Halo Infinite House of Reckoning Buttons

Within the House of Reckoning in Halo Infinite, there are several switches which can be activated to trigger an Easter egg. If you want to know that information, do not hesitate to read this entire article.


Halo Infinite’s campaign is filled with Easter eggs for the players to discover. Some of them are helpful, while some others are just for entertainment. One of Easter eggs is hidden within the House of Reckoning, when the Master Chief tries to reach Echo-216. The mission is a main part of Halo Infinite’s campaign. The House of Reckoning is a mission which is part of the main campaign of Halo Infinite. It asked the players to fight h several levels of difficulty to reach Escharum. For your information, Escharum is one of the main opponents in Halo Infinite. Each of the levels is similar to a classic Halo firefight, where the players have to beat opponents in waves which grow in difficulty. When the players get through the levels, they are going to discover a switch which they must press to begin the process of revealing the House of Reckoning Easter egg.

Finding the House of Reckoning Switches

Finding the House of Reckoning Switches

Need to know that the House of Reckoning has three switches which the players have to activate to trigger the Easter egg. For your information, the first room includes a small structure and several basic opponents. The second room is the one with a big tower in the centre of the map, and that is where the first switch is. Before entering the arena, the players have to go to the platform above the hologram message of Escharum to the Master Chief. On the wall of the platform, there is going to be a red button. The players have to press the button, and then enter the arena. Once there, the players have to use their grappleshot to get to the top of the tower. It will probably take a couple tries. The next button is going to be at the top of the tower.

The last button will be on the ceiling, on the far right side of the room. After the players activate the switch on top of the tower, they have to look around and will see the switch on the ceiling above a metal beam. Use the grapple shot to get to the beam, the players will be able to press the button. After the players do that, the Halo Infinite Easter egg will be triggered. Then, the players are going to notice that a rocket warthog will appear for them to use.

This Halo Infinite Easter egg is very useful. Having something as strong as a rocket warthog surely comes in handy during the campaign battle when the Hunters and brutes appear in hoards. Keeping the tower may be hard, particularly when brutes rush the stairs or when grenades start flying. The ability to move around the map and obtain a good position is invaluable, allowing the players to get to Escharum as quickly as possible.

Halo Infinite’s Easter eggs have ranged from the dolls to the weapons. They are additions to the game. However, not all of them are as helpful as the House of Reckoning switches. While getting to the switches in time is tedious, it is a task which is well worth the effort.

House of Reckoning Boss Fight in Halo Infinite

When the players proceed to the next room, they are going to discover a device with voices coming out. When the players investigate the device, the fight with the Halo Infinite boss will begin. He will fight with two Special Energy Swords. He will turn invisible during the fight. To beat him, the players need to use the Threat Sensor to discover him while invisible. For your information, the Bulldog shotgun and Pulse Carbine are the best weapons to use against him. The players have to use coils or the Pulse Carbine to bring down Jega’s shields and also switch to the shotgun to deal damage.

After the players beat Jega ‘Rdomnai, they are going to find a captive pilot, Echo 216, in another room. When the players try to free him, the fight with the final boss of the House of Reckoning, Escharum, will start. For note: This fight is divided into three phases. The weapons of Escharum are the Scrap Cannon and a Special Gravity Hammer. When Escharum uses the Scrap Cannon for the first phase, the players have to use grenades and fusion coils to beat him. During his second phase, Escharum is going to make a shield which will damage Echo 216 when the players try to bring it down. Lastly, the players have to dismantle 4 orange power relays around the room to remove the shield.

In the third and last phase of the boss fight, Escharum will pursue the player with his Special Gravity Hammer. The Mangler and Disruptor are going to be the most useful weapons for beating him. Escharum is going to move during this phase of the fight. Thus the players have to rely on Thrusters to keep their distance. After Escharum is defeated, then the players are able to get his Special Gravity Hammer, Diminisher of Hope.

Halo Infinite Reckoning Collectibles – Repository

    • Grunt Birthday Party Skull
      You are going to get to a room with a hard light bridge extending to the centre of it. After a cut scene, a second bridge appears to the other side, but there are two more doors only accessible via grappleshot. There is a place to put the power seed on the other side. In the level, you are going to get to a portion where the pathway splits. In the big room in one of the splits, you are going to find an opening above several arches. This is where you are going to find the Grunt Birthday Party Skull.
    • 2x UNSC Audio Logs
      After a crucial cutscene with Weapon you are going to get a split path to go left or right in a large room. Just go left. Then you are able to follow the linear path to a workroom. Inside, you are going to see a desk with a hologram of the Halo ring and the Audio Log. If you reach the split path and rejoin in a small hallway, you have gone too far or taken the wrong path.

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