What Happened to Blue Team After Halo 5

A lot of players are wondering what happened to Blue Team after Halo 5, as there’s no further information about their presence. As we know, Blue Team in Halo is a combat sub-unit within the larger SPARTAN-II Division of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. They are also a semi-stable group that consists of four members.

In fact, there are a number of changes that happen in the game, after Halo Infinite was released. So, it does not wonder if many Halo players are confused about it, as Halo Infinite delivers as a jumping-on point for new. Do you also wonder about Blue Team after the release of Halo Infinite? If so, let’s dive into our post below!

What Happened to the Blue Team After Halo 5?

Aside from Blue Team, there are also other teams that have not been mentioned yet after Halo 5. They are Team Osiris that is known as the new generation of Spartan Vs led by Agent Locke and also numerous other Spartans which are present in the Halo universe.

Either Blue Team (the last remaining company of Spartan-IIs) or Team Osiris or also other Spartans not told after Halo 5, it surely has a certain reason. So, why? They are basically all MIA. What is it?

MIA or also known as Missing in Action is a casualty classification that is used by United Nations Space Command (UNSC). It refers to the members of the UNSC who have been reported missing following a combat mission with unknown status; either injury, capture or death.

In this case, the missing combatants should not have been accounted for as either Killed in Action or a prisoner of war. If Spartan-IIs are killed, they will be reported as MIA or Wounded in Action to make the illusion that Spartans never die.

However, it really helped boost morale in the UNSC. Since the very existence of the program remains classified, Spartan-IIIs are not normally subject to this. There are at least two listed as such in accordance with the tradition by Kurt Ambrose.

Additionally, UNSC Audio Logs will hint toward what happened to the Blue Team and other Spartans which were stationed on the UNSC Infinity ship. Meanwhile, the player will also stumble across those which were killed on Zeta Halo by Jega  Rdomnai, as Elite who specializes in hunting Spartans.

Who Is the Blue Team?

Who Is the Blue Team

Blue Team can be mentioned as a semi-constant unit that is composed predominantly of Spartan-IIs under the operational command of UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. This team generally consists of roughly four members.

For most of its activity during the Human Covenant War, the Blue Team was led by John-117. Then, the role of leader was taken by Frederic-104, although after John’s involvement in the Battle of Mombasa. Then, John continued ‘de facto’ command following his recovery years later.

Since its activation in 2525, the Blue Team has participated in over two hundred and twenty military operations against a number of foes including the Covenant, Insurrectionists, and various Forerunner constructs.

The Blue Team is exceptional even among the Spartan-Iis, as their involvement in most pivotal engagements of both Covenant War and the Insurrection.

Talking about Blue Team members, this team originally consisted of three members after its conception in 2519. The members are John-117, Kelly-087 and Samuel-034. Other Spartans such as Fhajad-084, Fred-104 and Linda-058 have been added to the Blue Team for some training missions.

After Samuel’s death on a Covenant vessel in the Chi Ceti system, his spot remained vacant until John filled it with Kurt-051. This unit’s roster often changed for a variety of combat operations that changed both size and members.

Blue team was then reformed from the surviving Spartans on Earth, with the new roster being Linda-104, Fred-104 and William-043 during the Battle of Earth. The team lost Willian during the events on and inside Onyx and increased in number with Kelly-087 rejoining, as well as Spartan-IIs Lucy-B091, Ash-G099, Tom-B292, Olivia-G291 and Mark-G313 joining the team.

The highest roster count of Blue Team is officially eight. In mid-2553, the Spartan-IIIs were reassigned to other duties. The Blue Team consisted of Fred in 2557, Linda and Kelly until being joined by John once his return to the UNSC.

Here’s a list of current composition (October 2559)

    • MCPO John-117 (Team leader/Assault/Rifleman) (Blue Leader/Blue One)
    • LTJG Frederic-104 (Sub-leader/CQC/Assault) (Blue Two)
    • PO1 Kelly-087 (Scout) (Blue Three)
    • PO1 Linda-058 (Marksman) (Blue Four)

Here’s a list of former members

    • James-005 (2552) (MIA)
    • William-043 (2552) (KIA)
    • Li-008 (2552) (KIA)
    • Samuel-034 (2517-2525) (KIA)
    • Anton-044 (2552) (KIA)
    • Fhajad-084 (sometime 2517-2525)
    • Kurt-051 (2531) (MIA)
    • Solomon-069 (2544) (KIA)
    • Arthur-079 (2544) (KIA)
    • Grace-093 (2552) (KIA)
    • Olivia-G291 (Reassigned July 2553)
    • Mark-G313 (Reassigned July 2553)
    • Ash-G099 (Reassigned July 2553)
    • Lucy-B091 (Reassigned August 2553)
    • Tom-B292 (Reassigned August 2553)

Blue Team’s Training

Blue Team was actually formed around John-117, Samuel-034 and Kelly-087 who met on their first day of induction. The Blue team frequently exercised against fellow Spartan-II Green team that was led by Kurt-051 during their training and often lost because of Kurt’s superior ‘Sixth sense’.

By July 2523, Blue Team that consisted of Frederic-104 and Linda-058 had participated in training exercise, along with Red Team that consisted of Kelly-087, John-117, Fhajad-084 and Samuel-034.

With a mission target to capture the flag, Spartans were deployed in Longhorn Valley on Reach. The mission of Blue Team aims to provide cover. Meanwhile, the Red Team actually infiltrated Tango Company’s base and obtained the flag. Later on, the Blue Team met the Red Team once John sent the all-clear signal.

For more information, Blue Team succeeded to kill some of Watt’s guards and subdue him with poly pseudomorphine with minimal attention. Afterwards, Blue Team hijacked a rebel Pelican Dropship and Samuel 0-34 set. Then, they detonated explosive charges in the rebel base’s hangar.

However, it makes good their escape, however at the cost of dozens of civilians’ lives. In its objective, the Blue Team was successful. Additionally, Blue Team stored aboard a Parabola-class freighter, the Laden and they also managed to sneak aboard Jefferson. Their mission was to catch the rebel leader, ex-Colonel Robert Watts, a UNSC turncoat.