What Happens if You Play as Isabelle in ACNH

In Animal Crossing, Isabelle is one of the NPCs that helps the players in various tasks. Isabelle plays as the player’s secretary and assistant to the mayor. Moreover, she will help the player manage their island and deliver anything in a good way.

Since Isabell is an NPC, so you cannot play as Isabelle in Animal Crossing. However, a lot of players are wondering what will happen if you can really play as Isabelle in the game. Even though that’s an impossible thing to occur, a content creator of Animal Crossing answered perfectly through a YouTube video that shows the gameplay of Isabelle. Here you go!

Here’s What Will Happen If you Play As Isabelle!

A YouTube Channel called ‘ProsafiaGaming’ shows an illustration when a player is playing as Isabelle in Animal Crossing through a video entitled ‘What Happens When You Play as Isabelle in Animal Crossing New Horizons?’.

This channel actually answers the curiosity of the players through a video by playing as Isabelle with the use of mods. The mods that have been created by ShrineFox definitely allows the player to jump into the most adorable role in Animal Crossing, that’s Isabelle.

video starts by showing Isabelle wake up

The video starts by showing Isabelle wake up at 2:07 P.M on April 3, 2021 on Friday. She then greets everyone and tells them that she is Isabelle. After greeting everyone, she then looks for a suitable outfit for today. To get a proper outfit for her,  the channel also tries to apply each outfit to her by holding a star wand. Finally, the comfy outfit is a final choice.

What Happens if You Play as Isabelle in ACNH

After Isabelle wears the comfy outfit, she then gets out of the house. The first villager that she meets outside is  Amelia. Then, she goes to meet Cookies. After talking with two villagers, she then takes an ax to chop the trees. Unfortunately, she is attacked by wasps.

The first villager that she meets outside is  Amelia

After recovery, she takes a shovel to dig the wood stump. She then collects the woods. Afterwards, she picked out the net to catch the butterfly. Afterwards, she goes fishing by picking out the fishing rod from the navigation tool.

Overall, the video  shows how Isabelle acts as a player who owns an island and performs various player-like activities such as interacting with villagers, cutting trees, catching bugs, fishing and more.

The point is, when you play as Isabelle, you will do the same things when you take on the role of the default character in Animal Crossing. But an interesting thing when you play as Isabelle is when you visit the real Isabelle at Resident Center where you will have the same experience, just like the twin sisters when talking with her.

If you want to know how you play as Isabelle in Animal Crossing, you can watch the ‘ProsafiaGaming’ video on YouTube here. Let’s find out what the differences between you play as Isabelle and as default character in Animal Crossing!

How to Get the Mod to Play As Isabelle?

The ShrineFox’s mod can be found here. You can also visit the official site of ShrineFox at https://shrinefox.com/. They are the largest provider of SMT Mods, tools and also guides for any popular games, especially Nintendo Switch games. They also mod the games and systems.

So, it will be possible for you to play as Isabelle if you use the ShrineFox’s mod. In fact, there are a lot of mods that have been created for the game of Animal Crossing, including:

    • Katt over Pico
    • Playable Lolly
    • ACNH TV Programs Textures Wad
    • Super Smash Bros, Crusade – Smashvile Music Pack
    • 7 A.M. (Animal Crossing New Horizons)
    • Custom Hair Colors
    • Jez’s Hourly Music
    • Gray and White Custom Funky
    • Cherry Over Isabelle
    • Able Sisters Shop
    • Tom Nook
    • Nindori in New Horizons
    • Etc.

If you want to try playing as Isabelle in Animal Crossing, you can try to use the ShrineFox mods. Then, let’s see whether you can play as well as the default character of Animal Crossing or not. Keep in mind, playing as Isabelle can only be performed with a mod, that’s for fun only. So, don’t think that you can play as Isabelle in the regular Animal Crossing game.

About Isabelle

Isabelle in acnh

Isabelle comes to the game of Animal Crossing as a dog NPC who first appeared in New Leaf. Basically, she will help the players with a variety of tasks. Almost every player of Animal Crossing knows that Isabelle has become a mascot for the Animal Crossing series along with Tom Nook who appears in all subsequent games.

Isabelle is known as a yellow Shih Tzu dog that has a ponytail and floppy ears. She has tied hair with a ribbon which has a bell on top. So, a little jungling sound is made whenever she walks. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, she wears a Coral Nook Inc. Aloha Skirt and a white skirt in summer and spring. She then wears a white dress underneath a brown sweater in fall and winter.

Talking about her personality, Isabelle is known as a hardworking female, however she has also shown to be extroverted, especially in her morning announcements. She works as the player’s secretary to complete any work projects. In her routine job, she will talk about television or a variety of aspects related to her life.

In order to spawn Isabelle in the game, you may need to build a bridge on your island. Make sure you also have at least three villagers who live on your island. After that, you need to open the Nook’s Cranny.

Once opening the Nook’s Cranny, you will have Blathers to move onto the island in his tent. Then, you also need to upgrade Blather’s tent into the Museum. After you have completed those tasks, you can discover the Residential Services.

The Residential Services will reopen as the Town Hall. Then, it will contain Isabelle who sits on the seat. Not only Isabelle, you will also see various new services in the Residential Services including the island evaluations, changing the island tune, changing the island flag, and the ability to change certain aspects.

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