What is the Highest MM2 Level?

In Murder Mystery 2, pro players will be measured after they can reach the highest level in the game. After the players have reached the highest level, they will get the ‘Prestige’. What is it? The prestige can be defined as an ability that can be only achieved at level 100. It aims to reset a player’s normal level.

If you are playing MM2, you may wonder what the highest level that you should achieve to gain the ‘Prestige’. After knowing it, you may be able to focus on what you should perform to achieve the highest level in MM2. If you really want to know about it, let’s dive into our post.

What Is the Highest Level in MM2?

According to MM2 Wiki, the highest level that the players can achieve is level 100 at the Prestige X. Well, the tier X here is the maximum of Prestige levels in MM2. If you’ve successfully achieved the level 100 at Prestige X, you definitely will gain the badges that you can get from other levels below.

There are at least 10 Prestige levels that you need to achieve in Murder Mystery 2. Here’s for detail:

Prestige Level
I (1) 100
II (2) 200
III (3) 300
IV (4) 400
V (5) 500
VI (6) 600
VI (7) 700
VII (8) 800
IX (9) 900
X (10) 1000

Well, each Prestige level is recognized as adding 100 to the player’s level that technically makes the highest level possible 1100 (x 100).

If you have accepted the prestige offer, your level will reset back to 1. Then, the number of times that you have prestiged will display left to your level in roman numerals on the leaderboard. The maximum amount of times that you can reset your level is ten times that makes Prestige X as the highest level available.

What is the Highest MM2 Level

What Are the Benefits of Prestige in MM2?

You should know that Prestige does not offer any gameplay abilities. However, it is more on the ‘aesthetic’ side. That means the higher your prestige is, the higher you are on the player leaderboard on the left side.

For instance, if you are with Prestige I and level 1, you will appear higher than another player with no prestige and level 100. If you are with the same prestige, you will be ranked based on the level. However, Prestige will make the player look more skilled, since they have been playing for a longer time than a lot of average players.

How to Achieve the Highest Level in MM2?

Even though achieving the highest level in MM2 does not require you to have a great gameplay ability, you surely need to make a serious effort to achieve your dreamed level in MM2. There are some tips and tricks that you can perform to achieve the highest level in MM2.

We definitely obtained a bunch of guides from some gaming forums where some MM2 players gave any tips and tricks that will help you to achieve the highest level in MM2. Here are they:

    • Focus on finding the coins and you can also try at least gaining 10 coins to protect you via a bow.
    • When the sherrif dies, you can try to go for the cap/hat and then kill the murderer. The best way to do it is to go with a bow carefully (the 10 coins one).
    • You shouldn’t believe anyone, meaning you can try to look out for suspicious behavior.
    • You can try to vote for the good maps that will give you a lot of coins such as Office and Toy House. However, those provide a lot of coins and you can try to use the interactables to get more.
    • If you go for a grinding season, make sure to play a lot of games. This way will give you the murderer role at the some point. Need to know, murders will give you a lot of XP.
    • Make sure to remember the location where you can find the coins for every map. For example, if you explore the map Office, there will be a long straight way with the computers on birch. However, this is where the interactables are found. Here, there are at least 5/6 coins to gain.
    • You may need to avoid going for a location where everyone is at. Well, you will not gain coins at all.
    • You can try to survive as long as possible. You definitely can just go everywhere and pick out all the coins with less than 6 innocents.

Okay, those are some tips and tricks that you can perform as your effor to achieve the highest level in Murder Mystery 2. After reaching the highest level, you definitely will gain the Prestige. That’s such a pride for you, right?

Learning Your Own Role in Murder Mystery 2

In Murder Mystery 2, you will be allowed to choose your role either as a sheriff, a murderer and also an innocent. However, learning what role you will play in MM2 is a must, as you can play the game as well as possible. To make it more understable for you, we’ll show you each role that you can play in MM2. Here they are:

    1. Sheriff

When playing MM2, you may want to be a sheriff. If you are a sheriff, you will have a gun that can be used to protect innocents from murderer. If the sheriff is shooting an innocent or is killed either by murderer, the gun will drop automatically and allow innocents to pick it up. By playing roles as a sheriff, you will gain XP after killing the murderer. Depending on how many innocents that the sheriff successfully protects, the XP will automatically be increased.

    1. Innocents

Innocents play to help the sheriff by witnessing the murder to find out who the murderer is. If you play as an innocent, you will have a chance to pick the gun after the sheriff is killed. Then, you will be the hero and try shooting the murderer. Depending on your activity, you definitely will gain XP.

    1. Murderer

Keep in mind, the murderer is the only player who can hold the knife. If you play as a murderer, you can use the knife to kill the innocents and also the sheriff. before the time runs out , as a murderer, you need to kill all the innocents and the sheriff.

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