What Happens if You Flood Your Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Since the first time it was launched in March, the game developed by Nintendo called Animal Crossing New Horizons has become one of the most popular games in the world with a decent amount of following and it seems like its popularity will keep increasing day by day. One of the things that makes it popular and well-loved is its relaxing and immersive gameplay experience. Besides, it also has no competitive rush, meaning everyone is able to progress depending on their own pace without being forced.

The game called Animal Crossing New Horizons is about designing the island. Every player is free to design their island to the thing that they think is perfect. In the game, there is a chance for you as a player to customize almost anything. This feature is actually so good for the players as they are able to show what they got. The chance of restructuring the landscape of their island to the thing that they want is always exciting.

While this kind of ability (the ability to make the island perfect) is exciting for most players, there is one who thinks differently. Who is he? What are his thoughts? If you are curious about this, keep reading the post until the end.

PDWinnal is the one that we are talking about. While the other ones love to invest their time making their own dreamy islands, he decided to flood his own island. He was wondering if it was possible to flood the island home of his unsuspecting villagers. In fact, it is possible to do so with some time travel. Not only that, it also needs terraforming and a lot of dedication.

Then, what happens in a flooded island in the game named Animal Crossing New Horizons? Apparently, the PDWinnal arrived at a desolate island after signing up for an island getaway at Nook Inc. He started by naming his island Floodsvil that is suitable with the theme that the island has. As it has been known by a lot of fans, there are a total of three levels to the base of the island. He started the process by getting rid of every flower, every tree, and every piece of furniture from the topmost layer of the cliff.

getting rid of every flower, every tree,

Then, he moved to the next layer of the cliff and repeated the same process entirely. He then was taken by Souhardya Biswas to an estimated hour to damage the top two layers of the cliff. It did not stop there as the process was still a long way to go to finish.

layer of the island had been removed

Once every tree, every flower, and every furniture from the base layer of the island had been removed, PDWinnal would immediately start flooding the island. According to him, he had to fill up 20 acres of land on his map with water to make the island flooded entirely. It took him for approximately an hour or two to fill one acre.

What Happens if You Flood Your Island in Animal Crossing New Horizons

It has been proven that terraforming in Animal Crossing New Horizons provides a lot of freedom for customization. Even though there is no way to add water either in front of doors or entrances to buildings, it is still possible to mold every patch of grass to your liking. And based on the PDWinnal experience, it is possible to flood all parts of the island with the exception of a tiny square one.

The sad news is that PDWinnal failed to grab any extra fish after making his own island flooded. If you want to know the full thing that is done by PDWinnal, you can check out his video on Youtube. Here are all the steps to follow to find his video about the topic:

    1. The first thing that you need to do is to open the app called Youtube that is installed on your mobile phone or open your browser and go to the official website of Youtube, which is https://www.yourtube.com.
    2. When you are on its front page, go straight to the search bar since it will not be needed for you to sign in to the platform to search and watch something.
    3. All that you have to do is to enter the keyword such as “What Happens If You FLOOD Your Island In Animal Crossing New Horizons? By PDWinnal” or “What Happens If You FLOOD Your Island In Animal Crossing New Horizons?”. Actually, you can also just enter “Animal Crossing New Horizons flood” but the results might be more varied.
    4. After entering the keyword, it is time for you to hit the Enter button on your keyword to get the result shown.
    5. There might be some results related to the keyword. In this case, you can just find the one shared by PDWinnal.
    6. By clicking on it, the video will be played immediately.

To make the process of finding and watching the video easier, you can just click on this following link here.

It seems like a lot of people love his idea to flood his own island in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Since the first time it was uploaded to the platform on March 28 last year, it has earned 7,594,848 views and 201 thousand likes.

If you think that PDWinnal’s idea to flood his own island is hilarious and want to try the same thing, you are recommended to watch the video until the end and try the method by yourself. It should be easy for you to copy the method by watching the video well. Take some notes if it is really needed.

In case you are having a hard time, feel free to leave a comment on the comment section under the video. Unlike searching and watching the video, you will have to log in to be able to leave a comment. Please do it by using your own Youtube account. While there is no guarantee of you getting replied to by the uploader, there is a chance for some other to do it.