What Happens if You Don’t Play Animal Crossing New Horizons for a Year

Do you have a plan not to play Animal Crossing New Horizons for a year? If you do that, you may wonder what will happen to your island. Before you do it, it is better for you to read other players who did not play Animal Crossing New Horizons for certain periods of time.

The Things That Will Happen When You Do Not Play Animal Crossing New Horizon for a Year

On Kotaku website, a writer named Ari Notis wrote that he did not play on his island named The Ok Cay for several months. After he did not play the game for several months, the things that he saw were sticks which littered the ground. All of the trees were also fully bloomed with fruit and bags of money.

What Happens if You Don't Play Animal Crossing New Horizons for a Year

There were als more seashells than sand on the beach. He also counted more than half a dozen cross-hatches which indicated dig spots. The crafting resources such as chopped wood that he left scattered about were still there. The point is that the island was not exactly untidy.

He explained that in the previous Animal Crossing games, the absent players were reprimanded by sprouting unmanageable clusters of weeds. The sections of the island which are unsettled were indeed full of oddly delightful weeds. However, most development on the island is focused on the southwest corner of the island and there was no any such overgrowth.

If you have left the game for a long time, let’s say that for several months, when you meet villagers, you will get different responses. At least, here are the responses that villagers give to Ari Notis when he came back to the game after several months.

    • Isabelle
      She told him that after a long time waiting, she could finally swim and dive offshore. But, she needed to buy a wetsuite before doing it.
    • Rudy
      He was very happy to see the player. He taught him how to flex and he also called him a mush and lamented the fact that even though sticking to a training regimen, he was still not able to lift his house.
    • Walker
      He was sad where he could not believe that the player had been missing for more than three months. At the end of their conversation he convinced himself that they had just been playing a months-long game of hide and seek and he was very bad at it.
    • Gayle
      This villager asked the player if he had been avoiding her. Then, it changed to a pitiable tirade of self-doubt and insecurity.
    • Tammy
      This villager was not really disturbed with the disappearance of the player. She told him that she understood and she said that a jam-packed social calendar is overwhelming and noted that often she needs her space as well.
    • Tom Nook
      He did not acknowledge the player’s absence. He gave the player task and told him that he should prioritize it even if he did not have the time.

Ari Notis wrote that no one moved away. However, he got cockroaches which spurred some hate mail.

That’s the story from Ari Notis about the things that happened to his island when he did not play the game for more than 2 months which was posted on Kotaku website.

On Reddit, you can read a user named humblargh who explained that he left his island for a year with the beautiful town ordinance. The thing that happened was physically the town was the same. When he came back, Isabelle and the villagers noted his absence, but they were back to normal after that. There was no villager who moved.

So, from the two stories above from other ACNH players who left their island for months, it seems that if you leave the game for a year, the things that will happen may be the same.

What Will Happen If You Return After 30 Years in ACNH By Time Traveling?

Talking about abandoning your island in ACNH for a year, you may also wonder what will happen if you return after 30 years in ACNH. In Quora, you can find the same question about it and a user explained that the thing that will happen when you return after 30 years in Animal Crossing New Horizon is that there might be a few more weeds. Besides, one or more villagers might leave. Nevertheless, it also explained that you are able to fix this condition by talking to them and asked them not to leave.

This user has done time-traveling a lot back and forth over a sixty year period and he has not experienced any bad things. In the game, he talks to a villager and they will respond that they have not seen him in X years.

You will find that you have accumulated interest in your bank account. The point is that for the most part, nothing really changes.

In addition, this user also explains that your house will have a lot of cockroaches. Nevertheless, it is not as scary as you think. It is able to be fixed by running over the cockroaches and switching between rooms as you do so. After the cockroaches have been killed, there will be a notification which says that the infestation has been taken care of.

Do you want to watch the situation in Animal Crossing New Horizon when you return after 30 years? If so, you are able to watch a video on Youtube from Prosafia Gaming entitled What Happens When You Return After 30 Years in Animal Crossing: New Horizon which was uploaded on March 31st, 2020. The duration is 12 minutes 25 seconds. This video has been watched many time exactly more than 3 million times. In the video, you are able to see that Alfonso will say “Welcome back! I haven’t seen you in 30 years!”.

That’s the information that I could get about what will happen if we do not play ACNH for several months or one year and also what will happen if you return after 30 years by time traveling.