those terms on YouTube and then you are going to find tons of astonishing island tours which will definitely get you into building mode.

We have collected some favorite islands and their dream addresses in the list below:

    • DA-9430-0930-8649 by kyuubi_crossing (Rustic cottagecore)
    • DA-3882-0517-6958 by rainythistle (Rainy and Natural forest core)
    • DA-5038-0414-1239 by CinnamonSterew (Fairycore)
    • DA-5575-7017-1605 by with love_fromnyxia (Overgrown forestcore)
    • DA-3328-3405-6427 by blossomyfairy (Fairycore)
    • DA-4650-1083-5031 by isleofzora (Farmcore)
    • DA-5596-7406-1914 by Yuu (Naturecore)
    • DA-0112-9947-7487 by Luna (Naturecore)